Future Destiny: The New Civilization

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We have come to the finish. The beginning of the end of this current global civilization. The coming 7 years will be a great transformation on this planet. The powers that be that control this current civilization we live in will perpetuate it until it’s final destruction. Their end is assured. For them there is no escape.

For those of us who do not wish to share their fate but wish for a better future for our children and ourselves it behoves us that we take the powers of creation into our hands and create a positive destiny. That we do not wait for fate to deal it’s blow of destruction upon this civilization but that we create a new civilization.

The Star Goddess Foundation, is a foundation that will work in cooperation to the many other movements that will arise in the coming months and years, (such as the Venus Project) to facilitate the gentle and safe transition to a new civilization.

The principle of this new civilization is based on Love, Peace, Compassion, Happiness, Sharing, Kindness, Abundance for all, true equality and freedom. (as opposed to fake freedom). On this there is no compromise and all organizations and peoples who share these ideals and have compatible ideals for this new ultra-community we welcome with open arms.

For those tired of wars, hatred, killing, vengeance, deviousness and all other manner of gross negativity's that pervade this civilization. Who wish to observe the spiritual principles of harmony and love and who have dedicated themselves to living harmoniously this transition is paramount.

We are preparing for the move to an entirely new civilization, the current civilization is broken beyond repair. Those within it’s confines will seek to perpetuate it until it’s final destruction. It has become absolutely necessary therefore to remove ourselves from this dead end civilization.

The coming protests and civil unrest will do not much more than cause confusion for people, who do not have a clear vision of the future. Those in power will capitulate to some degree but they will never give up the rotten premise of this system, which functions solely to serve the rich and elite at the expense and exploitation of the labour of the poor. Those who live well or have favorable conditions in this civilization do so at the expense of millions of others who are suffering. Such comfort is not worth the price and is in fact offensive.

It is possible that this civilization to some degree might be transformed. The coming protests and demands by the people may have some effect. Yet even if change is made on a surface level. Underneath the civilization will still be rotten and influenced by very determined corrupt powers which will not simply go away. As such any change will painfully prolong the inevitable demise of this system and the people within it.

For the future there should be no compromise. The rich will be willing to compromise and placate the people by offering pseudo-improvements. But they will never give up their wealth which should be the essential demand made by the people. Since these rich have stolen all their ill gotten gains from the people by exploiting their land and labour. The landowners have almost without exception all stolen the land and as such it is not rightfully theirs.

For us there is no compromise. Where no one has to work for anyone. Where all labour is voluntary and where technology carries the burden of heavy labour. Where there is no money. Where there are no rich and no poor. Where there is no exploitation. Where people do not suffer unnecessarily. Where everyone has what they need to live in comfort and safety without exception. Where we live in harmony with Gaia and serve the purposes of Love. There is no COMPROMISE on these things.

There is no reasoning with the elite wealthy, they have destroyed their conscience and gone beyond all hope of reasoning with. They will drag everyone they can into the destruction that looms before them. They can try to run to other planets or underground, but for them there is no escape. We need to leave them to their fate, not try to destroy them, for their destruction is inevitable. For us we need to tale the powers of creation in our hands and create a better world.

The power, technology, wealth, labour and locations necessary to create such a new advanced civilization is already well in hand. The Star Goddess Foundation and other such movements both secret and open will acquire everything that is needed within the coming 7 years in order to make the smooth transition to this arising civilization.

For those waiting for disclosure this will do nothing to change the rotten core of the current civilization, and the implacable will of the power elite to amass wealth and power. The beautiful human beings who come from the space worlds in the dimensions above us will have nothing to do with this civilization as it is. They will however land their star ships and walk amongst us openly in the new civilization, and celebrate our achievement.

This new civilization is a concept that will take place either parallel to the current one or it will replace it entirely. The latter will actually inevitably happen at some point. Until then it is up to us to create it, for no one will do it for us, especially not those from the star worlds. The alternative is to stay with the current civilization for a slow, painful, inevitable march to utter destruction.

For the positive future destiny of humanity. Those divine powers now align with those who Love and are of the Heart to empower us to create the transformation of this world. To avert the darkness that is ahead of us, to create the option to change our fate and create a new future.

For those who are looking to transition. My advice is to be patient and keep safe when the turmoil and protests come and keep your eyes open for those movements who serve Love and have created a safe passage into the new civilization. Take the opportunity before it is too late and join the movements. For this is the providence of the divine.

All in all be safe, be ready and be prepared for the greatest adventure of your life.
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