ET's and their Philosophies

12.1 Atman, Brahman, and evolution of consciousness

This philosophy of scientific materialism is certainly accepted by manypeople today. If it is true, the ufonauts must be cosmicsuper-scientists, and we might expect them to do and say things thatare incomprehensible. But we would not expect them to makeunderstandable statements that clearly contradict fundamentalscientific principles. Yet this is exactly what they seem to be doing.Both in word and deed, the beings connected with UFOs seem toconsistently advocate a philosophy that radically contradicts modernscience. This philosophy can be summed up as follows: There is lifethroughout the universe, and this includes vast numbers of beings thatare very similar to ourselves in form and behavior. We can call thesebeings humanoids. They are conscious, and they have humanlyrecognizable emotions. They also generally have highly developedpsychical abilities. These beings, like ourselves, are souls inhabitingmaterial bodies. As souls, they transmigrate from one physical body toanother. There is a process of cosmic evolution of consciousness,whereby souls gradually progress in spiritual development by undergoingexperiences in a succession of material bodies. Spiritual advancementinvolves developing love and compassion for all beings, and it alsoinvolves the development of knowledge, intelligence, and psychicalpowers. Beings at high levels of spiritual advancement work togethercooperatively in an organized system of universal government. Incontrast, most humans of this earth are regarded as crude barbarianswho are retarded in spiritual development. In addition to the grossbody made of familiar material elements, there is a subtle body made offiner energies unknown to modern science. There are also differentplanes of existence, which can be thought of as parallel orhigher-dimensional realities. These planes are inhabited by humanoidbeings, and some of these beings are able to travel from one plane toanother. Some of these beings can also exert control over the gross andsubtle bodies of human beings, and cause them to move and transform inremarkable ways. (For example, they can move a human body through asolid wall.) The life forms in the universe have all come into beingthrough a process of creation. This process is not clearly explained,but the basic idea is that there is a universal Creator from whomliving beings are naturally generated. This explains how human-likeforms can arise throughout the universe, even though this seems highlyimplausible from the viewpoint of Darwinian evolutionary theory. Thisphilosophy is pantheistic. The Creator is present everywhere, and actseverywhere through nature. The Creator is often regarded as impersonal,and is said to be nearly incomprehensible and inaccessible. At thehighest level, the Creator is regarded as the One--as eternal, nondualbeing, full of consciousness, love, and light. It is said that theevolution of consciousness will eventually bring one to the point ofexperiencing the One or of entering into It. This, in brief, is thephilosophy that emerges fully or partially from many UFOcommunications, including channeled communications and communicationsreceived in direct encounters with UFO entities. This philosophysharply contradicts scientific materialism in many important ways. Itis also far from being alien. It is expounded in a vast humanliterature, and it is well known to many people. To me, at least, theidea that ostensibly non-human beings are promoting this philosophy inhuman society was unexpected and astonishing. Nonetheless, there is agreat deal of evidence suggesting that this is happening, and I havepresented some of it in previous chapters. Here I will review some ofthis evidence, and introduce some additional material. Then I will makea few remarks about what this all implies regarding philosophy,science, and religion.

