Beloveds, we are here to discuss your freedom. Your mental and emotional freedom. What is this you ask? Don't I have free will? To this we say yes, beloveds you DO have free will. We just wish to give you a little assistance. As you are aware, forgiveness is the key to emotional and mental freedom. You MUST forgive yourself and the beings you are holding this emotional charge for. We hear you say, “I've released it, I forgave and yet I still keep thinking about it.” We would like to say to you that if there is still an emotional charge, then you have not released yourself or the other being. Might we suggest, that instead of holding on to the memory of the hurt, take a breath and think, why does this keep coming up? Then truly meditate on it and forgive and thank every being involved, including yourself. Remember, you and everyone involved agreed to experience that particular situation so that all beings involved could learn a lesson. Once you are able to look back on a situation and feel no negative emotional charge, you are free! With that freedom, you will be able to live by creation instead of re~creation. Begin focusing on what you would like to have happen and don't get caught up in the details. Be specific on what you want, but leave it to the Divine to bring it to you. For example, say you want to go on vacation. Focus on where you want to go and what you wish to do, feel the joy and gratitude. Do not focus on how the money for the trip will show up or how it is going to happen. Beloveds, when you focus on how something is going to work out, it puts limitations on how we can fulfill your wish. Why limit yourself, when the Divine is unlimited. We WANT to assist you. That is WHY we are with you. Just ask for what you want and KNOW you have been heard and you will receive it in Divine timing. As you clear yourself of negative thought processes and unforgiveness, you will see that you are more in the flow of creation and your dreams are unfolding!


~ The Counsel of Seven


Forgiveness Meditation

(Ho'oponopono based)


Close your eyes and focus on the recurring memory. Look at it from all sides, see everyone's point of view. Now look for your lesson, you will know it when you find it. Then Take a few moments to connect with everyone involved. Focusing one at a time. Say (a whisper is ok, but there does needs to be sound vibration involved) “ ________ I'm sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you.” Feel your heart get repeat until you can feel your heart is clear. Do this for everyone involved, including yourself, especially yourself! Now, if you continue to think these thoughts, keep doing it. There is usually something that has been missed and this is your soul's way of bringing it to the surface to be cleansed. You will know when you have truly released and forgiven when you revisit the memory and there is no longer an emotional charge. Be patient with yourself, this will take time!



Kelly Murphy

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  • What a great message Kelly, thanks so much for passing it on... :)  Forgiveness is the Key, that's for sure!

    I think if you learn something from the experience and can grow in some way, it helps you to deal with what happened..
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