Hello Everyone! Get your tea or coffee because this is a long one! Please read itthrough.
I'm soooo in love at this moment! I sooooo love how the truth comes out, and how it growsand people begin to put the bigger pieces of the puzzle together!
In this is a great and beautiful Apocolypse": An Apocalypse(Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or"revelation") is a disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hiddenfrom the majority of mankind."
And further about this ''veil'' is the scar tissue that lies between the two hemispheres ofthe brain, causing the separation of the balanced functioning of the two halvesworking TOGETHER.....BY NONE OTHER THAN GENETIC MANIUPLATION BY THESE ''othernefarious beings'' for the purpose of keeping Humanity locked into the onereptilian brain instinctual survival model which is plain to see in society asevery single ''authority figure" all over this planet is this reptiliandominator male masquerading as a human being! As described below briefly keeps aperson out of the truth of who they are and locked into the material worlds andthus a perfect slave to those who have manipulated this.
And which this video demonstrates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXyp9p1UDPg
The ''veil'' is the corpus callosum; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_callosum"The corpus callosum (Latin: tough body) is a structureof the mammalianbrain in thelongitudinal fissure that connects the left and right cerebralhemispheres. It facilitates communication between the twohemispheres.
Time magazine was reported to state in 1992 that the corpus callosum is "Often wider in thebrains of women than in those of men, it may allow for greater cross-talkbetween the hemispheres—possibly the basis for women’sintuition."
This corpus callosum is mostly ''Scar tissue'' in its texture......why? It was damaged/manipulated genetically.....it exists within the human but isonly scar tissue. It effectively keeps the reptilian side active and dominant.
One may only begin to see why the Feminine side of the brain or the Right side has beenthe single and only factor that has kept humanity alive at all on this planet,is that the Females of this Earth have NOT run rampant in their killing spreesof all life forms as do the males who are severely disconnected from theworkings of the right side and of their compassionate natures and love for allliving things, and indeed this is encouraged in the dark institutions of school,churches, science dogma....etc etc etc....all male creations...which are lockedinto only material limitations and high ignorance. Who would do this? How didour brains become this way? How did this separatism of our brains come to be?
The reptilian brain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reptilian_complex "The R(reptilian)-complex is responsible for rage and basicsurvival fight-or-flight responses.[6][dubious – discuss][not in citation given]Often, the R-Complex can override the more rational function of the Brain andresult in unpredictable, primitive behavior in even the most sentient ofcreatures, humans included. A well developed and healthy NEo-cortex can MonitorR-Complex activity in sentient beings. The Reptilian complex is the most ancientpart of a very successful brain scheme, evolutionarilyspeaking."
This survival is handled from a binary system: ''fight/flight response". It doesn'tlearn from the mistakes. It doesn't;' have the capability of feeling orthinking....its function is to act. When the reptile is activated, it has totalpriority on both other brains. Ever wonder why your man doesn't seem to hearyou? Or doesn't understand you? Or why policemen, bureaucrats, priests,government agents, authority figures, scientists, and all male creationsespecially military are so self serving throughout human history? They havebecome a slave to the reptilian brain, and have shut off their humancapabilities. It is the super ego.....it is neurotic in its close mindedness anddoes not allow for development which explains the males incessant and constantwars on this planet without ceasing. It is cold and rigid....as can be clearlynoted when speaking to the majority of any male ''authority'' figure on theplanet. It makes them hierarchical and aggressive. They have no clue what themeaning of ''cooperation'' means.....not the reptilian thinker. It is how theycan kill.
It is important for people to know the basics about the reptilian brain because it (a) reveals where the character and attitudes of theIlluminati come from and (b) how and why we are manipulated mentally andemotionally in the way that we are through television and other imagery. It isto do with the manipulation of the reptilian part of the human brain.