12.1.1 Transmigration and higher planes

In Chapter 6, I mentioned that the UFO abductee Betty Andreasson spokeof alien beings as living in other "planes" or dimensions. Thus, whenasked if these beings could travel to other stars, she said they couldtravel to some near our earth, and to others beyond. She clarified thisby saying, "Beyond ours there are others, but they are in a differentplane. They're in a heavier space." She also pointed out that they cansee the future, and that "Time to them is not like our time, but theyknow about our time."/1/ She reported being conducted through a UFO bya being of the "Gray" type who identified himself as Quazgaa. Thisbeing told her telepathically about the intentions of his group, sayingthat, "because of great love, they cannot let man continue in thefootsteps that he is going...They have technology that man could use...It is through the spirit,... If Man will study nature itself, he willfind many of the answers... Man will find them through the spirit. Manis not made of just flesh and blood."/2/ Betty Andreasson is aFundamentalist Christian, and thus we might expect her to make remarksabout "love" and "the spirit." However, the idea of a "differentplane," or a "heavier space" does not play any role in traditionalChristian thinking. It turns out that there are also other indicationsof a non- Christian source for her alien communications. For example,on one occasion, it appears that Betty's speech was taken over by heralien visitors during a hypnotic session. At this point she said, withmechanical intonation, "You try to seek in wrong directions. Simplicity'round about you. Air you breath, water you drink, fire that warms,earth that heals. Simplicity, ashes, things that are necessary takenfor granted. Powers within them overlooked. Why you think you are ableto live? Simplicity."/3/ This statement refers to the elements, air,water, fire, and earth. These elements are an important part of thesankhya philosophy of India, of ancient Greek philosophy, and of themedieval Hermetic traditions. But today they are regarded as outmodedcategories by scientists, and it seems doubtful that Betty Andreassonwas ever taught otherwise in school or in her church. Betty'sexperience of the burning of the Phoenix (Section xx) also involved atheme that is certainly not prominent in Christianity today, but whichwas a part of old Egyptian tradition. The idea that there are otherplanes or dimensions came up in a rather harrowing fashion in theexperience of a commercial artist and his wife who reported beingmentally lured into a UFO by a tall, hairless man in a bizarre bluecape (Section 10.3.2). The artist reported being subjected to a typicalexamination. In the course of this, his mind was forcefully invaded,and he received insights into higher dimensions of reality: "It's likethey're picking my I don't have any control. My brain, it'slike there's a tunnel that goes through my mind to theirs. ... Ourminds are connected. It's like a tube, maybe it's light? It's like agrey light, grey-brown light, brownish-grey. It's like everything'sbeing pulled out of my head. ... There's a terrible sound, but I can'ttell what it is--only it's piercing, high pitched. ... It's coming frommy head. My head is's like I can see all my thoughts, likegoo. Everything in my mind is stripped. I've got it, but they've got ittoo."/4/

Then they put it back with additions:

"There's more to it than anybody knows. There's more to life, more tothe world. There's more to everything than anybody knows. Moredimensions, things co-existing. There are other dimensions...more thanthree dimensions. Everywhere, it all works together. Everythingco-exists. There's different dimensions we can't go into."/5/

The communications reported by Eduard Meier also contain detailedreferences to the soul, reincarnation, and higher planes or dimensions.His extraterrestrial contact, Semjase, allegedly told him that there ismore to human life than just the body: "Intelligence and knowledge,even wisdom therefore are not bound only to genes, but are generated bythe spirit inhabiting and animating the respective body of a humanbeing."/6/ She also maintained that the soul can transmigrate either inthis world or in immaterial, spiritual worlds of graded levels:

"There exist spiritual worlds in rarer dimensions than that in whichyou live with your material bodies. In these worlds there livebodiless, or better, beings with immaterial bodies, beingswho--according to their development--rise in even higher dimensionswith still finer spiritual bodies...they may reincarnate into amaterial body in order to take further experience at your density ofbeing. ... When a person dies his spiritual body escapes to the spiritworld of being where he will stay for some time until he can progressto a higher dimension still or be reincarnated again."/7/

Meier also said that his contacts, although fully human in form, camefrom parallel or other-dimensional realms. One of them, a woman namedAsket, was said to come from a parallel world called the DAL universe.Likewise, on Erra, Semjase's planet in the Pleiades, "the life andcivilization and all its works exist in a slightly different dimensionand time frame."/8/ Thus if we went there, we wouldn't see itsinhabitants. Meier stated that this is true of the intelligent beingson Venus also./9/ A Southern Baptist minister in Puerto Rico claimed tohave had many contacts with humanoid beings from the planet Koshnak inthe direction of the constellation of Orion. These beings were verysimilar in appearance to the familiar "Gray" entities. They hadmelon-shaped, expressionless faces with thin lips, undeveloped nosesand ears, and large wrap-around eyes without pupils. The eyes were weregreen with scintillating flashes, and they were said to be intense andarresting./10/ However, unlike the typical encounters with "Grays,"this was a classical contactee case. The beings treated the man in avery friendly way. One of them, who was named Ohneshto, took him onrides in one of their vehicles, showed him undersea bases on the earth,and telepathically presented him with long philosophical discoursesabout time, space, and the reasons for human existence./11/ Thisincluded references to higher dimensions:

"He said they travel in the seventh and eighth dimensions, unknown toEarth humans, and that they are aware of 13 dimensions of being.Ohneshto pointed out references in our Bible pertaining to UFOs. Hesaid that their normal span of life is about 800 to 1,000 of our years.... Ohneshto said that the axis of the Earth has changed four times asfar as they have checked this out, that it tilts about every 20 to 25centuries."/12/

