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These days of Ascension energies invite us to become more aware and expand our experience of the limitless potential of our mind. We can enter states of higher mind that in recent years past, were accessible to but a chosen few. Now we are all invited to enter expanded states of awareness and understanding. This is where humanity is heading spiritually and indeed, physically. Not only are we in ascension mode; the entire planet and all of creation as we perceive it, are expanding in consciousness.This moment in history is momentous. We are standing on the threshold of great happiness. We can fast forward this happiness and make it our everyday reality, our constant state of being, and as they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.Well, the teacher has appeared, my friends. First, let me assure you I would not recommend anything to you that I have not personally found to be of the highest excellence. That said, if you want to accelerate your inner growth exponentially and reach higher states of consciousness where you become the powerful creator you actually are, then this is for you.An extraordinary man named Gerald O'Donnell, with a long history in science and spirituality, has created a home study course in Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. What are RV and RI? These are creative powers you and all of us have, but few know they have the powers, and even fewer know how to access them.GO'D (awesome initials!) teaches, with great sensitivity and love, how to enter states of deep meditation and high levels of inner consciousness, where we experience being one with the universe itself, with God, if you like. I have spent many years meditating in solitude and silence, many years. But this program now put forward by Gerald O'Donnell, leaps over decades of 'old world' meditation practise, and lifts the meditator into high realms of love and joy.Please, if you truly want to raise your consciousness and deepen your love/joy, try this RV and RI course. To my knowledge, it is the BEST ON THE PLANET for fast forwarding the ascension of humanity. Click this link now:www.holisticwealthcreation.com/remoteview and listen to your intuition.To your happiness and love/joy,Marie
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"If we are at 4.3 now and it only takes 4.5 for the dark to be completely gone and 4.7 to prepare for the 5th dimension then that means we are super close to everything happening. We indeed are well on our way :)"
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...The Lemurian Golden Timeline is the core template of the New Earth; balanced feminine and masculine energies, harmony with Nature, infinite resources, love, abundance, unity.'Join the Golden Lemurian Circle:…
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Message to everyone on this planet, is to move on up to the higher astral plane tiers...Keep awakening individual and collective consciousness...Let's make it beyond 4.3, so we can cause the dark to phase out from our rising…"
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"Top Democrat Says Local Pa. Police Afraid To Speak Out About Trump Assassination Attempt
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"An interesting interview of US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, conducted by Alex Jones, in which she describes the obfuscation efforts, offered the committee by Kimberly Cheadle, who recently headed the USSS and has thankfully now resigned...(Of course,…"
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