First and foremost among the traits generated through the reptilian brain is the drive to establish and defend territory. This is fueledby an extremely potent "will-to-power", exemplified among lizards by the ritualbehavior of two rainbow lizards competing for dominance. These animals havebeautiful colors and like many lizards, use headbobbing and pushups inassertive, aggressive, courtship and greeting displays. In a contest, once thegauntlet is thrown down, the aggressive displays give way to violent combat, andthe struggle is unrelenting. In victory, they are tyrannical dictators in theextreme. In defeat, they lose their majestic colors, lapse into a kind ofdepression, and die two weeks later.

(This is classic Illuminati behaviour. Fighting eachother and humanity to the death to impose their will and dominance. Winner takesit all)

At least five human behaviors originate in the reptilianbrain. These have been denoted as isopraxic, preservative, re-enactment,tropistic, and deceptive. Without defining them, I shall simply say that inhuman activities they find expression in:

  • Obsessive-compulsive behavior

  • Personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts

  • Slavish conformance to old ways of doing things

  • Ceremonial re-enactments

  • Obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters

  • Responding to partial representations (coloration, "strangeness," etc.), whether alive or inanimate

  • And all manner of deception

Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille: "It's absolutely crucial to understand what I call "thereptilian hot button." My theory is very simple......
Thereptilian always win. I don't care what you're going totell me intellectually, give me the reptilian."

You can google more online for information on these reptilian/mammalian aspects of thebrain for yourselves and see the diagram and what David says below. OBSERVE WHOin our society exhibits this behavior consistently.
David Icke's article below sums up perfectly what I have not been able to articulate.And this man being such a wildly public figure is more accepted in this kind ofmessage.
I agree with this summary of events of the world and the comparison of the AVATAR moviewith all my Being, as I see it myself, and thought it quite obvious, yet inspeaking with a few people who have seen this movie, they only saw a wild andcool fantasy movie that had a ''positive'' message !!
This movie is far more than that and David explains it sooo succinctly and am passing it onto many here.
Yes, the right brain, and that which has also been termed the Feminine side of the brain,of intuition, caring and connectivity to all living things IS THE MESSAGE.....it is the part that is PLUGGED IN TO ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE IN THECOSMOS....planet Earth has no clue of the magnitude of this deception of leftbrained dominance on this planet.....it has been such a wide reaching and farreaching parasite that one had no idea they were living inside the parasite atall and that the host was Mother Earth. Humans have been the single cells asindividuals of this parasite, and as a whole of humanity, the cancer of theEarth. Sorry, but its the truth. Those who lived lives from the Heart and lovedLife and the Earth are of course ''plugged in'' and not part of the reptilianmadness nor dominated by it. But look to those who are reptilian dominated andwhich species has created that institution.....and see foryourselves.
The Shift of the Ages and changes will be both, the Enlightenment of who we truly are, theun''veiling'' and revealing of the ''veil'' that separates our two halves of thebrain.
I'm trying to articulate how this ties in with the Anastasia series, which I hold to be thetrue Bible of our time of Apocalypse, or the Great Revealing......is that as shesays, we were created perfectly from the beginning as a Loving Creator woulddo!...and that something happened along the way, which is not described indetail, as Anastasia doesn't focus on the problem, but spends her teachings onthe solutions......of what could bring us BACK to the perfection in which wewere created which is our connectivity to the Earth and Love forLife!
It is the very HUMANE qualities of the Blue Skinned peoples in AVATAR which people shouldrelate to in watching that movie, as who they really are.....and NOT themonsters of the military men and corporate men and all their madness.
I will note here, that the one who refused to destroy the forest with the push ofa red button.....was INDEED NONE OTHER THAN A WOMAN......who refused to destroythe BEAUTY OF THE FOREST AND PEOPLE, and who declared in her sanity and compassion forLife......
And I will second that loud and clear people ! I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS REPTILIAN SHIT EITHER !!
Please everyone take note of AND READ with great attention and contemplation thissimple and short article below written by a man I wish I could hug personally,and know and feel the truth of it.
Whilst the left/right brain descriptions don't' adequately describe the depth and scope ofwhat has indeed been done to HUMANITY and what therefore humanity has done inturn to Life, as represented by the blue skinned NaVi.........begin to feel thefeelings within yourselves and connect with the right brain/the Feminine sidewhich will bring great balance and coherence and much Beauty into your lives andneurons and invisible energy fields !! There are no words to describe what ishappening when one delves into and lives from the right side, the Feminine sideof the brain with its connections to all other Life Fields.....and into theheart, and leave the mind which was originally created and designed to be theSERVANT of the HEART, and NOT the other way around, which has been the downfalland the condition of Humanity for eons now.
This is why......everyone tells you......get into YOUR HEART TO SURVIVE THESETIMES...... Find The WOMAN WITHIN YOURSELF AND MERGE WITH HER FOR YOUR SALVATIONAND PEACE.....and embrace THE MAGNETIC ENERGY and repel the ubiquitous and allencompassing ELECTRICAL ENERGIES of the masculine which has become nothing lessthan a cancer upon the LIFE OF HUMAN/EARTH/COSMOS/GOD ONENESS.
An AVATAR/Anunaki Apocalypse
Lady of the Woods
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Date: 2/4/2010 7:58:48 AM
Subject: Fascinating: David Icke's "Avatar/Anunaki" connection ....
Awesome to entertain the possibilities!

