Galactic Grace - The Ancient One, Solene


In this the finest of journeys
As the mountain displays its glory
For all the wonders of cosmos
Have collided here this day
I stand in much amazement
Upon the lands of forever
As planes of existence collide
And create universal behaviors
An alignment oh so crucial
For the planet must now decide
Is it for the glory
That we now hold inside
To bring the planet closer
To Galactic Grace it holds
I merge with the cosmos
Waiting to take hold
 Ahold of the power invested in me
And knowing full well
The origin I see
Its simply about the divinity
The divine in you
The divine in me
Shall merge as one
For immortality

So help this earth
Becomes its star
By knowing your difference
In close and far
Your gift within
Displayed for now
Brings the harmony it seeks
So take a bow
For your light matters
In allowing this planet
To become its importance
So now sit and plan it
For its now time
Out with the old
The new regime
Has taken hold
the ancient one - Solene
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