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ET Telemeter Probe Communication in Binary Code - Rendlesham Incident Part 2


Dear Seekers of Truth,


What does it mean, when a telemeter probe conveys a binary code message to a non-starseed, non-telepathic, security police Sergeant, in the USAF...??


It is simply a case of presenting an automated response to the subject matter (humanity) as represented by the nearest person available (Jim Penniston,) who has taken the trouble to investigate the presence of the telemeter probe and actually touch it's symbol, which is one of several "engravings" etched upon the hull....the symbol of the triangle within the circle...And then to explain to him, using non-telepathic means, those of reliable mathematical binary notation, super-impressioned upon his subconscious mind, that this Science and Exploration (S&E) Fleet of the Galactic Federation of Light, has determined that humanity could be ready for planetary ascension and spiritual advancement, once it had been expeditiously determined, whether it could collectively rise above a possible nuclear war, at a very dangerous point in history, the Cold War, on December 26th 1980, with the world stumbling toward an abyss of mass destructive proportions....


The message was efficiently presented to Jim Penniston and he retained it for many years, as binary notation, which he recollected, from the deep impressioning he received and subsequently overcoming fear of ridicule, was finally able to show his former USAF collegue, John Burroughs, many years later, in 2010 and be informed that his scribblings were indeed binary code and that they might have a message, which they did....He took the binary code to an expert, who deciphered the meaning, which was:



Plus some grid latitudes and longitudes, 52 and 13 (see pix above for details.)


This message is very simple and from an automated living ship, serving to safeguard the world, at a time of dire consequences...So the idea being conveyed by the GFL was; could humanity overcome the possible nuclear annihilation resulting from the tensions of the Cold War...?? If humanity could cross that critical point in time, then, and only then, could the GFL realistically consider initiating a First Contact operation, which would culminate in a planetary ascension and spiritual advance....But until that historic hurdle had been overcome, the exploration of the possible advance of humanity, had to be continued with caution, until certain signs offered real hope of survival and rather than definite planetary destruction, which of course, nuclear war entails....

Meaning that the GFL can only do so much in confiscating weapons and neutralising potential aggression...It's up to humanity to decide.


In some ways it was a little regrettable that Jim Penniston failed to inform John Burroughs and others of his written message, as it would have been understood earlier, yet, truly, the problems presented at the time had been overcome by the confiscation of nuclear ordinance, at the Bentwaters storage facility...followed by the GFL warning to Colonel Williams, at the farmer's field, Capel Green....To cease entertaining the false notion that neutron bombs are a realistic tactical weapons option, especially with the then US military aberration, that they are "clean" devices...In truth, their use, would lead to a full scale thermonuclear war between the USSR and USA...So no advance would be possible for humanity, unless the track to oblivion could be left and a different track, though not perfect, could be taken...


That newer track cam e to pass and humanity, though still engaging in warfare, knows that nuclear warfare can never be won, by either side...That the notion of mutually assured destruction (MAD,) has entered the planetary consciousness, even among the most belligerent warriors upon the earth...


The grid co-ordinates given also, were again to remind humanity of previous epochs in prehistory, when civillisations, such as Atlantis, also came to an end and humanity was forced to begin anew.....That this evolving human candidate for advancement must survive self destruction....and not repeat the fall of Atlantis..


This is an explanation for the reasons behind these events at Rendlesham and I recommend that you view the video, embedded below, to hear the explanations given by Penniston himself, but with the seeds of what I have revealed in mind, too...


Thankyou for your intuitive focus and intelligent interest...


Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


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Comment by Drekx Omega on June 24, 2013 at 9:00pm

A confirmation that Burroughs was within the stasis beam, after Penniston had moved around the tetrahedral probe, and thus their memories don't match, yet both had very strange experiences...


Time was frozen for Burroughs, but was only partially frozen for Penniston, because of his closer proximity to the "east anchor" probe's temporal field projector...

Comment by Drekx Omega on June 21, 2013 at 9:56am

Charles Halt describes the small probe engaged in radiation decontamination....See vid, which I cannot embed, so have provided a link:

Comment by Drekx Omega on June 18, 2013 at 8:38pm

Another mystery that has long puzzled Rendlesham ufologists, is the dramatic descriptions made by Col. Charles I. Halt, of the craft "shedding sparks and molten metal" upon the forest floor.....

This was a radiation decontamination process, conducted after a spillage of removed nuclear material, following successful extraction from the base, for neutralisation.....

I'll find his references to that at a later stage....BUT in the mean time I will post Halt's NPC speech, in which he presented actual evidence of the telemeter probe landing, in the form of a plaster cast made of one of the landing pad ground impressions....Note that like the tetrahedral hull of the probe craft, each of the three landing pads was triangular in shape....

