Feeling Overwhelmed?~ Here’s a quick tip !~ By STAR

8108949491?profile=originalFeeling Overwhelmed?~ Here’s a quick tip!~

By Sitara Ansari, B.A Hons


Often during a day one can be swamped with a ~feeling~ of overwhelmingness!

  • It’s important to remember that a feeling of being overwhelmed is your inner self indicator that something is out of balance within you!

  • Secondly it points to the fact that you are in that moment, disallowing your full access to well-being, balance, and self care.


In that moment, its important you RELAX, FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING, and LET GO!


Slowly you will feel better… and more liberated, as you let go!

What happens next is that your vibration increases and the universe/god force aligns up a beautiful energy so that new, expansive ways of BEING will come naturally to you.

You may find that as a result, new opportunities come to aid you where you once felt despair, lack or limited.

This is the beauty of Life and Creation!

Life is meant to be a joyous experience and bountiful in all ways!

Enjoy it! <3 Star!


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