...for now this is a message of some consequence...but I realise I have to have faith, and keep sending positive light to the situation. I have had archangels confrm this date, ascended masters and personal spirit guides....The date for disclosure is:






October 18, 2011


The time has come where things have taken such a dramatic turn for the better, that we are now at liberty to discuss some very important matters with regards to disclosure of our brothers and sisters from the stars.

But first of all, I will tell you about myself. My name is Mariel, I live in Dublin Ireland. About 2 and a half years ago, I was doing my training as a psychic medium. I was approached in spirit form by two gentlemen from Andromeda. This was Hans, and Yesef. They told me about the plans of disclosure, how hings would change for us afterwards. I couldn't talk about my contact with them to even my friends in my spiritual circle. Hans and Yesef are from the Galatic Federation of light, they are both around 7ft tall, with translucent blue skin. They have a very wise persepective on everything, but they also have a sense of humour which helped me form a great bond with them over the years. After half a year they started contacting my friend Eric at my spiritual development circle. I finally had someone I could talk to about this, and it really helped because he had been researching extraterrestials for years, where I was more interested in meditation and yoga.


Over the past 2 and a half years, I have learnt much about the situations of exopolitics, problems with the greys and draconians, and Annunaki. The Greys and Draconians have now left this place, and have been taken back into the light by the pleadian and andromedan race. Because the Andromidans and pleadians have so much soul family here on earth, they feel more inclind to stay here and help. Sadly we had a mass leaving on the 4th of October of the majority of the Sirians. They never really as a collective, have made their decision of being on the side of light or dark. They are still exploring their idea of having free will. They have in majoroity returned to Sirius. The popular channelers such as Salusa and Sheildian Nidle have remained to keep up their work with the Federation and humanity out of Love. They have made a great sacrifice to stay here for us.

In the last few weeks, Hans and Yesef appeared on our spiritual angel board, shocking myself and Eric. We finally got to tell our friends of years what we had been doing in secret, and how we had seen ships in the sky, clear as day on occasion, and how we have been prepeired to assist in certain political situations for the future. Myself and Eric were named as Ambassadors for our country of Ireland. There is others, we have heard of some, but we haven't met them yet. One of my own roles will be regards to setting up the healing centres you have been hearing about from many other channelers. There will be over 900 centres in Ireland for healing and energy work. The locations have already been chosen, and healers have come into my life to give me an idea of who wil be working with us. I myself am a Reiki Master, Secheim Master, and Spiritual Healer. But for now this is a message of some consequence. Something I have waited with such eagerness in my entire being. I almost don't want to give this message, not for fear of slander as I have seen with many channelings here, but more for my own personal experience. If I announce what you would term "disclosure", my heart would crash so hard if it does not happen, but I realise I have to have faith, and keep sending positive light to the situation. I have had archangels confrm this date, ascended masters and personal spirit guides.


 The date for disclosure is 11.11.11. Some of you, this may not come as a suprise, many of you have been given the message and chose to ignore it. Some realise that there is more to worrying at this stage, and believe that if it will happen, then it will happen. I don't believe that this is a time to worry, or a time to over think things. I have asked what can we do to prepare this great occassion? My reply was LOVE! Open your heart, you will feel the amazing energy in the skies. We have been prepaired on a soul level over the last few weeks for this, you noticing the new energies is a start to noticing all energies. Your heart is filling with the love that they are sending down now. The ships are in fact in our skies, cloaked for now. On clear nights they uncloak, and all we have to do is look up. If you cannot see with your eyes, you can see with your third eye. close your eyes and project your own energy to pick up energy in the sky. Even if you cannot see, go out into your gardens and look up, with open heart and tell them welcome!


For the people who have not yet made their mind up about believing in extrterrestials, or UFO's, look to your guides. Your path may not be directly involved with them when they descend in our skies. But this is a change worth noting for every spiritual person on the planet. Your spirituality and disclosure are both important. The angels, archangels and ascended masters are working together on this. They are getting directions directly from the grand source, which is god or your idea of god. These beings are beings of higher densitys, the majority of we cannot see in 3rd dimensional space. They have learnt everything about or race, and have beeing gaurdians for centuries. Watch the "Ancient Aliens" TV series to see how they have been here before, again and again. The ancient civilizations knew of this, and some still believe such as the ancient tribes descendant from American Indians and African tribes.


There is much work to be done after Disclosure, this is only a stepping stone. But still one of the most amazing sights you will set your eyes upon. We know that there is many who will see ships in the sky , and feel fear from years of watching "independance day" and other fear mongering films. There will be a light show in the sky, one of a magnitude you have never seen. There will be displays of ships, and lights in the sky that will shame any firework display. They must do this to reveal that their intentions are good.


Life itself is about to change dramatically. I hope you all take this message in truth, as I have no negative intentions here. I myself know the longing and the impatience of many false dates.

I hope within all my heart that nothing changes the situation again. Many who have caused the previous trouble have been removed from political offiice, and from this planet altogether. There can be no more waiting, there is much to do, and little time.


Namaste my friends, and I wish you all get everything you hope for...

love and light always

This message is in part channelled by Yesef to assist with the message content



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  • Great message! Thanks for posting it.

    Most people understand that when disclosure dates come and go is because the dark are aware of these channels and watch them closely. And out of concern for our well being and for very good reason, they have postponed them. This one as well may be postponed, please don’t get let down if it does. This may be a very special message and the time has finally come. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It is inevitable that it will happen. We all just have to be patient.

    Love and Light

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