*Magic is alive and well .... remember we are the magi....so let us conjourconsciously

Subject: David Icke's"Avatar/Anunaki" Newsletter

Date: Friday, January 29, 2010, 6:50PM

Passing this along.....


I'd like to share with you a recent newsletter from David Icke that conveys a very interesting perspective about themovie, Avatar
, and the story ofthe Earth (in reverse) that it portrays.

While some of what David Ickewrites seems rather "out there," there is much food for thought and (rightbrain) reflection in this newsletter issue.

Normally, David Icke's newsletter is only available to those who have paid to subscribe to it.To subscribe, just "google" his name, and go to his web site.

Enjoy it,and if you like, share your thoughts and feelings with me about what David haswritten in it.

Many blessings of light and love...
To Life &Love!
PS: I also 'googled' for Project Camelot interview (on video) with David Icke, andfound it to be an exceptional dialogue & discussion with Kerry Cassidy &Bill Ryan on CONSCIOUSNESS & BECOMING HOLISTIC IN AWARENESS. You might wantto try it.

The David Icke Newsletter, January 24th, 2010



Hello all ...

I don't go to see films very much, but I have been to watch the much-hyped James Cameronmovie, Avatar, and I am glad I did.

I thought it was excellent andthe animation and special effects were cutting edge, but what interested me mostis that it basically tells the story of what has happened on Earth - albeit backto front.

The plot, which takes place in the year 2154, involves a people with blue skin and lion-type noses who are native toPandora, 'a moon of the gas giant, Polyphemus, which orbits Alpha Centauri A'.They live in total harmony with their environment and they know that everythingis connected and part of a unified Consciousness.

The trees and plant life of Pandora have formed electrochemical connections between the roots which act asneurons to form a sentient planet-wide 'brain', or Consciousness. The bluepeople, called the 'Na'vi', have their own 'root connectors' which allow them to'plug in', through plants and trees, to this network of 'Oneness'.

But then the humans arrive with their advanced technology. They are administrators and soldiers representing the RDAcorporation which wants to mine Pandora for an extremely valuable ore called'unobtainium' (the dictionary definition of this word is 'a humorouscolloquialism that refers to any extremely rare, costly, or physicallyimpossible material needed to fulfil a given design for a given application').

The humans set up a sealed base to protect themselves from what is to them the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora.When they are not in the base or their flying craft they have to wear masks tobreathe.

Some of the humans are able to mingle with the Na'vi for purposes of manipulation thanks to genetically-engineeredNa'vi bodies which they technologically 'possess'.

