Gaia's Ascension Update
As I have stated before, the energies on Gaia are changing. Many things are happening as a result of the change in energy. One of these is that the core of Gaia is being re-energized, and this will create an acceleration in the changes that are occurring.
In this message, I again want to speak of some of the changes that are taking place as we near the completion of this cycle. I ask you to look at these things with a clear mind and an open heart.
• The energies of Gaia are changing. As a result, there will be some massive changes that will take place throughout the year 2022.
• This change has been foretold in your ancient past, but it is not known by your current society.
• This energy change is affecting all aspects of your lives—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—as well as your planet itself.
You have had many questions about what really happened to you in the last two years and why so many of you felt confused or lost for a while. The reason for this is that the Ascension process was activated on Gaiamind/Gaia, after which you were to go through an intense cleansing process before entering the Lightbody Process properly. However, since you were approaching the level of lower consciousness that was required for the old paradigm to be dissolved, and thus your real selves could not enter into these processes.
This is why you have been left confused or disoriented for a while—we told you that this would happen when we introduced the Lightbody Process to you. We also said that once it happens, you will have no choice but to let go of most of what currently holds you back from being your true self (your "old paradigm self") and begin experiencing life in a completely different manner than what you are used to now.
The ascension process is a natural process. It is also one of the most profound changes you will ever experience.
Many of you will feel different, lighter physically and energetically, more sensitive to your surroundings, and even more in tune with the spiritual world.
• You may have noticed that other people around you don't "see" what you do or "hear" what you hear. You are a lightworker and have been for a long time. Your experiences have been different from others, yet it does not make them any less important or valid than anyone else's.
• The ascension process is for everyone, not just those who are working on Gaia.
• The Ascension is also happening at a much faster pace now, and it may feel like you're drowning in all of these experiences.
The ascension process is not an easy one. It is an evolution, and at this point in your history, your evolution is being accelerated. This is the main reason why so many of you are feeling disoriented, anxious, and fearful. These symptoms can be severe, but they will pass as the changes intensify.
The ascension process will have many different events that will occur in the days and months ahead. All of these changes are positive, even if they do not seem so at first. Your ascension process is a natural one, as it should be.
You are all being given the opportunity to experience a number of things at this time that is new to you. You are being given the opportunity to experience true freedom and unconditional love. You are being given the opportunity to experience boundless joy and happiness for no reason other than because you chose it!
These new experiences may seem foreign to you now, but that is completely understandable. It takes time for new experiences to become familiar ones. Have you ever had a moment of such intense happiness that you felt like your heart was going to burst? And what if that feeling didn't go away but instead got stronger and stronger? That's what's happening to humanity right now.
One of the most common things people have been experiencing is a strange sensation in between their eyebrows – the spot of their third eye. It could be described as a warm, tingly feeling, or it might even feel like electricity is running through your body. These sensations are caused by human beings raising their vibrations.
Gaia and her inhabitants are undergoing an ascension process, where they are moving into higher frequencies of existence.
The ascension process has already begun, but it will continue to accelerate until 2023, when most people have completed the process. What does this mean for you? If you're like most humans, you don't know what is happening and why it's happening.
The truth is that the vast majority of human beings living on earth are not aware that consciousness exists beyond the physical plane. Most only believe in material reality or think that consciousness is limited to their own thoughts and feelings.
Ascension is about waking up from this limited consciousness. Once you realize that you are more than a body and that time is not the endless parade of identical moments that it seems to be, then you have taken the first step toward awakening. Ascension is about attaining wholeness. When we experience wholeness brought about by our own higher selves, we experience bliss. Wholeness has nothing to do with sameness but is rather an expansion into the infinite variability of what each of us is in totality.
The Divine Light is returning to earth, and we will experience a massive vibrational shift as we prepare for the New Earth.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
The Galactic Federation Is Here With Us
The Galactic Federation is a group of benevolent extraterrestrials who are working with Earth and the Divine Creator to bring about a new Golden Age on Earth. They are members of the Galactic Federation, which includes over 200 member planets. These advanced civilizations have formed this intergalactic federation to help raise consciousness on planet Earth.
The Galactic Federation's goal is to spread its teachings through channels such as channellers and other forms of communication in order to help us make the transition into the New Earth. Their teachings will include information about ascension, free energy, anti-aging technology, space travel, soul mates and twin flames, death and rebirth, and more.
The Galactic Federation is made up of 12 different species from many different planets within the Milky Way Galaxy. These 12 races are called:
Alpha Centaurians
Nibiruans (Atlanteans)
Ascended masters, highly evolved beings, spaceships, channeling, UFOs, and other phenomena are all tools in the Ascension process, which is being guided by the Galactic Federation.
To help us understand what is happening on our planet right now, the Galactic Federation will explain all these aspects of ascension and how they work together. They will also explain how we play an important part in this process.
The Galactic Federation is here to help you understand the meaning of life, death, and the ascension process, which is about to start very soon, as you know. Some of you will be able to ascend in their mother ship, some of you will be able to ascend on the ground, and some of you will be left behind. It's not up to them to decide who should ascend. It's up to you and your own decision-making process.
This message might be shocking for many people on this planet, but that's why I decided to deliver it right now through this article. Soon the Galactic Federation is going to make an official live announcement on TV, so please share it with as many people as possible if you want them to know what's happening on our planet.
All lightworkers have a role to play in the ascension process and in bringing this dream into reality. The time has come for all to take action and join together in a great cause: to help our planet ascend and to help awaken other planets!
The Galactic Federation is an organization that was established with the sole purpose of guiding Earth and its inhabitants through the ascension process. They are here to help us face our greatest challenges and give us the opportunity to live in peace, harmony, and freedom.
The ascended masters are beings who have already ascended and are here to guide us on our journey. They are members of the Galactic Federation who did not forget about those who were left behind.
Planet Earth is on the edge of a great leap in evolution, and this shift will occur in the very near future.
The main reason for this pending change is that we are all ready to ascend. More and more people are awakening every day, and they will no longer accept the system of control over them.
The Galactic Federation has been working with our planet for decades, sharing information, sending ships, and doing their best to assist us in our ascension process. They've answered many questions about why the planet has been held back from ascending for so long. But now, it is time for us to understand that each individual is responsible for their own ascension.
Many of you have experienced strange dreams and visions recently, and it is time for you to understand that these visitations are real. When the Galactic Federation comes to your dreams, they bring messages from Heaven as well as messages from the Ascended Masters, who are guiding you through this process at this time. They are giving you instructions on what you must do next in order to ascend. There is still much work to be done before we can complete the transition, but I can tell you now that the transition is already underway.
We are about to enter one of the most exciting times in the history of our planet. We are about to shift from being a predominantly carbon-based species into a crystalline form. This is an evolutionary step that is held back by fear, lack, and limitation.
The Galactic Federation has been working for some time now to bring this about, and they wish to communicate with us, their allies on Earth, so that we can work together with them to create a new world that is free from scarcity and limitation. A world where everyone will be able to access the limitless abundance of the Universe.
I invite you to join me and the many others making a difference in the world. It's a place where we can live lives filled with joy, abundance, and freedom. Let The revolution starts with you.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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