Fall Far Down - A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, and it is intended to raise awareness. Though admittedly, I’m still only beginning to become comfortable with myself as a singer. It will get better.


When we all allowed ourselves to fall far down

We sealed our fates, we walked away from this moment of Now

The time and space, it’s everywhere and changeable

The human race, was once willing and so able

And we knew

Just what we were giving up

And we knew that we would find it again

So just who

Let us go through all this destruction (Note: Lyric is supposed to be “allowed us all to fall in vibration”)

Was it them, oh no no guess again

It was us

Infinity just cannot go unrealized

When you and me begin to see through tricks of mind

The limited lense of a closed heart and employed unawareness

It blurs, it blends, makes you think what’s good is scary

But Aquarius

She will open up the mountain in due time

And everyone will heal, Love they will find

For they’ve missed us

Our cousins, they are doing fine

We’ll come to find they all were right on time

To repair our Earth

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