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Everyone on Earth will Turn Into Light

Dr. Angela Barnett

Everyone will turn into light - including yourself - sometime between 2017 and 2039.

Everyone on Earth will be turning into light and then going to the 4th Dimension which is a different place than the 3rd Dimension.

EVERYONE on Earth - Each individual on Earth will be moved into an entirely different reality that is completely separate from the 3rd dimension. This process will last for eighteen months in 2039-2040.

Their bodies will turn into a ghost and then disappear within 45 seconds. They will be carried into a less dense reality where their body has the freedom to move through any obstacle and to travel freely through the galaxy to choose the planet they want to live on.

The sooner you read this book,
Turning Into LIGHT The Timeline of Manifesting Infinite Possibilities 2017-2039
the sooner you will turn into light.

This book has the information about this and HOW to effectively prepare for this TURNING INTO LIGHT.

Those who don't read it will probably still be here in 2040 and then will turn into light and go to the 4th then - Everyone is going to the 4th.

Dr. Angela Barnett

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