Did the eclipse show us that the world we live in is not what we were told? Some have wondered if it was Nibiru or Planet X, Yes, no, and possibly.

It’s a phenomenal time to bear witness to the greatest show on Earth/Terra.

The assault on the dark—The Storm—is wreaking havoc like a wrecking ball on the dark’s construct and all their systems of control.

The Commander-in-Chief keeps us in the loop—if we’re tuned in to the comms. If not, we have a translation for his address at this link on Telegram which I can’t reproduce here, sorry.

Translation:   I Donald Trump have made moves and signed orders so that we can put the government on pause.

During this period, we will run a multi layered psyop for multiple reasons.

Our country was infiltrated. Our citizens were divided and lulled into slavery.

To correct these issues, we have written a story and produced a show/cover story.

The show will allow the American people to see what we were up against and, in turn, weoponizing the people… all while saving the kids, revamping the financial system, and derooting corruption of every form globally.

We are 100% reaching the precipice. It is time.

It had to be this way.  And it’s glorious.  What a time to be alive.


E the Friend knows The Plan:

Stage 1- The Great Awakening.

Stage 2- The Great Reckoning.


Some great citizen journalism surfaced during the eclipse. What did we ever do before social media?


Did the eclipse show us that the world we live in is not what we were told? Yes, no, and possibly.

Sparkles, an anomalous and unverifiable offshoot, perhaps. There may be those who have a solid connection to that and find it a good confirmation. Sparkles… light… plasma bubbles… effervescence… usually a good thing.

But—some are speaking of a serious aerial spraying operation during the eclipse. What were they doing? See the TikTok video at the link below.

These sparkles just appeared after the solar eclipse. Can anyone explain?! #solareclipse #cern #alien #sparkly ∇∆

Eclipse Anomalies

What is real? What is “the false matrix”? What is the real matrix? We must have a seriously distorted concept of reality if they have to go this slowly to reveal it to us.

Below is what they’re calling a “wild glitch in the matrix”. Some would consider that an understatement—but more confirmation we don’t live in the world we believe. I don’t think that’s a dirigible. I recall a few years ago seeing another similar anomaly with what looked to be a commercial jet suspended, frozen, in mid-air with zero forward momentum. Link to Telegram.

Or from Twitter/X.


This video clip went viral, of course, taken over Texas. We now have Kab’s intel offering on that for consideration.


Did you see the X post from Elon during the eclipse? Is this meant to show us the “hole at the pole”? He is masterful in revealing incredible truths by saying almost nothing, isn’t he? Watch.


Well before the eclipse the high strangeness was already on display. Sarge shows us the spectacular “moon discharge” on April 2, which it seems was captured in Nashville, TN. It’s quite remarkable and a clear indicator that that ol’ hunk of Swiss cheese up there is hardly what we were told. Just another part of the engineered construct.


If you have the eclipse all figured out, watch the following. It might be back to the drawing board for you after this interesting stuff from Sarge.

It’s odd but when watching his video of the darkness covering the disc, for a second it was almost like being down in Inner Earth, looking up through that hole Elon was showing us, and seeing the movement of the heavenly body passing over the polar opening—in the dome? A momentary sensation.

Some have wondered if it was Nibiru or Planet X, which we believe we have recorded on the FAA cams in Alaska many times as it approaches the sun. 21 min.


Kerry K’s simplified eclipse follow-up video tells us the three main components coming together to vie for power during the celestial dance on April 8—and the result. 19 min.

It’s all good, folks. I hope you didn’t invest much energy in the hype and hoopla. The Light is returning quickly to our realm and the dark, rapidly receding. As Kerry said, the quantum nature of our new world has unimagined synergistic effects taking the assault on evil to the power of—what—ten? A thousand? A million? We are limited only by our own perceived restrictions. “Expand your thinking”, Q said.

I found this post-ecliptic synopsis resonated. Link to Telegram.


TRUST. KNOW. > We now move forward in our perfect journey of TRANSCENDENCE!!!

This Eclipse delivers sudden, positive & much-needed change > it brings destined & magical experience & outcomes.

Expect plot twists, chance encounters & miraculous breakthru’s.