One human, a former Marine called Jake Sully, agrees to be part of this infiltration because he is geneticallycompatible with a Na'vi body that had been specially made for his late brother.These human-Na'vi DNA hybrids are called avatars.

Jake, however, falls in love with a Na'vi woman and with the lifestyle in general, and a battle ensues in which hehelps to drive out the other humans, but not before they have destroyed theNa'vi's communal home which was located on the unobtainium deposits that thehumans had come to mine.

I knew nothing about the movie or the plot when I arrived at the cinema, I just felt compelled to go. But it soonbecame clear that I was watching - in theme - how the Earth and humanity werehijacked by the Reptilian race that I have written so extensively about.

My new book, due out in the spring, expands massively on this and so much more, thanks to the wealth of newinformation that has come my way in recent months. I am not writing or talkingabout this yet, because I want it to come out in one go, all dots connected, andnot in dribs and drabs.

But, for sure, the Avatar story captures the theme of the Reptilian takeover, whether James Cameron meant itthat way, or not.

To see this, you have to reverse the roles. The indigenous blue people are symbolic of humans on Earth aeons ago,and the humans that arrive on Pandora in search of the unobtainium are symbolicof the Reptilians who came here.

The ancient Sumerian Tablets, discovered in what is now called Iraq, say that a non-human race, the'Anunnaki', came to Earth to mine for gold in Africa, and the Tablets describehow they genetically-manipulated humans to be their worker-slaves. Evidence ofgold mining at least 100,000 years ago has been found in Africa.

Zulu legends also support this same theme and, together with ancient accounts from all over the world, they speak ofa 'Golden Age' when the whole Earth was lush and beautiful and the people livedin harmony with their environment.

There was no hunger or poverty because people lived off the plentiful fruits of the land and forests,especially the forests, which covered much of the planet. The weather was stableand there were no seasons, because the Earth spun on a different axis.

The planet was also encircled by a canopy of water in the high atmosphere that protected people from the harsh raysof the Sun, the Zulu legends say. As a result, there were no deserts and waterwas plentiful.

Then came the Reptilian intervention that brought geological and biological catastrophe to the Earth. Iexplain in the new book how this was done - it is quite a shocker.

Anyway, the water canopy was destroyed and this is biblically symbolised as the 40 days and 40 nights ofrain. The Earth moved on its axis and its relationship with the Sun dramaticallychanged to give us the four seasons.

The Earth's climate was transformed and so was human life. Forests were lost on a vast scale and deserts began to form.Plentiful food sources were destroyed in many places and life became a struggleto survive.

Reptilian geneticists created a new human to serve their interests and it is significant that human braincapacity increased for perhaps millions of years until about 200,000 years agowhen that suddenly stopped and began to reverse. It is in this same period thathumans began to look something like they do today.

The Avatar story also includes genetically-created Na'vi-human hybrids to infiltrate the Na'vi by looking likethey do. This is precisely what has happened on Earth with the Reptilians'possessing' the Reptilian-human hybrids that I have written about for so long.

These are the bloodlines that control the global secret society network and, through that, the governments,banks, corporations, media, military, 'education' and so on.

Crucial to human control has been to suppress activity in the right side of the brain, or atleast to stop it transmitting that activity, awareness and information to theleft side via the 'bridge' known as the corpus callosum.

The two hemispheres see reality in fundamentally different ways and this is expressed in the very differentperspectives of the humans and the blue-skinned Na'vi in the Avatarmovie.

The right-side of the brain connects us to 'out there', the infinite realms beyond the confines of the fivesenses and 'visible light' where everything is experienced as 'One'. The Na'virepresent an open right-brain which understands that everything is connected toeverything else.

Jill Bolte Taylor, an American brain scientist, experienced right-brain reality very powerfully when shesuffered a haemorrhage that stopped the left-side functioning -dominating - as it usually does. She was on an exercise machine when sherealised something very strange was happening:

'... it was as though my consciousness had shifted away from my normal perception of reality, where I'mthe person on the machine having the experience, to some esoteric space whereI'm witnessing myself having this experience. I look down at my arm and Irealize that I can no longer define the boundaries of my body. I can't definewhere I begin and where I end, because the atoms and the molecules of my armblended with the atoms and molecules of the wall. And all I could detect wasthis energy. Energy. And I'm asking myself, 'What is wrong with me, whatis going on?...

