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Galactic news;Part ll rewrite; Are We on an Alternate Earth ( Mandela Effect ) with Planet-x / Nibiru,Living in a Biosphere, inside the Photon Belt Traversing the stars to our new Earth and Ascension as a multidimensional being? Could very well be!

My entire blog I just wrote was just deleted by this site or the DC. Someone does not wont me to write this info on the Planet-x / Nibiru but I am going to do it anyway and rewrite it all over again even though it takes me a long time with the arthritis in my hands and body. This time I will save as a draft when I take a short brake. I am following the title above so read part l on the alternate earth 1st caused by the Mandela effect that you can check up on on u-tube.

I 1st learned of this Planet-x / Nibiru way back in 71 when I recieved two visions.30 yrs ago it became public news 6 years after the Astro-scientist discovered it and then faded away. At the same time Zakaria Sethtion had come out some years before with several books on it the most popular one called the 12th Planet, which became Planet-x better know in ancient text as NIBIRU. Nibiru meant ''the Destroyer'' and ''Disaster''. And it was thought to be the lg. planet of Jupiter,100 times the size of earth with a magnetism 18,000 stronger than earth. Recently even NASA now thinks Nibiru is Jupiter.Its called Wormwood ,In the New Testament it is spoken of as Wormwood , a extremely better medicine. The Hopi Indians called it in two parts the blue Katrina and the red Katrina the 2nd would follow the 1st and bring great disaster with it. Many Religions of the world spoke of it in a negative way and that it was more than one rouge Planet that comes at the end of a age.

Note here that Jupiter has 66 moons or comets surrounding it. Zakaria says in the Sumerian text that he studied, it came about every 3,500 yrs or so. In reality it is been discovered now a days to be about 7 or 8 planets or planetoids. The DC govt. has given it many names besides Planet-x and Nibiru. They also call it Elenin and now Planet 9 from the new earth like Planet on the outskirts of our solar system. But in truth it is not the same. Cobra said Planet-x is planet 9 and that the SSP has a secret base there, so we will leave that alone and concentrate on Nibiru a mini solar system also that was just outside of our solar system but has an elliptical orbit. It has a small sun, and a red ,dead dwarf star becoming a planet that is inhabited by beings who call themselves the ''Annunaki'' who are evil alien false gods who claim to have created mankind but lied so that they could rape and pillage our Earth and our people who are from many different planets. They wanted to create a race that would mine the gold that they stole and took back with them when they had to leave.

No one knows for how long they were here, some say 200 yrs some say 2000yrs. They had to leave when Nibiru or the Nemesis 7 left its orbit but they left false writings claiming to be our Creators so that when they returned we would except them as our gods but it was a lie and they are back now but our kin and our ET allies will not allow them to return ,even if they have repented and changed there ways,we already have to much happening here. It is not just these two planets that we are worried about but also there are what Astro- scientest are now calling 3 comets in that NEMESIS 7 mini solar system that are circling our planet known as the largest being called CATALINA, 2nd being called PANSTAR and the 3rd and smallest called NEAT. They believe there is also 2 or 3 moons as well.The mini sun has been here for about 20 yrs but not visible up until about 10 yrs ago, which can be seen on u-tube from that time. That mini sun now circles our sun for the last 10 to 20 years and gets some power from it.

For some reason that I don't understand we can not normally see it or the blue Katrina with the human eye but our cell ph. camera's can because they use inferred. { It could be the energy field or bio-sphere that is supposed to be around our planet}. I have taken many pics now with both my old and new cell ph. camera and have captured not only the mini sun ,which has both a red and blue halo around it and usually a green planet or moon also circling around it but not always,and the green moon it circles our moon sometimes,especially on or near the full moon. Recently other people around the world especially in N.America and Mexico are recording 3 and 4 suns besides ours. And I have also captured a larger blue sphere as well also with a halo around it but not as often usually around midday.

You can do this as well, just point your camera at the sun and click. You wont see anything when you do it but after wards you will, a pic is worth a 1000 words. What we have to worry about is not the Annunaki but the magnetic effect of those systems on our poor little planet.By 2012 it was wobbling at its extreme point, 21.5% now it go's to over 25.5% and that report was nearly two months ago. It is predicted that as NIBIRU or NEMESIS 7 gets closer it will not only be seen by the human eye by X-MASS but will cause the poles to shift at least by 50% meaning the new north pole will be in Brazil and this could happen WHEN THERE IS A NEAR TOTAL ALIGNMENT of 5 planets ON APRIL 7, 017, give or take 30 days because this is a magnetic alignment that could cause the pole shift.Others say in the 2nd half of next year 2017 and lastly it may be X-Mas next year .