I am including the remark about shifts in the earth's axis since thisis a topic that frequently comes up in UFO communications. It is alsointeresting that Ohneshto told the minister that beings from thePleiades are visiting the earth./13/ On a later occasion, the ministersaw a small UFO and received a telepathic communication that a pictureof it would be found in Wendelle Stevens' book, UFO...Contact from thePleiades./14/ Taken literally, this would seem to connect this casewith the Meier case in Switzerland. Is this story just a lie? Or doMeier's Pleiadians have connections with Ohneshto's people? It is oftenhard to know how to evaluate such correlations, but I mention thembecause they do show up regularly in UFO reports. This case was similarin many ways to the case of Filiberto Cardenas discussed in Section5.2. There also, the contacting entities spoke of other dimensions.Cardenas testified that during a voluntary visit on one of their ships,they told him that, "they are beings of other dimensions, of otherworlds, but that they are not gods, and they do not want to beconsidered such."/15/

12.1.2 Pantheism and impersonalism

In Chapter 11, I discussed the extensive material linking UFOencounters with out-of-body experiences. There I also noted that theU.S. government has allegedly hosted an "Extraterrestrial BiologicalEntity" or EBE, who stated that reincarnation is real and that, "It'sthe machinery of the universe."

On Oct. 14, 1988 a television documentary entitled "UFOS:

Government Coverup--Live" was broadcast across the United States. Thisshow presented testimony by a supposed U.S. intelligence agent namedFalcon, who made numerous statements about EBE and his race of beings.When asked if these aliens believe in a Supreme Being, Falcon answered,"They have a religion, but it's a universal religion. They believe inthe universe as a Supreme Being." The EBE stories, of course, are tiedin with a complex mass of allegations regarding UFO cover-ups,government conspiracies, and disinformation (Section 3.5.4). They havea rather sinister tone, and they include the story that the EBEscreated Jesus Christ./16/ Since Christ is worshipped by Christians as apersonal God, it would seem that whoever is behind the EBE stories hassome interest in undermining personal theism and replacing it withpantheism. A negative aspect can also be seen in other UFOcommunications that convey an impersonal, pantheistic conception ofGod. For example, the psychic Robert Monroe, known for hisinvestigations of out-of-body travel, reported the following experiencewith a mysterious beam of radiation that seemed to emanate from a pointin the sky:

"I suddenly felt bathed in and transfixed by a very powerful beam thatseemed to come from the North, about 30 degrees above the horizon. Iwas completely powerless, with no will of my own, and I felt as if Iwere in the presence of a very strong force, in personal contact withit. It had intelligence of a form beyond my comprehension, and it camedirectly (down the beam?) into my head, and it seemed to be searchingevery memory in my mind. I was truly frightened because I was powerlessto do anything about this intrusion."/17/

Jacques Vallee compared Monroe's beam with the beams of light shown inreligious art carrying revelations from God. It is interesting thatduring one of its appearances, the beam conveyed a very cold,impersonal concept of God to Monroe. This was so overpowering that itcaused Monroe to weep bitterly. He said, "then I knew withoutqualification or future hope of change that the God of my childhood, ofthe churches, of religion throughout the world was not as we worshippedhim to be."/18/ Monroe had apparently been thinking of God as a personwho might show concern for an individual worshiper. But whoever wasresponsible for the beam went to the trouble of disabusing him of thisconcept.

