Father God: Further Truths Unveiled

Father God:

Dear Kathryn, I'm going to tell you some things that you might not want to pass on in the message, but I ask you to continue giving the information as we give it to you, even if it might be a bit inconvenient or difficult for you. It is the contract we have had, and it has always worked out for the best, has it not? You know how much we love you, and you have always trusted in our Truth, even when it was a test of your stamina, or your Faith.

We have many important messages to give to the world now, and we like to send them through you when they have a deep psychological meaning, because of your many years of training and your work with Sanat Kumara.

Now, let us continue with the news and information for the world. We want you all to be aware of a certain unfolding of a story line which we believe you will want to understand. It has to do with the information I gave to you about Hollow Earth when I was channeling through another. I want you to know that there was a very important reason for presenting the information I gave at the time; we were deeply involved in a sting operation with the cabal regarding the currency revaluation, and I wished to get the information out about the blessings for Lightworkers to a large audience.

The RV is a very important part of the transition to the new and glorious world we have coming. So is the healing information which Kathryn and Sananda have now carried forward to help thousands of people in their preparation for Ascension. Your Ascension is paramount for us, and we want to reach as many people as possible to help them raise their vibration and reach their highest potential.

Some time ago on the Hollow Earth calls, I announced that Zorra was really Father God, the one you have been reading messages from all along through Kathryn, in her collection we call "When God Pinched My Toe". I realized that I would sound very different when I was channeled on the Hollow Earth calls through the one we call Billie, and so I adopted the name Zorra in order to create a more friendly and approachable atmosphere so that people could get to know me. It was very successful for a while; we had a good time, and I was able to get across much important information.

When the channel and co-host turned on Kathryn with unbridled venom because she had channeled Sananda saying he no longer recommended the supplements they were actively selling, everything changed. It had been our joint agreement to drop the supplements because the companies which produced them had not yet conformed to the changes we asked for them to make in the formulas and packaging. Since I was not able to get the information through my channel, I asked Sananda to do it. We had hoped that a drop in sales would convince them to make improvements in their products.

Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to carry that through because of the sudden and complete rejection of Kathryn as a channel, and the campaign to discredit her which goes on to this day. We are dismayed by this unethical behavior. Because of it I discontinued the messages through them. We do not use any channel who participates in unethical or negative behavior after they have been clearly warned, as they were. We regret having to tell you this news, but it is important that you know that it is I, Father God, who was the energy behind Zorra, and that I am no longer.

The abrupt change did not allow me to gradually phase out the Zorra calls, which was my intention, and to discontinue using the channel, who had difficulty transmitting my feelings of Love toward all of you. We had planned to continue using Kathryn, and I would have simply continued to use my true identity, as I have done in these messages. When I announced that Zorra would be retired, it was not a popular decision, because many people liked the homey atmosphere and my charming (if I do say so) accent, but I did not hide the fact that I was not Zorra from Hollow Earth, but Father God.

Of course, the implications were far-reaching. As Father God, I see all of humankind as my children, even through all of you were created with the energy and intention of Creator. I intended to tell this story, but was not able to do so, and so it remains untold. I will correct some of that here. I will not include the personal information concerning the Hollow Earth people, since it would go against Kathryn's wish to stay outside the personal mud-slinging campaign by not discussing it. I will leave that to them to reveal when they are ready to address Truth. We are working with their Higher Selves to encourage this, since we never abandon our beloved children, no matter how far they may stray.

You have now heard the story of your history through Serapis Bey and St. Germain. These accounts are absolutely true. So, you see, the human beings on Earth are not directly the children of Mother and Father God, but were created for the purpose of inhabiting our beloved Terra, which was our creation. The Milky Way Galaxy was created by us, under the watchful eyes and unending Love of Creator. We knew when we created Terra that she was to be the center of what would become the monumental struggle between Light and dark. We have had an intimate connection and special interest in all that was designed and carried out under our "watch," and we continue to be involved in your Ascension process.

All of this may have been obvious to you. Now, here is the part that may cause some puzzlement and consternation for many. The picture I painted of Hollow Earth - the peaceful, advanced civilization, the careful use of resources, the love of the land, the gentle weather and loving people - all was designed to give you a clear Vision of the kind of life you will establish on Planet Earth during the New Golden Age, with enough non-specifics to allow for the creativity and imagination of humankind in action.

You see, the Agarthans of Inner Earth are a true group of beings inhabiting Earth unseen. In order to allow them to remain protected, considering their close proximity to the surface, we devised the concept of Hollow Earth to allow the story to be told without endangering the Inner Earth people, whose leader and spokesperson is Adama. By showing entrances only at the poles, we were able to be fairly certain that the folks on our calls would not go in search of the openings, and we could present the Vision as something you could live with day by day, and become so familiar with it that it would be easier for you to create your own idyllic civilization after our description.

