8109270660?profile=originalFaked Government by freud election has no authority to lead people, they are just puppets of secret society nehind the scnes.

Rude hooter of Abe and members of LDP continues to confuse the normal discussion of the House of Representatives of Japan.

■ House of Representatives discuss correspondence with jeers of the special committee prime minister (NHK5 / 30)

■ Security-related bills: hooter retaliated as chairman is candid advic(Mainichi5/27)

■ Ruling party lawmakers volley the hooter in Diet deliberations of security legislation! Finally Chairman alert! Since then, laughing, ... fiddling MPs spate of the smartphone

Moscow State International Relations University of military political problem Center's Alexei Podoberyosukin told as follows.
- By security legislation related bills in Japan has been adopted, there is danger of the growing incidence of military conflict in the region.
"It's inevitable. That's what he is the United States of goal. The United States wants to increase the political and military instability in the region. The reason is simple .20 century, the United States has proposed, the original of the United States of management in formed, military and political system, the financial and economic system, now the new power is emerging, in order to maintain managed to have. system retreated to Kokei, the United States is also desperately non, rival of feet are must Yuraga. must be forged a problem for Russia. Then, it is Ukraine. It is also some sort of problem is created for the Chinese market it is inevitable "

Defense aspects of the right to collective self-defense laws: the United States will be at the expense of Japan, as such Ukraine (Sputnik 5/28)

TEPCO that the risk of hydrogen explosion is growing at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has been revealed.

hydrogen explosion risk at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (National Iranian broadcasting 5/28)

Galactic Federation have reportedly continued to avoid the war effort by contact  with each of the Putin-Obama-Shu collection. The World is progressing ready for official announcement behind scnes.

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