... 'And at first I was shocked to find myself inside of a silent mind. But then I was immediatelycaptivated by the magnificence of energy around me. And because I could nolonger identify the boundaries of my body, I felt enormous and expansive. I feltat one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful there.'

This is the limitless, unified 'world' that has been kept from us by the left-brain which dominates our senseof reality and entraps us in the five senses.

The symbolic soldiers guarding the entrance to the left-brain. Picture by Neil Hague (www.neilhague.com).

The left side of the brain is our 'this world' reality of language and structure, what passes for 'logic', and thegeneral 'physical' world perspective. It decodes information encoded in theenergetic fabric of our reality into sequence to give us the illusion of 'time'passing from 'past' to future', while the right-brain knows that there is onlythe eternal 'Now'.

The left hemisphere dominates especially in 'academics' and those who have passed through the 'higher' levelsof the sausage machine that is bravely called 'education'.

The whole global political and economic system is run by dark-suits trapped in left-brain reality. This is whywe live in a left-brain society and the right-brain perspective is ridiculed orcondemned as 'crazy'. The human invaders in Avatar personify thisleft-brain domination.

They have no appreciation or understanding of the interconnected harmony and mutual respect between theNa'vi, animals, trees and plants. It is just mumbo-jumbo to them. The humanslive in the 'real world' of physical 'apartness' with the philosophy ofsee-want-take. In this case, take the unobtainium.

If that means destroying the home and way of life of people who happen to live on the resource deposits that youwant to make your fortune, then so be it. What does it matter? They are justprimitive savages and we are only destroying a forest.

Who cares? Send the boys in.

The left-brain mentality has no empathy with the consequences for others of its actions, because empathy comesfrom making a connection to other expressions of life, be they people, trees,plants or animals, and putting yourself in their situation.

Left-brain prisoners can't do this when they are decoding everything as 'individual' with only 'space' in between. Theright-brain knows that there is no 'space in between' - only a single energeticfield that connects us all.

It is this sense of, and literal, connection between all apparently 'individual' form that gives us a sense ofempathy, the fail-safe system that prevents extreme behaviour and actions thatcause suffering for others.

Without empathy, anything goes, and the Reptilian manipulation has specifically set out to disconnect us fromright-brain reality to (a) stop us accessing far higher levels of awareness andintelligence, and (b) to suppress our sense of empathy.

You see this so clearly with those in the military that can pepper-bomb cities and fire missiles into civilian areasin the Gaza Strip without any emotional consequences for themselves over thedeath, destruction and suffering that they cause.

Once people are stripped of empathy they become robotic machines without feeling or compassion and so much militarytraining is designed to do just that. So it is with the dark suits whomanipulate and declare the wars and devastate the economies of target countriesin places like Africa to line their own pockets.

The humans in Avatar are just like this, apart from the very few who 'turned' eventually. To theleft-brain mentality (a village idiot compared with the right), it was all sosimple.

We want the resources to make lots of money and those primitive blue people are living on top of them andwon't move. No problem, scramble the aircraft and let 'em 'ave it. Theleft-brain, to use a quote from the British writer, Oscar Wilde, knows the priceof everything and the value of nothing.

Look around, it's the world we live in.

The genetic and other manipulation has turned most of humanity into a terminal of the Reptilian hivemind, something I explain in great detail in the new book. Humans havebecome their oppressors in mind and mentality - just as they were meantto.

Or, at least, great swathes of them have. Others still have significant access to right-brain reality and theirranks are growing by the day as the awakening of human consciousnesscontinues.

