Foundations of Spirituality. By; Mike j Hughes

I sometimes find it all so sad that some people will try to get ahead and hold on to their old selfish ways even when they know that they will be dead within a short period of time ,and will clutch to the material world even after they are dead and gone and so find themselves on the lower astral planes in bitter anguish and despair ,and within a state of consciousness that is dark and very sad.It is very important that we all build for ourselves a spiritual foundation of some kind ,for this will carry us to the other side without finding ourselves within a world that is so alien.The light is there but so many people fear to enter for fear that they will be judged,or that all of their deep dark secrets will be revealed for all to know,and so they will recoil back into the dark regions of the astral planes along with those who are in a similar condition ,which is a very large portion of humanity..

So many people have not a clue as to who they really are or where they are going ,or what happens when you die and so on.It is in this kind of condition that causes people to fear death and to live such desperate lives.Many turn to drugs and alcohol and many kinds of deviant behaviour as a result of fear and utter confusion and stress that comes from living on a planet such as ours which is full of suffering and escalating fear and confusion such as we have in our world at this time.Every time that I am out and about I can see the confusion and utter despair in the eyes of those I pass in the street,and I know that some big changes are coming,for when the world has reached such a condition there is an evocative cry for help that reaches the ears of the great ones and that the time has come for a great elder brother and great spiritual teacher to come forth and thus guide humanity into a new age and an open revelation as to who we really are as spiritual beings..

Humanity must come to the realization that it is in need of a Teacher who can guide humanity into a new age ,and to receive a new revelation as to our place in the grand scheme of things through out the cosmos and as to out relationship with the creator and to each other.There is so much injustice in our world today and must come to the realization that we can not carry on with things the way are going now ,for we will just end up destroying ourselves and thus delaying our spiritual evolution by many millions of years.Very soon we all are going to see some very remarkable and very advanced human beings who are going to help us get through the crisis that we are now in,and there are coming some events that will cause humanity to awaken from its materialistic slumber and to the realization of the amount of suffering that is being caused by us in the developed world .We in the west use and waste 80%Of the worlds resources which leaves many untold millions of people to live very stunted and miserable lives just so we in the west can live the way we do..

The only way for a happy world to come into being is if all of the developed nations of the world began to share the resources of the world evenly between all peoples everywhere.Every human being has the right to universal health care,education,food,shelter,education and so on,so that humanity may live at peace with each other and that a new age may begin,an age of spirituality and brotherhood like never seen before in the whole history of the human evolution.One of the most important thing that we all must work on is right human relations and the construction of a new and high civilization that will be based on love and brother hood.Man has now come to the point of evolution where the sense of duality is known ,and thus a choice can be intelligently made according to his own freewill..

The great Teacher who is about to step on to world events is no other than Maitreya,the great World Teacher,and a teacher in the full meaning of the word.He is the elder brother of all mankind,and the first of our humanity to become a Master long ago during the Atlantean root race many millions of years ago and has appeared time after time through out our history as World Teacher who must come at the begining of every age such as we are now moving into .We are moving out of the age of Pisces and into that of Aquarius ,and we have a great teacher to reveal to mankind the next step in its spiritual evolution.Man,in his long evolutionary journey is moving on through many cycles within cycles of spiritual development,some short and some that are very long with untold ages of spiritual evolution.The human family has a very long evolutionary journey ahead of him and has already come a very long ways as it is at this time.We are all pinpoints of light within the body of a greater light in which we all live ,move ,and have our being,just like we are cells within a greater body much like our physical body ,only this time on higher cosmic levels..

There have been many great Teachers who have come to us down through the ages of times such as the Buddha,Mithra,Jesus,Sai Baba,Babaji,Mohamed,Krishna,Hercules, and so many others that have come and gone through the passage of time and human evolution.Many of those who are first degree initiates today will return as Great spiritual Teachers some time in the future.As a spiritual Teacher myself I realize the great responsibility that I carry right within my own being to look after and to guide humanity in whatever way I can ,and I reach many people through the Internet and many respond with a positive vibration,for there are so many out there who are very desperate to know who they really are as a spiritual being ,and many are suffering from spiritual starvation.Its as if each and every human being has a great empty space within them which can only be filled by the creation of a spiritual life ,and by the cultivation of goodwill and to give way to a relationship with ones very own soul,and ones higher self which will surely galvanized one into a sort of spiritual activity of some kind which will have a very powerful impact on ones very own environment and upon all he comes into contact with..


