Feeling the Energy of Spirit

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By Judi Lynch

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As a child I remember seeing a movie in which an unseen spirit touched a woman’s shoulder in a cold breeze and sent her screaming from the room. I slept with a nightlight next to my bed for a long time after that. Sometimes my fear was so great I needed to have the hall light on outside my bedroom door just in case.

When I was a young girl, I communicated with the spirit world in a more solid form that I could see and hear.

I became afraid of what might be felt that couldn’t be seen or heard. Not because I truly had anything to be afraid of, I just didn’t know any better.

Clairsentience is the physical experience of the astral and spiritual planes of energy. These energies are always present around us and some are able to feel more than others their existence. Those who channel energy from the source of light are able to connect to spirit guides, ascended masters along with the angelic realm.

Positive thought projection, prayers, meditations, chants, and a constant awareness of soul’s growth are ways in which we keep protected from negative energy.

When you awaken to this concept and allow the positive light energy to flow through you without fear, you discover how the body and mind react instantly to allow infinite healing. Absence of fear is the biggest challenges we face in letting spirit heal and sustain our lives here on Earth. The most incredible people have realized this when facing life altering situations.

Curiosity has led some people to seek out methods in which spirit contact was being performed without proper care and respect for the process. The results can be anything from feeling “dark energy” around during the sessions or as serious as possession by a spirit who is not communicating from the light.

If a person is depressed, anxious, and fearful they can attract dark entities with false information that can be harmfully negative to your well being.

These are great reasons to practice health in mind, body and spirit. Surround yourself with as much positive thought and energy at all times.

Your guides and loved ones on the other side are always there with protection.

You only have to ask in total belief and understanding. The fear will begin to leave you as you realize how true this really is. The energy created is real. Everything that exists is made of energy, thoughts and feelings included.

Those who have fallen to the depths of total despair and loneliness, who have fought their way back from nothing, learn something from every second they are alive. Many of them are able to feel, hear and channel amazing amounts of healing light energy in their meditations because of the great courage they have opened up inside them. They never gave up in searching for the light that heals through infinite joy and the real vibration of love it creates. They discover a knowing inside this is what life here is all about.

You really don’t have to jump off a cliff with a parachute to open it up; you can discover an even more incredible rush by connecting to this infinite love simply by being still enough to listen and accepting the offer to heal with an open heart. This is the peace offered to us from Heaven that we were all meant to accept and receive unconditionally, realizing there is nothing to fear.

Bio for Judi Lynch

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, spiritual adviser, healing energy channel, author and teacher. She is the co-founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity. Her book “Friends with Lights, A True Story” is available on Amazon; A featured columnist for OM Times Magazine, she has read for clients all over the world.

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