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Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living.
Dear Dr.,

The power of the words I AM can change how you see yourself and how you see others. We have been conditioned to believe that who we are is ordinary – that who we are is what we have, what we do, what people think of us, what we own, and none of this is who we really are. Who we are is infinite light, divine creation, and that creation is within all of us.

We live in a society that often seeks to make us conform and fit in with everybody else, yet Spirit created each of us as a distinct, separate entity that’s unique in all of creation. Thus, in order to be inspired, we must maintain our singular individuality while seeing our connection to our Source, our light, the infinite intelligence, and to everyone and everything in the Universe. Each of us is an unparalleled idea whose time has come: We didn’t manifest to be the same as each other, but to be like God, like Source, and express ourselves as we agreed to when we merged into physical form.
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In the first video in this series I talk about how the light within can elevate us to heights we’ve never dreamed possible. If you missed it, I invite you to watch it now.
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Awaken to the Divine Intelligence Within »
When you live from the light, from Source, when everything you say and do comes from this place of infinite intelligence that resides within you, you begin to attract what you desire. You begin to see that when you are with the source of light, living in the light, there can be no darkness. We are here to connect to that light and live our purpose. What is in you is in me because we are all one and all come from the same light.

This is your calling to respect your oneness and eschew any pressure to be a conformist – be the being you came here to be. After all, you are that powerful idea whose time has come.

I look forward to sharing this special series of spiritual lessons with you. Just click on the video and enter your email address to receive immediate access. Your email address is requested so I can send you the additional videos in the series.

Wayne W. Dyer
Free Video Series with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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