We hear about the sad things in the media like the riots in the uk, and yet through adversity we see how love shines...communities have come together by cleaning up the mess left behind. People have come together by helping those who have lost their homes. I was sent a link by a dear friend in America about a little girls birthday wish. This little girls wish was to raise 300 by her 9th birthday, by her 9 the birthday she was 80 short...shortly after her birthday she died in a car accident and yet her love balloon wish lives on...It is now held by many people around the world and her wish has raised now 1 million.....Love can always be found in every situation if we look hard enough ....

My wish is to start the love balloon story created by U...These are just 2 stories this week how love has shone through adversity ....I wish for people to join the love story and share their stories....it may be a memory of love which brought a smile, it may be an anniversary....It may be a thank you for love recieved, it may be love wishing to be given....so please join my love balloon by sharing your love story so that our love story created will connect up to many...may our love balloons rise high in the sky so we all remember no matter what we are going through...

LOVE LOVES US, love is our home in which we all belong...lets unite our pages of our heart and make our story a love treasure to be remembered....

LOVE BALLOON.......I believe in LOVE,I look forward to hearing about our love balloon story...My heart glows when love shines through adversity.............My love balloon glows when a new baby crys for the first time, My heart love balloon glows when another person finds time to say hello, My heart love balloon glows knowing no matter how many miles are around us my hand is in yours....I share my love balloon with you...I hope you share yours.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Kelly..........That is a beautiful LOVE balloon story and your so right so many people come together even if it is to say Hello how are you....some like me observe from time to time if I am busy yet we are not out of sight or out of mind ....so even if your love balloon is a hello it is still love....one word like love can mean so much and float a million balloons alone....uplift in times of need knowing someone is there even across the internet...after all we are a community of the community in which we live of the community of many out there...Kelly you bring so much love to people more than  you will ever know....your hand is always outsretched to welcome any one....Share as many love balloon stories as you like, for love is infinity.... Your amazing and such a shining giver of love...Thank you for sharing your love balloon it is floating high in the sky with mine....xx ...see these 2 x are symbolic of our love balloons...lets hope many more join ours...in love to you and everyone may your love balloons always be seen and felt by everyone.BIG SMILE
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