By the way, beams from the sky that probe people's minds date back atleast to the early 1950s in UFO contact reports. For example, inSection 6.3.3, I recounted a story by George Hunt Williamson about howbeings communicating from outer space tried to probe the mind of theelderly father-in-law of his friend, Mr. R. Shortly after this, a14-year-old neighborhood boy named Ronnie Tucker reported having adream in which he saw "a beam of light about one foot wide, and tubularin shape, misty white, coming from far out in space and going directlyinto that part of Mr. R's home where his father-in-law wassleeping."/19/ This occurred on the night of the mind probe. The Meiercase is another instance in which ostensibly extraterrestrial beingstry to convince earth people that God is impersonal. According toSemjase, "Above everything one alone possesses the power of life anddeath over each creature. That is CREATION alone, which regulates thelaws over all, laws which are irrefutable and of their own eternalvalidity."/20/ Semjase strongly emphasized that there is no personalCreator, and that the supreme Creation is strictly impersonal. Shemaintained that religions devoted to an anthropomorphic God have had adetrimental effect on the human spirit, and she told Meier that hismission is to "bring this truth to the light of the world."/21/ Thephilosophy presented by Semjase is very similar to the atheisticsankhya philosophy of India. In this school of philosophy, it isunderstood that there are two basic ingredients making up the universe:prakriti, or matter, and purusha, the living beings. Prakriti operatesaccording to inherent laws, and thus it is comparable to matter andenergy as understood in modern physics. However, the subcategories ofprakriti include subtle and etheric types of energy unknown topresent-day physicists. The living beings are particles ofconsciousness embedded within the matrix of prakriti. Each consciousbeing is situated within gross and subtle bodily coverings made ofprakriti, and all of these beings transmigrate from from one gross bodyto another in accordance with universal laws. Living beings can alsooperate within bodies of purely subtle energy. This can be comparedwith Semjase's philosophy, which features souls in bodies produced bythe laws of Creation. The atheistic sankhya philosophy is so namedbecause it denies the existence of a supreme personal controller of theuniverse, and it maintains that prakriti and its laws are supreme. Incontrast, the Bhagavad-gita, Bhagavata Purana, and other importantVedic works expound what is known as the theistic sankhya philosophy.In the theistic system, both prakriti and the conscious living beingsare understood to be energetic emanations from an eternal, consciousSupreme Person. In India there is a long standing controversy betweenthose who regard the Supreme Being as an impersonal power, and thosewho regard the Supreme as a transcendental person. Although I could notbegin to do justice to this topic here, I will mention one interestingpoint which arises in the philosophy of Semjase. She pointed out thatthe Cosmic laws governing the Creation are not like the laws ofphysics, with their impersonal forces and charges. Even though theCreation is impersonal, its laws are personal in nature. Thus Semjasesaid that real spiritual people don't pray for needs. They know that"because of the almighty spirit in themselves, they will get what theyneed, and besides, all they want, as long as it is according to theCosmic Law of love to all."/22/ Now love is something having to do withpersons. If the Cosmic Law is impersonal in nature, then how is it thatit is based on love? Note that this problem does not come up in modernscientific theories. According to modern science, love is simply arecent outgrowth of hominid evolution in Africa, and it has nothing todo with Cosmic Law. But if the personal quality of love is built intoCosmic Law, then it is natural to ask why. If there is a transcendentalperson behind the Cosmic Law, then the answer is that the law wascrafted according to the loving intentions of that person. Semjase alsoexplained how matter and energy are produced in the Creation: "Energyis the result of idea. ... This goes back to original creation itself,being the first energy born from idea. Then the forces of Spiritconcentrate this idea/energy of high vibration and when the vibrationis lowered, matter results."/23/ Here the question is: If the Creationis an impersonal force, then does it make sense to say that it hasideas? Ideas are normally associated with a conscious being. Thephilosophical points brought up by Semjase are certainly not new inhuman society, and one wonders where Meier really got them. All ofthese points are well known in India, and Meier is known to have spenttime there. It could be that he was simply expounding from the mouth ofSemjase ideas he picked up in India. Or it might be that he really didhave an extraordinary visitor who taught him these things. There is aprecedent for this. In Section 5.3, I related the story of how AliceBailey wrote books that were dictated to her telepathically by "theTibetan," a human mystic and occult adept who was living in Tibet. TheTibetan expounded an extremely complex metaphysical system in which theSupreme Being is known as "He About Whom Naught May Be Said." He alsosaid that the Masters in his group were trying to "shatter thematerialism of the west on the one hand and on the other thesentimental devotion of many devotees of all faiths."/24/ Highlyelaborate communications like Meier's are suspect because their verycomplexity indicates that someone with strong motives is behind them.That someone could be either a determined hoaxer or an actual visitingentity (who might also be a determined hoaxer). However, there arerelatively uncomplicated humanoid encounters in which pantheistictheological comments are made. For example, strange entities madetheological remarks to a twenty-five year old man in July, 1968 at theGrodner pass in the Italian Dolomites. He met tall, thin beings withdomed heads and beautiful Oriental eyes who were accompanied by a smallrobot. They telepathically told him, "We come from a planet in a fargalaxy," and "Everything is God." They also warned that a pole shift iscoming, the earth's crust will crack, and life will be in greatdanger./25/ Here the parallels with the Meier case are: pantheistictheology, the use of robots, and warnings about shifts in the earth'saxis. Another theological revelation was given to Mrs. CynthiaAppleton, a 27-year-old mother of two children, living at Aston inBirmingham, England. At 3 p.m. on Nov. 18, 1957, she was about to checkon her baby daughter. Suddenly she sensed an oppressiveness, like thatpreceding a thunderstorm, and saw a "man" materialize with a whistlingnoise near the fireplace. This apparition was initially blurry, andthen clear. He was tall and fair, with a tight fitting plastic-likegarment, featuring an "Elizabethan" collar. He answered her questionstelepathically, revealing that he had come from a world of peace andharmony in a saucer-type craft. He was able to convey a picture of thisin a mysterious fashion. On a second occasion two similar figures spoketo her in a strange style of English, and informed her that they wereprojections and should not be touched. One point they made was that"the Deity itself dwells at the heart and core of the atom." It is saidthat there were no books in Mrs. Appleton's house-- only newspapers.Those who interviewed her described her as a pleasant and sincere youngwoman./26/ Although this statement about the Deity may seem to beanother pantheistic statement, it may also have a deeper meaning. Inthe Brahma-samhita it is said that God dwells within each atom(Sanskrit, paramanu or smallest particle), and innumerable universessimultaneously exist within God./27/ Here the idea is that God is aSupreme Person who is distinct from the universal manifestation, and atthe same time is fully present within every particle of matter.

