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I received reports from three people today who are having a similar experience, which means there will be more of you faced with it in the near future.


I received reports from three people today who are having a similar experience, which means there will be more of you faced with it in the near future.

If you are not having any of the Ascension Symptoms, this means you need to start working with someone who can teach you how to become activated. The activation begins with activating the DNA. If you don't have symptoms of the DNA activating, you need to seek a new formula. I am Dr. Barnett. I am the DNA DOCTOR. I create the Formula of DNA activation needed for your specific Eternal Life Plan. I spend months and years with my patients after they purchase their ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM which includes the frequency alignments needed to heal all of the Seals that are blocking the braiding of the DNA. I work specifically on the morphogenetic connection of the individual with their entire 144 incarnational family on each dimension, because this is needed for the true Mass Ascension. We are actually reconnecting our consciousness with our Multi Dimensional Selves throughout the Angelic Race Line.

When patients begin their ETERNAL LIFE DNA activations, they usually have a very pleasant enlightening experience of immediately seeing into multiple reality fields that they couldn't see before. There are many positive aspects to DNA activation. There is an immediate expansion of consciousness that allows one to begin seeing things in a different way, in a broader perspective. They begin expanding consciousness every day, and sometimes every minute. The body also begins changing because each time there is another Frozen Seal melted, there are etheric blood crystals bursting through the old blood based on the h2o water chemical structure. The new blood crystals are based on the h2o2HE3 spritiual chemical structure of water based particles. This begins the transformation of the body from the inside, which reflects in the health of the body.

drabarnett54@gmail.com or


However, when the transformation begins, there are side effects in the body. There are little aches and pains that have no reason. There are back aches, head aches, stomach aches. These are all related to the actualy chemical structure of the body changing. There are back aches caused by the realignment of the template of the body into the new 22.5 degree shift that is needed to morph into alignment with Inner Earth.

There also many parts of the DNA activation that are frightening because each time a frozen seal is melted, another pandora box of cellular memory is released. These ideas in the pandora boxes might include fear, hate, jealousy, heart ache, and millions of other IDEAS that have been trapped in the old THINKING BRAIN during this life time and in the deep cellular memory for millions of life times.

One must transmute all of the old memory before
a new reality can be manifest.

The new reality can be the reality of Eternal Life if one learns how to completely clear the memory of every cell in the body and transmute them with light to remove all of the old memories.

After that I provide other methods to train and activate the Mid Brain to transfer the thinking patterns from the Thinking Brain into the Mind of God.

At this point the patient will need to expand their listening from only using the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM to utilizing the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS SETS to fully activate the Spiritual Waters of the Plasma Body, and to learn to activate the Synaptic Cleffs to Fire a New Reality.

I recommend the entire Dolphin Therapy Kit-- Heavenly Dolphins, Magic dolphins and Cosmic Dolphins to keep the Joy and Harmony present during the Ascension Process.

I recommend the 12 DNA Activation--for the 12 subharmonics in both pairs of the spiritual and physical templates-- actually 48 subharmonics per DNA strand, Merkaba Manifestation, and the Complete Perfect DNA Infusion to provide more etheric tuning and clearing of the Seals. These remove the mutations and errors in the Chakras and the Flow Centers in the Body. The Ecstazee Album was created to Melt those Seals between the DNA.

Most recently, I will be providing an album called the ADVANCED DNA ACTIVATION CD that contains the GOD LANGUAGE sung to Christmas Melodies. I created this one for those who would like to continue their work with the God Language-- in order to activate the memory of the TELEPATHIC COMMUNCATION PATTERNS WITH ALL DIMENSIONS.

PLUS- it is a gorgeous CD that can be presented as a Christmas Gift to those that you wish to TUNE IN to the Mind of God and the Frequencies of Mass Ascension. Those people that you love so much, but they would never listen to New Age type music. The songs on this album are sung to Christmas Melodies, so it will be easier to share as background music at a Christmas party. And these songs contain much more than just the God Language, they contain all of the other activations as well.

When the DNA is activating, the seals that are melting are the seals associated with the DNA strand that is activating, and the memories of the old cellular memories that are coming to the surface to be transmutted with light energy.

The reason that there would be FEAR BASED dreams and DEATH BASED dreams are because that would mean there is activation going on in the DNA that has those problems associated with them.

For instance, the Death Seal is actually a seal placed on the sixth subharmonic strand of the first second and third DNA. If the seals are melting away in those areas, there would be dreams about death surfacing that seem very real because they are in your cellular memory. We all have memories of death in our cellular memory.

Let's look at each of the DNA STRANDS to see what is in the pandora box of each one.

The first DNA  is connected to Eating, the second is connected to Sex, the third is connected to Social Beliefs-- that means just about everything-- everything that you believe is true in your culture-- the fourth is heart related-- Love issues of all sorts-- with your mother, your friends, old loves, even your past pets, even though the sixth subharmonics of the 1,2,3 are the death seals, the true Eternal Life DNA is the 5th.

So, if you are having problems with education, religion, all social beliefs in the culture, in the media, all of your foundational beliefs-- your 3rd DNA strand is having the seals melted between it and the 4th dna. If you are having problems with FEAR it is also the Control Element of the Third DNA. However, the activation of the 4th DNA also brings up the issues of Love as it relates to Death.

When you face these ideas in your dreams, you are being given the opportunity to take a huge step forward in your ascension.

I was faced with a dream a few months ago where I was able to control the fear and change the dream.
The dream was that I was being attacked by thousands of warriors. I was a Princess. There were all of these warriors fighting me to take my throne away. I chose to set my sword down and walk out of the room.

When I did that I was crowned Queen of the Fifth Dimension. And then I looked back and saw that the fight was going on in the FOURTH DIMENSION. I didn't want to be Queen of the Fourth Dimension.

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