Heightened emotions & sensitivity are reaching a peak as a result of this intense & unpredictable energy.

This is an energetic reset, marking a turning point & the beginning of a new reality, as we shed anything that blocks our progress.

We no longer tolerate harmful dynamics >
they will be eclipsed out of our lives.

Despite its intensity, this energy will bring outcomes far beyond our imagination & the impact will be felt deeply for the next 2 weeks & shape our lives for months to come.

Trust the process & remain hydrated & grounded > it’s going to be a wild & rocky ride.

Anything can happen >



Continue to RISE.


And now back to our regularly scheduled programming—not that our readers are programmed but we can all using a little “re-programming”, right?

The war is getting colourful.

You may have heard Sarge’s recent reference to “red hats”, which he has not received any intel or confirmation on as of that moon discharge video above, however Real Raw News has an interesting take on it.

For those unaware, there are the “official channels” cleared to take down the cabal, cleanse the planet, and liberate Humanity, but since it has been such a long, exhausting, and circuitous route, it’s only natural that a few outside, very capable vigilante-style groups would take matters into their own hands.

Whatever it takes, whatever has to be done, whatever laws and ethics have to be abandoned and heads turned the other way, it’s no quarter with Humanity in this war. We are not stopping, slowing down, backing off, tiring, reconsidering, weakening, and we take no prisoners.

The demonic forces destroying our civilization are under fire from all sides and have no hope of surviving. It’s a fight to the death, and we’ve made no bones about it. It’s us or them.

The relevance of this may connect dots for you. Was it the Red Hats? We don’t know. Does it matter? Link to Telegram.

CERN scientist is no more. ~ Shadow of Ezra

The public narrative…


I thought the Red Hat news interesting as well with respect to the fact that someone with some powerful influence has been silencing Dutchsinse and his information about predicting earthquakes. They don’t do it maliciously in the sense that Dutch or his family are harmed, but they do make life difficult for them and make it next to impossible for him to bring us the information he has verified over the years.

This is what Dutch said recently about the earthquakes and CERN. When Q says everything is connected, it rings true again and again. If it were the “Red Hat brigade”, it might make sense because they may have done just enough to protect their mission while “doing no harm” to an innocent patriot who figured out a few key things and ventured into their territory without clearance.

When bringing the beams into alignment and when doing beam dumps.. we’ve noticed a few things:

Bringing Beams into alignment = large earthquakes strike—– like Japan 2011, Nepal, Ecuador, Kyushu Japan, and New Zealand

Then CERN goes into shutdown (either temporary or long term) after the big quakes hit.

AND.. when doing beam dumps, deep earthquakes pop off on multiple points on the opposite side of the planet without any solar activity which normally causes such flare ups.

Both the beam alignment AND beam drops are causing earthquakes.

It could very well be that during beam alignment , they do beam dumps, in which case it is the beam dumps not the alignment causing the large quakes as well as the deep ones.

So, watch for beam dumps.


and here:

@DutchsinseFans – a fan group.

The enemy is falling every day. Karma’s a bitch.

Tore says reports the following on Telegram:

In early 2019 I publicly OPENED up the HUGE investigation I had been working on with ENRON considering I was “interning” at BEAR STEARNS when it happened. That lead to Householder arrest … and many more #ENERGY and MONEY were my thing.

Sam Randazzo, former chairman of PUCO indicted for taking bribes from FirstEnergy, found dead hanging by a rope… wonder what his TEXTS have revealed @GovMikeDeWine statute of limitation EXPIRES this year? Remember those texts.

Sam Randazzo, former top utility regulator accused of taking $4.3 million bribe, found dead

I thought Mike Adams did really well here, being enlightened and positive and all—which is such a departure for him because he likes to drill into the most negative, evil agendas he can find and show people the futility of living this dark existence as a Human on our plane[t].

The more intrepid among you might want to listen in as he exposes the latest revelations around what the psychopaths had planned for Humanity.

The eclipse passes, revealing a new era of clarity and undeniable truth
~ Mike Adams

The passing of the eclipse was hugely symbolic, as so much in the world right now is transitioning out of darkness and into the light, for all to see.