12.1.3 Brahman realization

In Section 11.1.1, I recounted a UFO abduction in which BettyAndreasson was brought to a huge Door in an underground complex. Atthat point she went out of her body, passed through the Door, and hadan experience of meeting the One. This experience created greathappiness, but she was unable to explain it:

Betty: "It's--words cannot explain it. It's wonderful. It's for everybody. I just can't tell you this."

Fred Max: "You can't? Okay, why can't you?"

Betty: "For one thing, it's too overwhelming and it isundescribable. I just can't tell you. Besides, it's just impossible forme to tell you." Fred Max: "Were you told not to share it with me?"/28/

It seems doubtful that this testimony was evoked by leading questionsfrom the hypnotist, Fred Max. He seemed to think that Betty could notdescribe her experience because the aliens were controlling her mind--astandard idea among investigators of UFO abductions. However, it seemsclear that she could not describe the experience because it wasliterally beyond words. A standard method of trying to get aroundmental blocks inhibiting a person's memory is to ask the person, whileunder hypnosis, to visualize the blocked experience as though seeing iton TV. When this was tried with her experience of seeing the One, Bettyresponded by saying:

"Ohhh! There's a bright light coming out of the television! This isweird! There's rays of light, bright white light, just [pause] likethey've got a spotlight coming out of the television! It's hurting myeyes!"/29/

In Vedic literature, Brahman is spoken of as an indescribable whitelight that is characterized by oneness, eternity, and unlimitedhappiness. The UFO investigators who were interviewing Betty Andreassondid not seem to know about this, and it seems probable that she alsodid not know about it. Realization of ultimate oneness is described byCatholic mystics such as Meister Eckhart, but it does not generallyfigure in fundamentalist Protestant traditions. It seems quite likelythat her experience of the One actually took place. Philosophical ideasregarding the One were presented by the "Ra" entity in channeledcommunications received by Carla Rueckert (Sections 6.3.1-2). Raclaimed to be a telepathically linked complex of beings that had oncelived on a higher dimensional level on Venus, and that had communicatedmonotheistic ideas to the Pharaoh Ikhnaton in ancient Egypt./30/ Now,however, the concern of Ra is to merge with the One, and teach othersabout this possibility. Thus Ra says, "We cannot say what is beyondthis dissolution of the unified self with all that there is, for westill seek to become all that there is, and still we are Ra. Thus ourpaths go onward."/31/ In India there is a famous philosophical schoolcalled advaita vedanta, which teaches that the ultimate goal is mergethe individual ego into the one Brahman. This school follows the Vedicteachings, and thus it maintains that there is a celestial hierarchy ofinhabited realms, and that souls transmigrate through gross and subtleforms in these realms. But it also holds that at the ultimate level ofunderstanding, all of these realms are illusory, and nothing exists butthe One Consciousness, or Brahman. Thus ultimate understanding means tobecome identical with Brahman, which is all that is. This philosophy isvery similar to the atheistic sankhya philosophy. In the latter, themahat-tattva, or ultimate substrate of matter, is held to be theultimate cause. But this ultimate substrate is not like dead matter aswe know it. Rather, "the mahat-tattva is the total consciousnessbecause a portion of it is represented in everyone as theintellect."/32/ Thus the mahat-tattva is conceptually similar toBrahman. The two philosophies differ mainly in emphasis. The atheisticsankhya philosophy appeals to a person who wishes to make progress inmaterial life in a way harmonious with universal law. In contrast, thephilosophy of advaita vedanta appeals to one who wishes to abandonmaterial life and merge into the absolute. In fact, the goal of thePleiadians, as presented by Meier, is to live an advanced material lifeby obeying Cosmic Law, while the aim of Ra is to attain ultimateOneness. However, there is more to Indian philosophy than just theschools of atheistic sankhya and advaita vedanta. According to Vaisnavaphilosophy, Brahman is the effulgence of the transcendental body of theSupreme Lord, and it forms the atmosphere of the spiritual world.Brahman realization is simply the starting point of higher spiritualexperience. Here is a description from the Bhagavata Purana of ajourney by Arjuna and Krishna into Brahman and beyond:

