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Get Out of Our Way!!!!!!
By Esu, Christ Michael
Aug 4, 2009, 15:20

Get Out of Our Way!!!!

Esu & Christ Michael, thru Candace

August 4, 2009

Esu: Beloveds, this is not a message for you, it’s for the black ops brothers and sisters.

There is a plan aboard to put Mr. Clinton back in office, and it shall not be. You are not going to install the dictatorship, we are not going to allow it. Yes, this current president is NOT a citizen, and yes the American people WILL be allowed to see this. But you are NOT to murder this clone you have placed into office and take over this country. There will be dire consequences if you move on further down this path. I Am Esu, commander of Earth forces at this time. Some of you know me well. Have a Good Day.

Christ Michael: There is this day a motivating of joint earth and star fleet forces. This is under the capable direction of General Radetsky. We are ON the ground and taking care of some major issues ole buddies, and we mean business. Stop immediately of your plans. NOW! The Big Cheese of Nebadon.

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