When I say 'awakening', I don't mean that just the awareness of a conspiracy is confirmation that someone hasopened the channels to the right-brain and 'out there'. The conspiracy researcharena is overwhelmingly a left-brain phenomenon. This is not a criticism, justan observation, and quite an obvious one when you look at it.

As you open the left-brain and the corpus callosum to right-brain information, awareness and perspective, it isyour entire sense of self and reality that changes.

You are not the same person that you were before who has simply realised that a global conspiracy is going on. Youare nothing like the person you were before. The game has changed, andthe values and perspective of self and life are transformed.

In Avatar, the human (Reptilian) invaders are ousted from Pandora in a massive battle. It is anaction-movie, so I guess they feel it necessary to have a technological andbiological punch-up as the humans employ their advanced weaponry against theNa'vi's knowledge of their environment and their connection with the animalsthat stampede in their support and the dragon-like creatures on which theyfly.

But we don't need violence to set us free. We need to open the right-side of the brain and reconnect with our trueand infinite potential. Everything else comes from that. The manipulators havenot worked so hard to close down that connection because it is a bit offun.

They have done so because it is absolutely crucial - prime - to their ability to control. They are terrifiedthat we will wake up and access that fantastic potential.

Put another way, left-brain or right? Or, even better, a balance of both

People who have experienced damage to the left brain have suddenly manifested extraordinary, or what we would call'super-human' abilities, as the potential of the right brain is unlocked.

But they are not 'super-human'; they are 'natural human' who have been able to break the 'firewalls' imposed upon'suppressed human'. Incredible feats of mathematics, memory and other'miraculous' skills are performed by even young children once damage has reducedthe limiting-influence of the left-brain.

Many of them are known as 'savants', children who have an amazing skill or skills while also having developmentalproblems, 'mental retardation', brain injury or disease. Around half of theseso-called 'savants' have autism.

They are accessing brain potentials that are dormant in the vast majority because of the Reptilian manipulation,and, therefore, they not only have incredible abilities, but often find it hardto function within left-brain society.

It seems to me that part of the problem is that when the right brain really opens, the left-brain can have itsreality-circuits busted and can't cope with that level of perception and energy.

Stephen Wiltshire, an 'autistic savant' in the UK, is a wonderful example of their extraordinary 'gifts'. He was takenon a helicopter ride over London at the age of twelve for a BBC documentary in1987 and was allowed to take no notes or photographs, not that he wanted to, orneeded to.

He then proceeded to produce an amazingly accurate drawing of the city, as it looks from the air, and includedmore than 200 buildings - some of which had hundreds of windows accuratelyportrayed even though he didn't have the ability to count because of his autism.

Stephen Wiltshire today

It was all done purely from memory and he later did the same in Rome. You can see Stephen's work at www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk.

Daniel Tammet, another British 'autistic savant', can do mathematical calculations at computer-like speeds andcan speak seven languages (at the last count). He learned Icelandic in a weekand his language teacher described him as a 'genius' and 'not human'.

Oh, but he is very human - the human the Reptilians and their bloodlines are desperately trying tosuppress, because they know that their game is up once we access even a fractionof who we really are.

That moment is getting closer ever day.
That's it... see you next week ...

best wishes,

"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them." ~ AlbertEinstein

"Come up higher...out of separation consciousness to OnenessConsciousness/Awareness. All is ONE in the Body of Creator, the Body of Lightand Sound vibration of Pure Love/Adamantine Particles/Quantum Physics, existingeverywhere in universal space. Leave beliefs in separation, scarcity,limitation and lack behind. We are of divine origin. We are ONE. ~ Taylor"Joy" Hunt Germain

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  • Interesting!
    So i think i will rename my neurological car crash damages in my left side of the brain....From now an on it is a blessing:-)
    And Yes i have since the accident 2004, impoved my "specialskills"such as remote wieving, canalisations and awearness among others.
  • Ever wonder why scientists refer to the human brains parts, the "Control Center" as being the ''reptilian brain and the mammalian brain" ??
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