There is one very important issue that must be here considered ,and that is the fact that we have all of the worlds religions of the world awaiting for some great Spiritual Teacher whom I mentioned as Maitreya.He is here to teach the art of self realization and to open the eyes of humanity as to its divine origin.People are too spoiled here in the developed world, for sure. They can't seem to care what happens to anyone just as long as they get their slice of the pie. We are all human beings who deserve to be treated equally No matter what part of the world they may be in .This kind of selfishness in the developed world to not sharing the resources of the world is the main cause of all of the terrorism ,and that is a statement of fact.This here will be the Teachings that Maitreya will make known to all of humanity.He is here to teach the human race all about the Art of living,the Art of self realization ,and as well as how to share the resources of the world equally between all nations where millions are now starving to Death while all of the food lies rotting in the storage centres all over the world.It is this abomination that is preventing us from moving forward into the new age ,and the cause of untold suffering,terrorism,wars,and overall the general,sad and unhappy situation that we are now finding at this time..Those who think that Maitreya will come as a great political leader are in error,he is not that kind of leader.He comes as a teacher ,and will emerge as one of us.


Maitreya was the first of our humanity to achieve at becoming a Master of Wisdom,and the first to take within himself and become the embodiment of the Christ Principle on a non sacred planet in this solar system,...this is a very rare achievement.The degree of untold suffering in this world is such as not seen on any other man bearing globe in our system of worlds,so much so that our planet has been named ''The Star of Suffering'',and those who have completed their evolutionary journey and have become Masters who have nothing more to learn on this planet have been called ''The Graduates of Painful Endeavour''who have taken all five initiations that gives one the mastery over the forces of nature and the forces that lie within us all.There are many thousands of people at this time who are now ready to pass through the portals of the first initiation..There are millions of people who are members of the 'New Group of World Servers' whether they know it or not,but who's lives are spiritually galvanized and are generating the energy of goodwill and who come out of every walk of life whether that be a scientist,teacher,doctors,artist,and the many other from all kinds of human endeavour..

A global community is on the horizon and the masses are going to demand their freedom and will do away with the old ways of selfishness and greed that has for so long been like a cancer eating the race and breeding disease.No longer do we have to be a victim to the forces of materiality,for many are now soaring high above the limitations of the physical planes and the impulses of the body.Very soon my friends we are to see the reappearance of the Great World Teacher,and with him a group of very highly advanced men who are known as the Masters of Wisdom who will share their lives and their incredible wisdom and their age long experience with us all,thus inspiring humanity to build for itself a new and high civilization such as never seen before.We are on the very threshold for one of the most incredible event in all of human history,.....The reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom..

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  • I'm sorry, but who said that every human has the right to universal education, healthcare, food and shelter? Isn't that, in the same way, denying the right to do whatever you want? Not every human has the right to all that- just some have the privilege. The only real right is that you can do whatever you want. It seems to me that you think of yourself as a bit higher than those in Mombasa or Cairo or Beijing. Not as ... "Spirit Ually Advanced". And then, look here we go again with that duality thing again (which ironically is "bad". What the heck?)
    You seem to be stuck in your view of things. Very firmly cemented in your perspective... oh the world is bad and I need to help others.. well help yourself, dang it, instead others, your only responsibility is YOU. Change your perspective- let it sit too long, and it becomes moldy and crusty. Why do we need a Master and Christ and all that? Aren't we here to develop ourselves? Granted, some souls may need assistance, but you have let them loose, let them stand on their own two feet, you know?
    Hmm... I seem to be cementing myself in my own belief as well.
    Well, that's my view. Sorry to come across as rude or rash.
This reply was deleted.

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