Now, those of you who were followers will have many questions. I ask you not to bombard Kathryn with detailed questions about who said what and why. She was completely unaware of our plan to use the Hollow Earth format to make ourselves more accessible to you, but her Higher Self worked with us closely during the entire process. She is just now learning, with you, about the master plan which was prematurely thwarted when the "Hollow Earth" people abruptly went their separate ways, refusing to even speak to Kathryn about their concerns or angry feelings.

We have often, through the ages, presented to humankind a scenario which you could use as a template to help you envision a way out of the dark propaganda and brain-washing which was so intensely applied by the dark ones. It is sometimes necessary to create a Vision for you, to help you manifest what you have planned for and worked toward for eons. We have seen this work for you in other instances, to help you raise yourselves above your current state. This was our intention in creating Hollow Earth. We have given the information through other channels as well, to reinforce the Vision.

You see, from our point of view we can see the creation you intend to manifest and we can describe it to you. This is our way of giving you an extra boost, by showing you that your dreams have already manifested somewhere in the Universe. You will see the actual manifestation you have created when you Ascend, although it will be in a slightly different form and place. So, in Truth, there is a Hollow Earth/Eden for you. It is just not inside the version of Terra you are now aware of.

Do not allow yourself to be caught up in confusion or resentment by thinking we "lied" to you by dramatizing your dreams. Instead, please enjoy the Vision of your magnificent future which we created together. You have seen it with me, savored the pleasures it holds, and manifested its existence in the process.

Many will wonder about the story of Admiral Byrd and his encounter with Hollow Earth beings. We will tell you now how his visit was accomplished. It was a mixture of real events and holographic images placed in their minds during the visit to Inner Earth, just as your Higher Self often may create images for your enlightenment during your dream time. We did take his plane and crew into the Earth, and he did meet with the Agarthans, and they did send him with the message to give to the surface world that nuclear development and war must stop.

However, again to protect the Inner Earth civilization, which Admiral Byrd would have immediately tried to rediscover, we added the images which would throw him off track should he organize future expeditions (which he did). I assure you he has forgiven us the minor editing when he discovered the reason, as I hope you will all see as necessary.

The great library of Porthologos is indeed in Inner Earth, under the protection of the Agarthans; you will also be treated to the experience of visiting it if you wish to ask me to take you there. You will also learn all about it when you Ascend.

I act out of love and devotion toward all of you and all the sentient beings on Earth. Mother God and I have been working with you to support you in your campaign to raise your vibrations and clear away all old thought forms and habits of living in preparation for your Ascension. It is our greatest pleasure to take your hand and show you the way through the darkness.

Along with the Vision of your Golden Age, I was able to give you much information which was true and relevant for the time as we approached the RV and the historic shift which is now under way. I was glad for the chance to offer a wider view of the Universe than you were being presented on your mainstream media. All will unfold as I have described.

I will continue to speak with you through this channel, as I told the Hollow Earth community I would do, and the Company of Heaven will also expand their channeling whenever they find others, in all languages, who will reliably report our feelings and words. You are beginning to understand how we work as a team, all aware of all others, all in harmony with one another as we work to bring you the most inspiring messages we can, given the conditions available to us at any given time.

If you find what you might think are discrepancies in our messages, I assure you it is either simply because we are presenting another facet of the same Truth, or we have agreed to offer the information in a step-by-step process, in which case the timing of the messages would be relevant. This is also why we must now ask you to leave behind much of what passes as "religion," because it was from a former era, and the part which is still very relevant is just one teaching: Love is all there is in the Universe. Everything else is illusory.

It was with great courage that you descended into lower vibrations - all of you - with the mission to turn darkness into Light, to follow the lead of you Creator and us in the intention to convince the dark ones to come to the Light. This process continues, as we have described to you over the past few years in relation to the Revaluation of currencies and the establishment of NESARA law. It is delicately nuanced and more complex than anything you can imagine, and you have done your parts, often unaware that others around you were also playing out their roles as integral players in the success of the Grand Plan.

You have won your freedom. The Archons are gone, as you have been told. You are now in the final stages of the "clean-up" which requires that you heal the battle scars and the dark thinking which is the residue in your own minds of the long struggle.

Lift your sights, Beloved Ones. We have great fun and celebrations ahead. You have faithfully fulfilled your labor of love through many lifetimes. You will be amazed when you learn of the twists and turns, the immense challenges you have taken on, and the position you are now relative to where you have been. Soon, all your questions, large and small, will be answered, and you will be delighted.

Now it is time to shake off old concepts of individual freedoms and indulgences as your birthright. Your true birthright is to raise yourselves to higher levels of group consciousness, endless Love, Compassion, Joy and dedication to the Greater Good. In that, we are One.

I wish you great Happiness, clear sailing, and peace.

I am your Father God, the one you have known as Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, Zorra and Ra, depending on the language and culture. I am with you always, in endless Love.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 16, 2014, 11 PM, New York

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