From Fights to Hugs - My Relationship With My Body

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Our relationship with our bodies is simply amazing. As the consciousness plugged in we work with the system that is our physical body, forming a cohesive relationship. Its remarkable when you really stop to think about it.

Everything working together simultaneously to enable even my fingers moving right now to type this.

I have found that being in touch with my body, listening to it, has been to key to achieving success with my intentions.

I used to try and ignore my body, forcing whatever I wanted. And did it react!

At 19 I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. The doctor used a hangnail as an stomach_pain_ulcer.jpg?width=408analogy. She told me to imagine tearing a hangnail from finger all the way down my arm, and asked me to think of what that would feel like. Then she said that's exactly what was happening internally. The walls of my stomach were being peeled away by the acid in my system.


I lived with that for a while, until finally I decided no more ulcers. But I still wasn't in touch with my body and there was a lot I still internalized.

That's when I started getting severe eczema breakouts. Starting first with my hands, it soon spread over my entire torso. One outbreak was so severe it spread eczema-on-eye.jpg?width=251to my face, in my eyes and my forearm actually got infected.

Gradually, the more I dealt with everything I was trying to ignore, and bury in my body, the eczema went away.

When I woke up spiritually it certainly led me down a path of getting more and more in touch with my body. After all, this body is my instrument here on earth. Why wouldn't I want to fine tune it?

In the past I would've treated this realization with an urgent regiment of fitness, starting from scratch. Typically this would last about a month before I'd completely burn out.

Because I still wasn't actually listening with body, and strengthening that relationship. Instead I was stuck on a murky image of what I thought, perhaps, my body might look like when I was done with the regiment.

How can you ever be finished with having a relationship with your body? I think some people might call that death ;)

Once I embraced the fact that it's a life long pursuit, remembering that its about the journey and not the destination, I saw and felt vast improvements. Suddenly I'm enjoying listening to my body. Not only did I start to feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

There were definite moments where I felt pretty silly for fighting with my body for so long. But this not so old dog is learning new tricks!

I recently cut out fast food again. I had done it a couple years back and it made a marked difference in how I felt. It feels good to take pride in what I eat. 


I've also done the Master Cleanse. It was intense! The first time I did the warm salt water flush in the morning I TOTALLY lost my Kool-Aid. But after a couple of days I actually came to enjoy how I felt from it, despite the umm... after effects of a body flush like that.

Coming back to eating solid food again after 10 days was weird! I never thought the sensation of eating food would feel foreign to me. Yet it took less than two whole weeks, lol.

Bottom line: Living in a state of conscious awareness and in communication with my body has brought my intention and intuitiveness to a whole new level.

I feel proud to be the Creator that I AM.

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