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Final Extract from the book written by my MASTER - Sublime Journey Towards God - Swami Dattavadhut

Conversations with A Master

Q1. Swamiji, You proclaim that there is God Almighty in each one of us If this is true, then, does this mean that there are more than 6 billion Gods on this planet?
A1. Yes, there is nothing else but God Almighty all around, within and without. Billions of fishes live in the ocean with water inside and outside them; however, they lead independent and individual lives without realizing that they are indeed living in water. Similarly, billions of humans live in God Almighty without realizing that God Almighty i.e. Cosmic Energy is inside and outside their being.

Q2. Swamiji, Who is the Controller of the Universe?
A2. To help understand my answer better, let me illustrate it with an example:
Some people get together and decide to create a team game, let’s say Soccer. For this, they formulate the playing rules of the Game as well as rules that govern the Player’s conduct on the field of play. If a Player conducts himself appropriately, then he is duly rewarded; on the other hand, if he violates the rules, then he is duly punished. Thus, consequences and results of each Soccer Game are determined by the above-formulated rules and guidelines. Further, to administer and ensure the proper conduct of the Game, they create various Committees as well as Guidelines that govern the functioning of these Committees. All this ensures that the Game of Soccer is played till eternity even as individual members of a Team or Committee change over time…
…similarly, God Almighty, in the very beginning, manifested Himself as several Maharishis (Great Sages) on earth. Whilst all these Maharishis were originally manifested by God Almighty, a few of these Maharishis, in course of time, also took human-birth on earth to spiritually uplift mankind. All these Maharishis are the Controllers of the Universe. These Great Souls formulated the Rules of Living for all aspects of Creation on earth including humans, animals, birds, trees, etc. Millions of Gods and Goddesses, Deities, demi-Gods, etc. render service to these Maharishis to ensure absolute, faultless governance of the Universe including all living beings on earth. In this manner, God Almighty’s Creation has been in existence since time immemorial, and will continue to do so till eternity…

There are three types of Siddhas.
i. Nitya-Siddha: These type of Siddhas have been in existence since the beginning of the Universe. Some of the Nitya-Siddhas take human-birth for the spiritual upliftment of mankind.

ii. Sadhana-Siddha: Some aspirants whole-heartedly dedicate themselves to sadhanas (spiritual practices), and become a Siddha. They are called Sadhana-Siddhas. Many aspirants perform Nada-sadhana (i.e. Laya-yoga) or So-Hum sadhana and become Sadhana-Siddhas.

iii. Kripa-Siddha: Some devout persons devotedly do Guru-seva and, by the Guru’s Grace, become a Siddha. They are called Kripa-Siddhas.

Q3. How do Planets and Constellations affect man’s life on earth?
A3. Planets and Constellations are not merely bodies in space made of boulders, stone and soil; in fact, billions of powerful Cosmic Beings, unknown to mankind, live on each Planet and Constellation. These powerful Cosmic Beings are Unseen Forces that prevail upon all living beings on earth as per their karmic record.

Q4. Whilst it’s important for an aspirant to sit absolutely motionless while doing sadhanas (spiritual practices), some persons may find it difficult to do so i.e. sit absolutely motionless. For such persons, what should they do to achieve spiritual progress?
A4. For those who find it difficult to sit absolutely motionless and do sadhanas, such people can do japa, chanting of stotras (hymns), etc. This will enable them to proceed slowly on the spiritual path.

Q5. Swamiji, are there any spiritual states to attain beyond Nirvikalpa-samadhi?
A5. There are many states beyond Nirvikalpa-samadhi. However, I am not permitted to share it with you all.

Q6. It is said that Rishis are performing austerities in the Himalayas as well as in other mountain ranges of India? Is this true?
A6. It is absolutely true that Great Souls like Rishis are performing austerities in the Himalayas, the Sahyadri mountains, Mount Abu, the Niligiris, Girnar mountains, the Alps in Europe, and even in the North Pole. Many Great Sages are performing austerities in all these places since aeons.

Q7. God Almighty is the fount of Bliss and Joy, and He lives in each of our hearts. Then, why is man’s life so miserable, and why is there so much plight and sorrow in the world?
A7. God Almighty lives in man’s heart, and He tries to draw man’s attention to Him through every breath he takes. However, instead of seeking godly joy within, man is always trying to attain happiness and joy outside in material things. Hence, his life becomes a misery and the world finds itself plunged in sorrow.

Q8. How many dimensions are there in the Universe?
A8. There are nine dimensions in the Universe. We call them Navdurga. Durg means fort, difficult to conquer. The head of each dimension is called Durga. Thus, there are Navdurga.
Our ancient Sages conveyed knowledge with the help of pictures and symbols. They say, a picture speaks a thousand words; however, man, instead of gaining knowledge from these pictures and symbols, he began to make images of the same and worship it.
Sages drew the symbol of ‘Aum ’ and conveyed to man the knowledge of ‘Aum’, and the how ‘Aum ’ is present in various parts of his body. Instead of passing down the knowledge about Aum to future generations, man, instead, created Lord Ganesha, the Elephant-God, and began worshipping Him.

Q9. Why does man face poverty?
A9. As per Divine Law, every man should do charity. Those who don’t do charity, they are destined to face poverty in their old age or next birth.

Q10. Is a woman reborn as a man, and is a man reborn as a woman?
A10. Yes. As per one’s karma, a human being is born as a woman or a man.

Q11. What does Khechari-mudra mean?
A11. Doing Khechari-mudra enables the aspirant to direct his breath towards the Sahasrar-chakra, as a result of which, he can make rapid spiritual progress. This Khechari-mudra can be performed in four ways:
i. Folding one’s tongue backwards, one should try to insert it inside the h*** behind the ‘uvula’ (i.e. finger like projection on the posterior roof of mouth).
ii. Gaze at the mid-point between one’s own eyebrows.
iii. Mentally contemplate on one’s fontanel.
iv. The tongue is joined to the bottom of one’s mouth. Some aspirants cut this joint and try to elongate one’s tongue to do Khechari-mudra. This is highly dangerous and not advisable.

Q12. How is Shambhavi-mudra performed?
A12. Concentrating on one’s mind for 24 hours at a stretch is called Shambhavi-mudra. Doing Shambhavi-mudra enables the apsirant’s Soul to merge with God Almighty.

Q13. When a person dies, how will others come to know whether his Soul (or Spirit) has gone to Heaven or Hell?
A13. If the Soul has departed from the body through the mouth, or nose, or eyes or ears, then it goes to Heaven; else, if the Spirit has departed from the anal path or the urinary path, then it goes to Hell.


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