Do you ever wonder where great people throughout history have gotten their inspiration from?

Did you know that Thomas Edison saw the electric light bulb in a dream.  Did ever hear about people

speaking of muses, who have inspired creativity and enlightenment to people throughout history.

Each and everyone one of us makes history, as we live our lives. What type of history? Is it a history

that impacts future generations?  That is entirely up to you!

What I can do is give you the key to creating something. Possibilities that are endless!


                                     Did you know that we can ask for help from 

 Spirit in virtually any circumstance or situation..  For instance if your an artist, you can ask for assistance in your field from, say Leonardo Di Vinci.   You can ask for him be a guide/teacher or to just assist you in your artistic pursuits.

Let me reveal to story of how, I happen to stumble on this bit of knowledge.

                           I was sitting in what is called a Trance Circle with Medium Rev. Kristine Fossatti of                                                 the Temple of Universality, in Tucson Arizona, USA.

Leonardo Da Vinci came through the circle and was asking if there were any

artists in the room? The reply was "yes", from a couple of persons.

Leonardo then offered his services to those whom replied, Yes. 

 he offered to help work from the other side (Spirit World)

 on their artistic projects. Leonardo also revealed that he works with

people to develop their creativity.  In which, I myself was surprised when I heard

my name called out by this great man of the Renaissance. Asking me," Sal if

I willing to to have him, Leonardo work with me on one of my projects. Honored that I 

was I said "Yes please, and thank you..

As I post this, I am hearing and feeling that Leonardo Da Vinici

is very pleased. I am hearing that there are many here in

Spirit World, looking to work, teach and train.

Find your mentor, from a book or the internet

read and study, do your research. Research is a very important

element to working with the Spirit World. It is about honoring the

person who has obtained a position in

history for his contribution to humanity.8108958456?profile=original

In that same circle, Musicians John Lennon, George Harrison of the Beatles and Davy Jones

of the Monkeys came through.  They were asking if their were any musicians in the room.

They too offered their services to anyone who was interested. 

 Davy mentioned that he was not ready to be on that side, meaning the spirit world. He said,

"he is still adjusting." He also mentioned," that there is a better quality of musicians on his side."

(I think Davy was making a little joke.)  

Here is what I have learned from my teacher, Rev. Betty Tatalajski from the Temple of Universality, 

Tucson Arizona.  There are many great many people in Spirit who are looking for students.  It makes

no difference what your profession is: writer, doctor, lawyer, inventor, artist, musician or actor.        Just to mention a few professions  Find someone you admire to that has lived on earth, and then meditate on working with that person.  You must consciously ask for their assistance, that gives them to permission to work with and for your behalf in your endeavors.

Asking and allowing these people to work with us, is a win-win situation.

Number 1 it helps us here in physical receiving knowledge and training, having a master

standing next to us in Spirit. Watch the movie: Always (1989)  Richard Dreyfuss plays a pilot

who dies. He comes back to earth as a spirit, to help a rookie fire-fighter.

Secondly we are also assisting these masters by offering ourselves to be their students.

It allows them to teach and assists them in their continuation of their own spiritual progression

So, lets take advantage

of this little know secret and ask our heros to help and teach us.  

"May this world work in co-operation with Spirit"

Sal Salvadini

Taken from my Blog:http://dreaming2013salscorner.blogspot.com/

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