Abe faked regime forged in the election fraud has continued to runaway toward Warld Nuclear War under instructions of dark cabal, but the 125 million cases pension information from the Japan pension mechanism In the leaked problems, as the risk of Mai number system becomes clear, national monitoring system implementation that has been planned is also going to become difficult.

① 2015.6.2 Cabinet-Zai-kin Union examination "Personal Information Protection Act and for My Number amendment"
② sloppy security management one after another found bylaws violation of Japan pension mechanism, etc.
Japan pension mechanism is subject to unauthorized access, personal information of about 125 million cases were leaked problem
Password setting was not specified in the bylaws, but the 55 ten thousand is not set
Even this is a problem was able to move from mission-critical systems to servers and personal information
The "virus mail opened" not just, speechless for about monkey security management one after another apparently of Japan pension mechanism
③ Street cafe TV / Fujishima Toshihisa official blog 6/3: try to do anything to resist the war bill ...

Already, there are people that are fighting for the war bill blocking.
Let's start from the fact that we can also be. .
To concentrate on complaint creation of the war bill invalid confirmation claim incident.
④ Nerima in, bipartisan war bill opposite of propaganda action is achieved!
Yukie Kousaka added 2 new photos.

Communist Party, consumers net, the voice of citizens Nerima, citizen welfare forum, nails and his friends of the Democratic Party. Appeal also the Social Democratic Party and New Socialist Party of people and former ward assemblyman's like 22 people in Ekito.
Mere it might was one hour of advertising.

But that can not easily stand in the same place for more than a partisan.
To each other, put a lot of speculation and feelings and prehistory aside, I think he was trying to Tazusaeyo hands with this one point.

All Okinawa that was realized, everyone and because he Kamikoroshi a lot I think in six minutes belly, had said the Onaga governor.

Nerima also I'm still like a Okinawa, I might be one small step, that it is now trying to do together beyond the differences of political party and thought beliefs and positions, it is very happy.


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