Some even speculate a full shift, north will be south and south pole will be north. This will cause a big problem with our electrical system and grids.All of this magnetic energy has already effected the weather greatly and much much more is still to come in the next year, much flooding as the poles are melting quickly.Also it is causing many more earthquakes many in the 6 and 7 range. The south pole has melted the most and weki-leak has released many pics of the new land that was under the ice.(before the CIA got and killed him) That's also one reason why so may govt' peoples from around the world are rushing there. Also ET BASES and ancient ruins from when it was tropical. Maybe Disclosure will come from this, who knows. The western governments of the world have known about these great earth Changes from Planet-x /Nibiru / Nemesis7 at least sense 1980 and have built underground cities and bases to protect them and there chosen ones. Much food fuel and seeds have been stored.

This can also be seen on the Net. The big problem is that the DC have done this as well and has stolen the gold for future money and they have there military bases there as well. And as you should know there has been much fighting as our Resistance movement,SSP and its ET allies have went after them. Another reason that they have went underground, the good and bad guys ,is that this NIBIRU- NEMESIS 7 is dragging mines or rather asteroids 1700 large ones at last count and a million miles of meteorites both large and small. could be coming down upon us for many years to come. So we will not only be seeing these 3 comets or more zooming over our sky's but some of them may very well be comets. And now for the GOOD NEWS; Our many ET allies and those from the inner earth and Agharta will do all in there power to slow this all down. They have many thousands or millions of ships to shoot down the asteroids and lg meteorites. even our supposed govt' are now shooting them down with nukes,plasma and laser beams as we speak.

The big mother ships will put a tractor beam or beams on Nibiru-Nemesis7 so that they will not hit the earth but not to much so as not to cause another problem somewhere else in the solar system. And they will work along with mother Earth as she cleans up the mess that we left with all our toxins and poisons. They will even beam those of us up if we wish to go when it gets to rough down here with all the Great Earth changes. And maybe that bio-sphere that is blocking our view along with the many Chem-trails ,is also a energy field that will protect us as well to some degree.Disclosure will be forced to happen. we are in for one hell of a ride. But the ( R M ) Resistance Movement and the light workers have been trained for this. it is time for the greatest change ever for mankind. We must do our part when the time comes in helping the sleep walkers to awake and understand the bigger, they - our allies-cannot and should not do this by themselves.

Many including myself after all these years still have questions of things that we don't understand, actually many. Now the big question is; what part does Jupiter have to do with the Nibiru/Nemesis 7 as it seems that they are two separate systems,but maybe they are not. My feeling and others is that Jupiter will again go rouge has it has done several times before in the distant past and come close to earth, such as it is doing now as we speak. And all those unidentified planets, moons comets ,suns ect we are seeing in the sky's both at night and in the day are the many moons or planetoids of Jupiter. And because it is getting closer the two become one again for a short time for it is possible that they were together in the distant past and that Nibiru/Nimesis 7 was a part of our solar near Jupiter and that we have always had two suns.

 Sad to say that does not explain why we are now seeing 3-4-5 suns except maybe they are also dead dwarf stars that light up again when getting close to our sun and that might explain why our sun is getting weak, because they are pulling to much energy form it and also why we are seeing all those huge Orbs and mother ships next to it.At this point we can only speculate, we wont know the whole or real truth for some rears after this is all over and its going to blow a lot of peoples mind as they can hardly handle what is going on now, so they will most likely continue to be in denial for a long while and its our job to bring them around to what is happening as we can understand it. Its even hard for us light-workers to wrap our minds and brains around all this ! We are all a part to this Earth Changes and Awakening.For we are all one, indeed.Adonai. Rev.Joshua Skirvin

Stay tuned for part lll coming soon to your local station. if you like this send it out to FB and twetter.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on December 1, 2016 at 6:50am

Sorry about the mistakes as i have yet again a virus in my new PC that gets really bad when I try to blog on this site, its one reason why I don't post so much anymore. Also I have been very sick from the Chubby rain Chem-trail virus for over a month now, which makes it hard for me to write blogs that gets destroyed half the time before I can post them. So as Cobra says the war is far from over, the evil DC has reared its evil head again and we have taken a loss. We are learning from our mistakes and will defeat them in the end.

But everyone must do there part. Also I forgot to tell you light-workers and warriors to put food,water and fuel supplies away, enough for a couple of months if not more for your family, friends and others who will come to you for help for we are all in this together, spread the word and get this info out ASAP. We are all one, indeed. Adonai


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