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Get To the Point, That Silent, Still Point... - Divine Self Knows That You Long For Home! ("Oneness" Clarified!) /channeling/Channeler: Simon NightStarr


 There is great power and wisdom in finding inner Stillness and Silence even while the mind is in its jungle, swinging from tree to tree. *** Dear spiritual seekers, let Me remind you that there is great power in YOU! This forum is about YOU. YOU have center stage.

The Divine Spotlight is on YOU. Your Souls are seated in the movie theatre of My Universal Mind, watching YOU as YOU play various characters and roles, creating various dramas, and let Me tell you that they are very entertained! With a powerful sense of longing for Home, many of you cry out to Me and ask in the depths of your hearts, "If Oneness is the true state of existence, then what's the point?

Why am I here?" Let Me enlighten you, spiritual seekers. The POINT is that I love you. Now, pay very close attention and hear this statement again. The POINT is that "I love you." The POINT is that very statement of "I love you" that YOU can say with the fullness of your heart that brings tears of joy to your Soul as it sits in the theatre of Divine Mind.

YOU are not just an image projected upon a movie screen, My beloved children. YOU are the very Oneness that you long for!! When the eye of your inner camera is single-mindedly focused upon the projectionist-your Soul-you catch radiant glimpses of your True Home. Your Home is not in a faraway star system. It is not in the Pleiades.

You won't find your True Home through mouth-watering fascination with the movie that you are projecting through your lens of perception. "I'm a Star Child!" some of you proudly proclaim. And? Is that it? Is that all you are? Aren't you curious about that "95%" of reality that you cannot see with your physical senses, as you are focused not upon the POINT of Infinity that I speak of but rather upon the delicious delicacies of what you think of as physical reality?

What if the ultimate realization is that YOU ARE HOME, that Home is simultaneously WHAT you are and "where" you are? I know! It boggles the mind! There is great power and wisdom in YOU, and you can demonstrate this beginning right now. Be still... "Be still?" Yes, be still!

Yes, the mind wants to swing from trees, so for this simple exercise JUST LET IT. If the mind keeps wanting to avoid, deny, doubt or reject the notion of Stillness, then LET IT BE. "But, but, but..." If the mind keeps throwing BUTS, then you can turn them into a hypnotic mantra to help you focus deeper. "But-but-but-but-but-but-but..." You can have fun with the mind.

Let it play awhile, because it is like a little child that wants to have everything go its way. This is not a problem. It is when you repeatedly yell "No!" at this child that it begins to form a deep resentment that grows deeper and deeper with every "No!" that it receives. It becomes restless and rebellious. YOU are not your "mind," which is exactly why YOU can say "my mind," when making reference to it.

Divine Mind, yes. Ego-mind, no. Divine Mind is Infinite. Ego-mind has its days numbered. Spiritual seekers, you almost always try to serve two masters. "I am both the Infinite AND the finite." No, YOU aren't! (In a "multidimensional" sense, yes, but ultimately multidimensionality is just as illusory as duality.) How is this so? Simply because there really is no "finite" reality, you see.

Remember, separation is an illusion. This is not just a New Age concept as far as your Higher Self is concerned, but a very necessary concept for humanity to contemplate. Here's the shocker: The human can only perceive duality, even at the most enlightened levels of human consciousness! The moment any one of you think or say, "I am one with the universe" or "God and I are one," or anything of that nature, you have once again just spoken of subject and object, which is what human consciousness always does, and this is the way it is supposed to be.

A "human" cannot realize Oneness, for Oneness doesn't see "things." It "sees" Oneness. Better said, It sees "nothing," for It simply IS WHAT IS. IS = Infinite Spirit. See the obvious metaphysical truth of this; not with your mind, but with your Spiritual Heart. The Oneness that is your True Home is not actually "one," but Infinite.

There is a metaphysical difference between these two concepts, Oneness and Infinity, but yes, for practical human purposes it is usually unnecessary to "split hairs" and play with semantics, but what I speak of here is not semantics. "Oneness," in the form of a human concept and understanding, leaves room for two-ness, because human consciousness always perceives degrees of subject and object, subjectivity and objectivity.

There is no "Infinity + 1." That which is ENDLESS truly has no beginning nor an end. I know, it boggles the mind! Perfect, for your minds will never fully "get" this. What metaphysics and quantum science repeatedly show is that NOTHING is really "objective" ("subjectivity" is illusory, too), no matter how much the human mind fights this and tries to reconcile its concepts of "this AND that." YOU cannot serve two masters!

This is a simple metaphysical truth for you all to intuitively realize when you are ready, in this lifetime or the next, or in perhaps 100 more lifetimes, by your reckoning of linear time. In a sense, YOU are a revelation unto your Self. YOU = "Why, oh YOU!" (Y-O-U verbalized.) The separation that "you" perceive is nonexistent.

Your senses show you just that, what you can SENSE with them, not what you can KNOW intuitively. Your intuition about Oneness doesn't actually come from the "mind" that your human personality knows. There is "difficulty" here in presenting these concepts with clarity through My many channels, yet I persist. Not only difficult, but ultimately impossible!

Yet I persist. Indeed, DISCERN what may makes sense to you here, that which you may find resonance and agreement with, and please do not worry about the rest. After all, these words that you read are just symbols superimposed over space, I humorously remind you! Practically speaking, YOU are your own Revelation of Truth.

Do not confuse Oneness with having "experiences" of Oneness, or glimpses of Home. In the movie, the mind is in its jungle, swinging from tree to tree. So LET IT BE. Do not fight mind. Learn to be easy with the mind. I know, all of this talk of you "having" a mind here appears to be more dualistic talk, and it IS. Words and concepts ARE dualistic in nature, so get used to this.

FEEL the energy "behind" the words and concepts, spiritual seekers. I have specially encoded this entire message with powerful Divine Light Codes to help you transcend the dualistic mind and realize Divine Mind. There is a language "hidden" in these very words that you cannot see with your body's eyes. Try this: Imagine a sublime state of consciousness in which you can laugh at all of this nonsense and spiritually KNOW that INFINITE SPACE is your True Reality.

Does "Infinite Space" sound boring? How about your ETERNAL HOME. Better? Well, what does it matter, for as far as your intellect is concerned these are mere words and concepts that can be "intellectually" known. Forget about intellect for a few moments and FEEL, FEEL, FEEEEEEEEEEL that ultmately isn't it really Limitless Love that your hearts crave?

As Souls you incarnated so that you could look in the mirror before you (whether this is a bathroom mirror, another person, or your pet gerbil) and say-but actually FEEL with your open heart-"I LOVE YOU." I know that you all long for Home, and you won't realize It through physically "dying" or trying to rid yourself of ego. Yes, you will experience "a taste of Heaven" through those routes, but they are not permanent solutions.

You can intuitively enjoy the IS-ness of Oneness, of Home, that transcends all appearances and experiences, even while actively engaged in the human movie, through increasingly letting go of making much ado about nothing. Turn to the God Within and affirm with deep sincerity, "I LOVE YOU!" You don't need to use words, because true Oneness, true Love, is wordless and like Infinite Space.

I and S. What IS. Realize the Still, Silent POINT. It is Eternally Now. I love you, Lightworkers!

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