"Following the Sudarsana disc, the chariot went beyond the darkness andreached the endless spiritual light of the all- pervasive brahma-jyoti.As Arjuna beheld this glaring effulgence, his eyes hurt, and so he shutthem. "From that region they entered a body of water resplendent withhuge waves being churned by a mighty wind. Within that ocean Arjuna sawan amazing palace more radiant than anything he had ever seen before.Its beauty was enhanced by thousands of ornamental pillars bedeckedwith brilliant gems. "In that palace was the huge, awe-inspiringserpent Ananta Sesa. He shone brilliantly with radiance emanating fromthe gems on His thousands of hoods and reflecting from twice as manyfearsome eyes. He resembled white Mount Kailasa, and His necks andtongues were dark blue. "Arjuna then saw the omnipresent and omnipotentSupreme Personality of Godhead, Maha-Visnu, sitting at ease on theserpent bed. His bluish complexion was the color of a dense rain-cloud,He wore a beautiful yellow garment, His face looked charming, His broadeyes were most attractive, and He had eight arms. His profuse locks ofhair were bathed on all sides in the brilliance reflected from clustersof precious jewels decorating his crown and earrings. He wore theKaustubha gem, the mark of Srivatsa and a garland of forest flowers."Serving that topmost of all Lords were His personal attendants headedby Nanda and Sunanda; His cakra and other weapons in their personifiedforms; His consort potencies Pusti, Sri, Kirti, and Aja; and all Hisvarious mystic powers."/33/

Here the word brahma-jyoti means Brahman effulgence. The potency calledAja is the energy of material creation. The understanding is that thisscene lies completely beyond the material realm. If the brahma-jyoti issimply the atmosphere of a higher spiritual region then, to paraphraseRa, there is something beyond the dissolution of the unified self withall that is. According to the Vaisnava philosophy, once the bondage ofmaterial ego is dissolved, the soul becomes free to act on a purelyspiritual platform. Since the soul emanates from the Supreme Being,there is a natural relationship of love between the soul and theSupreme. This natural love is obscured when the soul is in a state ofmaterial consciousness. When the soul attains to Brahman, it reaches aneutral state, and its natural loving tendency is manifest without anobject. In the pure spiritual realm, this love becomes expressed in theform of service to the transcendental Supreme Lord. It is alsoexpressed in the form of compassion towards souls in material bondage,who are all parts and parcels of the Lord, but are lost inforgetfulness./34/ The three children who received the revelations atFatima also had what appears to be an experience of the brahma-jyoti.After the initial conversation between the children and the effulgentlady, "she opened her hands and streams of intense light flowed fromthem which overwhelmed the children's souls, causing them to feel 'lostin God' Whom they recognized in that light."/35/ This description makessense from the Vedic standpoint, and it also illustrates the idea thata higher being can cause a more or less ordinary human to have atemporary experience of Brahman. Something similar seems to havehappened in the Andreasson case. Not to be outdone, Eduard Meier alsorecounted an experience of Brahman realization. According to him, thishappened when a Pleiadian spaceship on which he was traveling made aleap from one universe to another, and entered a state beyond space andtime between the two universes. Here is how he described the experience:

"Suddenly all is merging into a golden color, and now everything islike silver. But--my dear--this glistening light, this beaming shiningsplendor! Everything is merged into glistening light... It is strongerthan all the suns of the Universe... Dear, this must be eternity, theglistening light of the eternal... This tranquillity, this peace--whatis it? How could I have achieved this? Love, oh that deep allencompassing love. Nothing is there, but LOVE: wonderful,marvelous."/36/

It is clear that Meier was talking about Brahman realization in thispassage. After his experience, he was told by Semjase that one cannotenter permanently into that state of consciousness unless one hasevolved to an advanced spiritual level. This is certainly in agreementwith Vedic philosophy, and the question, as always with Meier, iswhether his account is genuine, or was cleverly contrived.

[taken from Richard L. Thompson's Alien Identities]
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