And a lot of what we are seeing is very, very ugly. We see a lot of depopulation lunatics, genocidal death cults, government deceptions, false influencers and more.

Today, I take you on a tour of some of the most profound issues that are now being brought into the full light… and the picture isn’t pretty.

[Here’s the link to that podcast—if you dare. Keep working on that positivity, Mike.]

Get the full broadcast today, plus my hard-hitting interview with an Orthodox Jew, in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News here.

We have another update from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich from jail in Germany and it is an uplifting one. He is grateful to everyone for the positive vibes, loving sentiments, and the ongoing physical presence in court proceedings. Video at the link below from the ICIC website. At least take in the first few minutes of the message from this intrepid champion of truth and justice launched into action after the Covid con. This is another warrior who leads by example. 18 min.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Statement Dr. Reiner Fuellmich April 5, 2024

We have learned of another bit of misinformation making the circuit and want to update the record since Derek Johnson has so kindly made the reality available.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was honest, authentic, in service to others, and reliable in their information? Until that happens we have to question everything and appreciate the course corrections we get.

There’s a post floating around (again) that made it to one of my colleagues by someone (with a blue check) trying to “tote the news” that probably should stick to toting water and see how they do with that, first.

The United States Army doesn’t “call people back” and tell them “report to service.”

Executive Order 13223 was amended by CIC DJT and yes Title 10 is mentioned in the EO, but that’s normal due to what it’s for.

Retirees of the Army can check the eligibility list and if they qualify, can find the forms to fill out and submit to be reinstated for (x) amount of time this Order is in place.

This is the official Army Publication of the Retiree Program that attaches to that EO:

This is why it’s important to listen to those who know the language and terminology of how Military pairs with Federal.

It’s more than just sharing, quoting, or even memorizing.

All those can only take you so far with an “audience” but when you cannot advance what precedes and follows – what was all that gain for?

Unless you’re frauding people with something that has no bearing on what’s taking place. 🚩

Be careful who you follow. This whole operation has receipts but they must be read by those who know exactly what they mean. 💯🐂🇺🇸

Executive Order 13323:

This is worth sharing again even if you have seen it before. The cold, hard facts aren’t negotiable. You can read on Twitter/X at the link below if you prefer. NESARA here we come!

Re-Post The Seized Assets Page on Treasury dot Gov is now 2453 PAGES!!!!

Make sure to save and share this link… These are the SEIZED ASSETS since President Trump signed the Executive Order in December 2017 that if anyone was involved in Human Trafficking or Corruption, their ASSETS WOULD BE SEIZED. treasury.gov/ofac/downloads…


Canada is struggling and “revolution” is tossed around as the possible only redress for the shocking Nazi / Commie tactics of their hijacked government. They are using similar tactics to the US politicians who pass massive bills thousands of pages long overnight and tell representatives they have to pass it to find out what’s in it.


In closing, a little humour in news from the asylum. Once you see, “The View”, you innerstand the source. I can’t wait to see what happens with the cicadas. I hope no one is going to do anything nasty to them. They’re just going to do what they’re instinctually programmed to do. Zing and mate. And then they die, poor things. Maybe this year will be different.

NEW – Co-host of a show that airs on ABC blamed Monday’s total solar eclipse over the United States on “climate change.”


‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin claims eclipse caused by climate change

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin blamed Monday’s solar eclipse, Friday’s earthquake and the expected cicada breeding season on “climate change.”

That concludes our post for hump day. Thank you to the crew for the additional news and updates. We have a full plate to research every day, don’t we? It’s hard to decide where to go and who to listen to because so much is happening so fast. See you next time.  ~ BP

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  • ''Above is what they’re calling a “wild glitch in the matrix”. Some would consider that an understatement—but more confirmation we don’t live in the world we believe.''

    I believe something really strange is going on here! Did you view the above videos.? Why are people not talking more about this ''False Flag Event'' its pretty easy to see that this F.F. is a false Matrix or better yet a glitch in the Matrix. Lets look at a few of the things that happened or did not happen as we are told it did.
    1st off the super full moon on the 8th was to be ''no moon that night'' and the real full moon is to be on the 23rd. It takes 28 days to go from no moon to full moon, not 14 days that is normally impossible! So do we have 2 moons or better yet do we have 2 suns? One that is lit up and the other a binary sun that is no longer lit up, due to the explosion of the planet Mel-dick.

