Saint Germain through Paschalis Kazakopoulos | 15 Sep.10, Athens

Beloved light workers of the planetary transformation, I Am Saint Germain. I come today among you, to your group so to communicate some important information about the planetary transformation that is taking place now. The forces of the violet fire expand now in great speed on the entire hologram of the earth. This process is constant and non-stop.

It is needed from all of you, to create a sacred space in your place, in your house, at your work. Anywhere you spend a lot of time where this will be your focus point for your violet flame, your flame of unlimited transformation. Because beloved one this is not a time to “have many irons in the fire”. This is not ascension. Ascension is to transform these qualities and to bring the higher Light that you are. Everyone realizes and understands this. Don’t you?

The activation happening now on your third eye is related with this networking of the violet flame. Your third eye is related with the violet light and the violet field. It brings codes that weren’t available before. This energy upgrade will help you to see better what is coming for you from the future.

So beloved light workers of the planetary transformation of the violet flame I call you now for action. Gather in groups, focus your energy, invoke the violet flame of unlimited transformation and create the focal points in your space, so to be able by the invocation and the dynamic presence of the violet flame to transmute any imbalanced energies in your filed and your hologram. The combination of the energies of the violet flame with the ruby-golden flame of the Christ consciousness will extend on Earth and will flood the network of Light. They will open the new diodes, the new gates and so you will be able to transit with ease and grace.

Now let your hands open, like a cup, and bring them in front of your solar plexus. Say the specific invocation for the anchoring of the violet flame focal-point in this place you are now. The same process you can do in your space, you house or anywhere you spend a lot of time.

Repeat: «I now invoke the activation of the violet fire where its creation provides unlimited transmutation, transformation, paradisian ascension, now”, and see in your hands the manifestation of this Light happening now, suffusing your aura up to the eight center. Now offer (/extend) your hands forward and let the violet flame establish at the place exactly in front of you and then let your hands on your lap.

Beloved ones, this process will help you to transmute these imbalanced energies, these harsh energies, and to bring in the sweetness of the spirit in your consciousness, shining clearly like a solid (/pure) amethyst. Enjoy this glow, surrender in this glow because it is you beloved. You are the Light workers of the planetary transformation.

Saint Germain.

Channeling from Saint Germain through Paschalis Kazakopoulos | 15 Sep.10, Athens

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