ETERNAL LIFE - RETURN TO NORMAL REALITY Dr. Angela Barnett (Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE INDIVIDUAL IMMORTALITY ALBUMS are created from the Individual's Spiritualized Akashic Records that send the Physical Domains into the Transformational Consciousness of the Individual's Spiritual Domain, which is called the Coushic Records from the Parallel Spiritual Universe. Each of these individually created albums contain the Frequencies of Source, the alignment of the individual's personal Cosmic and Universal Consciousness connecting continuously into the manifestation template of Source Consciousness. When a person has their Akashic Readings done, they are usually just being told about the one parallel reality of a version of one of the individual selves within the Astral Level of reality. The problem with the realities in the Astral Domains is the fact that the Fallen Angelic Consciousness has been trapped in that level of reality for many eons, so most of the Akashic Readings include realities from interdimensional consciousness that is not even a part of their TRUE SELF. The Coushic Readings are much more accurate because they come from the Frequencies of the Universal Domains of the Spiritual Anti Particle Universe where there are zero distortions in REALITY. The Eternal Life Album contains the Frequency Signatures of Consciousness of the Original Perfect YOU that is created in the Transformational Energy Chambers of the 14.5 Dimensional Pre Light and Sound Creation Lab where the Idea of God manifests into a Flame of Reality. The importance of this new type of Coushic Reading replacing the Akashic Records is the fact that we each need to realign or rebirth back into that original perfect self in what ever new version is formed from the accumulated Wisdom of the past ten million lifetimes in physical reality. If a person is only aware of one of their life times, there are ten million other realities that are still unknown. The soul is in tune with all of those vast realities and will make sure that the error of the particle universe is transmutted back into the reality of the anti particle- spiritual universe. While the Soul is over seeing this transformation, the body is going through a chemical and biological transformation for the inorganic form into more and more of the organic form of reality. That reality is the form of Star Dust, Pre Light and Sound, Pre Vapor- H2O2HE3- Hydrolaise. We are being transformed into the LIGHT of our original substance. For a limited time, I am offering a complete COSMIC COUSHIC READING of the Individual's Template and Frequency Signatures, plus several of the Akashic Records that created the Errors that needed healing in that Individual. I am a DNA DOCTOR. DNA is actually the String of Consciousness between the 3D template of 3DNA woven into the Consciousness- the Morphogenetic Fields of Reality, the Frequency Signatures of all of the Souls, Over Souls Avatars and Rishi Selves that are woven into an individuals consciousness. The more of the Over Soul that is woven back into the 3D template that was actually broken apart at the time of the Babylon Masacre and several other Distortion events, the more of the Corrected 12 Coded Consciousness from all levels of multi dimensional reality become available to the individual when they merge into their new VERSION OF REALITY in Fall 2016. To learn more about the creation of your album and your records email krystalaimagic The breaths of the point of creation at the spark of Source into the breath of creation when the Primal Sound Field ignites a new idea within the Ultra Violet Blue Idea of Source. This frequency is run through the heart of the individual and into the Inner Earth where our Crystal Dust, Light and Gel of our new manifest reality realign into a new creation of our Divine Imprint. As the stream of frequency containing the Source Consciousness, Primary Sound Field, Cosmic Consciousness, and Universal Consciousness are reformed into the brand new idea of whatever we desire to manifest. The manifestations can include a new you, a taller, thinner you, a you who has always been thin and trim and in perfect health. The manifestations can include a wealthy you who owns mansions on all dimensions. The manifestations can include your new ability to orb in your light body from star to star to meet all of your starry families. You can even manifest the reality of knowing all that is known to Source -- Imagine that. The frequencies that are woven together through the formulas of sacred geometry to create the portal of transmutation need to be listened to with high quality players and earphones. Keeping the frequencies playing directly in the ears continuously will remove your body completely from the metatronically damaged atmosphere of the Earth and place you within the continuous protection and transformation fields of the perfect Divine Reality of all of your manifestations. Workshops on INSTANT MANIFESTATION include a complete review of what has happened in the past 250 billion years to lead to this need for our shift into a Time Matrix where we can begin to manifest our new reality. The workshop will review the entire process of ascension, creating ascension portals, alignment with higher self, creation of manifestation templates, creating light and sound spheres to manifest in the palms of your hands, and a series of journeys and meditations that place consciousness in the Source Field where the desired manifestation is created. The workshops also includes how the body can be turned into light, and how to create the personal space ship orb that will allow multidimensional travel. The workshop will include how to assist in the transformation of the chemical structure of body into a new crystalline body. A few notes between the relationship of metaphysics and quantum physics can be understood as frequencies of breath. COSMIC FREQUENCIES BEYOND AKASHIC RECORDS Dr. Angela Barnett (Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) Dr. Angela Barnett Many have utilized AKASHIC RECORDS to access knowledge of what has transpired in the physical universe. Akasha actually translates into the four physical principles of fire, air, earth and water. These are records of the physical template of the visible light spectrum. Those records only pertain to the third dimensional template that has re-incarnated into the Matrix of the Planetary Earth over and over again for thousands of years. Some of us came here from outside of this Earth Matrix. We came from the Cosmic Dimension of Reality to reconnect the EARTH MATRIX into the Full Spectrum of Invisible and Visible Light. The HIGHER SELVES, whom we share and embrace our oneness align their realities into us through the COUSHIC RECORDS. AKASHIC RECORDS are the records of the EARTH's MATRIX limited within the third dimensional visible light spectrum. Coushic Records are the records of the spiritual light spectrum including the invisible light of the Cosmic and Universal Spheres of Consciousness. The majority of Souls in this Matrix have never been allowed to vibrate in the frequency vibration needed to escape the Matrix of Visible Light because most individuals have chosen to be entertained and enthralled with just the memory of the worldly experiences that they continuously return to. The Coushic Records are the Highest Vibrations of Cosmic Consciousness breathing the original frequency of creation from Source into Angelic Frequencies. The memory of the ORIGINAL SOURCE TEMPLATE which was replicated in its DIVINE FORM into Cosmic Angelic Consciousness or Source's thoughts passing into formation. This Cosmic Consciousness was Co-Created into Universal Consciousness or KHAHARISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS to create the perfect ETHERIC TEMPLATE for Co-Creation of the MAN who was also this perfect SOURCE TEMPLATE. This PERFECT MAN, who was made in the image and likeness of Source, Cosmic and KHAHARISTIC (Christ) Consciousness is the MAN who was born into GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS as the GOD of His Being. This PERFECT MAN made from the PERFECT TEMPLATE has continued to exist since his original creation. The EARTH MATRIX was unplugged from the DIVINE MATRIX. This is why those who have lived on EARTH have also become unplugged from their DIVINE TEMPLATE. However, that Divine Template never stopped existing. Each individual's DIVINE MATRIX still exists. Each individual has the opportunity to plug back into that Divine Template of their original FREQUENCY.

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