    This 2nd sun has now come back to our solar system, many call it planet-x or Nibiru. It made its grand re-entry on May 10 th 2013. I saw it in the Sky here in Belize at 2 pm. My female dog was having pups at the same time, so I went to ck on her, she was fine but Nibiru was not standing still and soon was out of sight. I was told by others that this black Sun only took 15 min. to cross Belize.It looked to be about the size of a super full moon. It was red in color and had a lot of protruding spike's coming out of it. We are told it now has a eleven year orbit. So this is nearly 11yrs sense it was here last.The evil Anunnaki are said to live within this dead binary sun. It is said that they are the ones who came to earth and originally set up the New World order , invisible Empire idea as the Dark Cabal many thousands of years ago, which split into many different names that they could hide behind as they continued up to this very day to take over our planet and kill us off.

    I believe the eclipse that we saw was not a super moon covering our 1st sun but in fact it was Planet -x or Nibiru. It appeared out of nowhere , blocked out the Sun for up to 4 min. then disappeared again after it crossed the other side. IF it had been the super moon we or some of us would have been able to see aligning before it crossed the sun and see it after it crossed. But as you see in the vids nothing was seen before or after the eclipse. The so called Moon just disappeared. in one of the vids it shows both the invisible Nibiru becoming a dark shadow then disappearing again and during this time the person doing the video panned back and forth from the Eclipse to the full moon which was nowhere near the sun, so how is it possible for this to happen. Was it two moons or two suns, the smaller one being the black Sun blocking our the larger one but not sen before or after. Whats really going on here. This is more than a glitch in the Matrix, a slight of hands or some sort of magic trick.

    Apparently they did not wont us to see what was really going on but this whole show was well planed, but by who? the Black hats or the White Hats or maybe the new faction in the Game, the Red or Gray Hats.But whoever They Are they seemed to pull it off. No one on X or u-tube are talking about this, that's why I waited a couple of days to see if there was going to be any feedback. I did see a vid on u-tube by a young women who claimed it was impossible to happen for some of the reasons I mentioned here. So I went ahead and posted BP's blog.U-tube probably pulled the plug on the other but X-Twitter should have some truths revealed on it but so far nothing. Oh yes lets not forget ''they'' went to great efforts to hide it from us. They sprayed Chem-trails 150 mile wide and over 4000 miles long from here in Belize early morning til 230pm ,all the way up through Mexico, following the X all the way up to Canada. People are so used to seeing Chem-trails cause they have been spraying us sense Oct.98.they don't think anything of it or the connection or cover-up they used here to hide what was really going on with the Eclipse.

    My mind has been preoccupied all week long trying to figure this Mystery out, call it what you may, a glitch in the Matrix, a magic trick of sorts. I have told it to a number of people but most did not see anything because of the chem-trails and we have had record breaking heat wave, over 100 % This last wk as well and yesterday the heavy rains have started again so my water tanks will soon be full andthey are chem-trailing us again today. Why now I ask myself is there still something else going on that they don't want us to see.And now my PC is acting upnothing seemd to be working STRANGE things are going on here with the energy, maybe its the Solar Flares. I had to re-boot and start over again.

    One last thing to mention< the top scientist at CERN DIED the day they turned it on again as I believe they were trying to bring in backup because they are losing the WAR, so they sent for demonic backup by trying to open another portal to bring in more Demons or devils. Maybe they are trying to reach The evil Anunnaki ? Speaking of which, why did NASA send up 3 rockets to the moon? during the F.F. Eclipse. They say they did it to get a closer view but what if they realized the Black sun Nibiru was behind the Global Empire they are still trying to set up and NASA decided to blow a hole in that plan and maybe thats all the glitter seen floating in the sky plus strange flares coming out from behind the so called moon and they knew the Eclipse was not being made by the super full moon but by the dead Star Nibiru. Let me know what you all think in the comments ! Adonai rev. Joshua
This reply was deleted.

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