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Gathering of the Four Corners Protective Shield Meditation

Gathering of the Four Corners Protective Shield Meditation

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 Kim - 4 minutes ago - 
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Kim Luyten(14)
Friday February 25, 2011, 9:59 am
I believe the time is drawing closer than we have ever imagined, it was tuesday morning while riding on the train I saw a sign, there were patches of snow that covered the sides where the train passes by and standing there right on the snow was a black/white wolf staring at me as if it was trying to tell me something and then in an instant it vanished right before my eyes. Throughout the day I was thinking on what this meant and inside of me came the feeling of the time has come, it is here. 

Then wednesday I was taking a walk in the beautiful night and I always look up at the stars but this time, there was something about the formation of the stars that stopped me. You see it was 4 stars spread out into the four corners, which took me back to the vision I saw of the wolf, the four stars symbolizing Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. There is a great concentration of energy there and no matter what happens this area must be protected. 

I did further research on The Hopi Prophecy which you can read below these 4 states and it dives in more into what they believe has happened and will happen. 

I would like to do a meditation to safely protect this area, the meditation would be a bit different we would be gathering and forming a protective circle/shield around these 4 states the more people we have of course the better the outcome. 

The Hopi Prophecy 

The circle with the 4 (o's) and cross within (above), symbolizes the Four Corners Region (where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet - a very high energy vortex). The circle represents no end - the infinite Great Spirit. The Indians believe we are the 5th World of Man. When the 4th World was destroyed (this destruction was foretold), those Indians who had listened were guided to places of safety, underground. After the 5th World was created, they assembled at Four Corners and were instructed to spread out in the four directions (north - south - east - west). Four (4) also represents the four elements in nature: fire, water, air and earth; and the four color races of man. 

In the Hopi Prophecy, it spoke of a white man who would come to them and help transform the entire continent into a spiritual paradise. He would be recognized because he would carry the fragment of stone which would complete their Holy Stone, filled with Indian writing characters. The Holy Stone had been preserved for thousands of years. Thus, when the white settlers came to the American continent, remembering their prophecy, they were openly welcomed. The Indians shared all they had. But, in return, all the White Man did was to take. The Indians noticed that their White Brothers had brought a cross. However, it was not enclosed by the circle of the Great Spirit, showing the White Man had lost his way. 

The Indians believe that at the beginning of the 5th World, when man was told to disburse throughout the planet, from Four Corners, the White Race was one of the original races that went East. Upon their return to our continent, they had become confused and forgotten the ways of the Great Spirit. Further the prophecy continued, either the White Man would bring peace and harmony or attempt to totally destroy the Indian's way of life and take all his possessions and the land. If the latter occured, (which is clearly the case today) there would come a time when the Indian people would appear to be almost non-existent. Yet, one day, they would rise out of nowhere, as the white race is falling due to their own ignorance and destruction, to lead a spiritual revolution, so all people on this continent would become attuned to the Great Spirit. To hold fast to the traditional ways even if it seemed that everything was against them. To protect Four Corners at all cost, because there is great power under the land that if it is allowed to escape, great destruction would result. Today, the Indians are going through the test to hold onto their traditional ways and protect the land. The White Man's society is trying to swallow the Indians up. Many of their people, especially the young, are falling prey to the White Man's ways. 

Their prophecy also talks about creation of atomic bombs as catastrophes of great heat, equal to the heat of a sun. It also warns about tampering with the moon (violating its nature by removing rocks, soil from moon) 

(Related to the Big Mountain issue:) It is their duty/responsibility to their family, animals and all of nature, to keep this land protected and in harmony. Everything in nature has a power in it. Water represents purification of human beings. All spiritual people should unite on a spiritual path. To save this land is a mission assigned by the Great Spirit. 

One of the prophecies - All Indians and Non-Indians would one day (now) begin to understand a great problem facing all people. Someday a white brother who went away to record things will return to this land and bring spiritual life to the continent. When White Brother returns, Hopi must keep their spiritual ways so they can show others how to live the right way. Very important job. Elders know ancient knowledge, which also will be shared at the right time with all. Based on prophecy, Indians welcomed the white man. White man destroyed privledge. Indians gave hospitality and whites took everything. Indians do not lie - Whites tricked Indians with lies. By prophecy - Four Corners will be area of confrontation between White and Red. Indians will be pushed into Four Corners. Great Spirit told Hopi - Four Corners is the backbone of the United States. Hopi must hold land till Human Beings live in harmony. The power under the land would be used for destruction. (There would be a) Terrible punishment if give up Four Corners. (Hopi Elders also know about the prophecies of earth changes and Space Brothers

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