;-) wink.....wink......!!!

Comment by Drekx Omega on June 18, 2013 at 5:10pm

Apparently, this former island has no relation to Brazil in south America, but the name was derived by the Celtic Irish...and there are variants on the spelling, but "Hy-Brasil" was a common one....Uí Breasail (meaning "descendants)

Although reported by navigators, it had subsequently disappeared into the sea and just like the former continent itself, has passed into cultural mythology...Sailors called it the "ghost island."

Comment by Drekx Omega on June 18, 2013 at 4:19pm

OK friends....after some discussion I have to state, for the record, that the grid references provided were intended to pinpoint a particular historical remnant of the formerly massive continent and fabled civillisation of Atlantis...known to the Celts as Avalon....That remnant isle was known as "High Brazil" and located off the west coast of Ireland, at the co-ordinates provided by the Probe to Penniston...

A part more recently sunken and so assumed fresher in minds.....At it's peak, that continent was about one and a half million square miles, spanning from American bahamas, to the Canaries...It had several outposts, which formed an empire...

Being a non-telepath, Penniston was communicated with using deep-impressioning binary code, which he had deciphered as late as 2012, having shown it to Burroughs for the first time in 2010....So, somewhat nonchalant, but at least, not critical, as the message of warning made in 1980, had been rectified by 2010.....and the world survived a nuclear war and is on track for planetary ascension, in spite of the remaining problems we see,,,

Also, the tellurian grid was well known to Atlantis, who was the global sea-faring empire, that selected the Giza plateau to be the meridian of antiquity....the antedilluvian "Greenwich." as it were... ;-)

However, the longitude selected at 13 degrees, etc, was very much the intended choice for modern geographical references.....and reminds all to avoid the watery fate of Atlantis and rise above self annhilation...

The Atlantean world wide grid was inherited by them from Lemuria, who were the first humanoids to settle on the earth's surface...

When Penniston, in his ignorance, dismisses the craft's possible cosmic origins, it does not really matter, as he is correct that the operators of the craft are indeed "us." Humanity on earth is of cosmic origin, unknown to penniston, it would seem....So our humanoid space bretheren.....whether in the past, or from the future..... WE are ONE with cosmos.....we are ONE cosmic Humanity.....

Comment by Light Being on June 18, 2013 at 2:29pm

The code seems to be, possibly decimal co-ordinate's 52.0942532, -1.3131269

Assumptions of the codes depiction 

52.0942532 N, 13.131269 W

52.0942532 N, 1.3131269 E

Move the decimal and West has magically become East, or vice versa, also there many other possible combinations.

Or if you present it like this 52 09’ 42.532”N 13 13’ 12.69” W it is off the coast of Ireland.

However within binary all aspects are represented as 1 or 0 and combinations thereof, the co-ordinates were altered and separated to be displayed as such, but they were not intended to be, as the original binary code did not actually dictate this, the separation aspects are not there. If the creators of the message wanted to show degrees wouldn’t they have used degrees markers and or displayed it as 1…0…’s, as so, not to confuse the issue.

You can’t mistake a 1 for a 0 that makes no sense at all, but if you starting putting in decimal points were you feel they should be, then you are altering the original and you will get all different co-ordinates which defeats the purpose of it all and the message itself.



Comment by Tiamacious on June 18, 2013 at 1:21pm
Codes..there are many threw out the remains the strongest.. Enlightenment
Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on June 18, 2013 at 12:59pm

After watching the vid, it struct me that those six grids are half of the 12 grids that are taught in the Keys of Enoch. They seem to be in the same location as the 6 major grids which will be activated soon and the vortexes opened between the material realm and the spirit realm.this is sent b the order of Melchizedek. I am ow only using the intro to the Keys of Enoch and the map I am referring to is on pg 89. The 6 major grids represent the regathering of the brotherhood upon the earth. My understanding of that is the places where contact will be made now and where it has been made in the past. These grids are points of reference for our Galactic friends as well as for us Starseeds down here. I believe these codes have been given to all of us light workers before  we came here in the schooling that we had to attend. I believe that these grid points are the places that the 1st Contact will take place as it was done in the past where Melchizedek has reigned and will again.

(5) All of these sites are"the centers" used to calculate the horizon of the earth in relationship to the Chilcosm of the greater universe. (6) These places where also used by the Lords of light to encode and initiate the races of the world.And those who encoded these races will once again return to ingather there "remnant seed".Yet these sites do not in all instances, indicate where the Lords of light will return because some of these sacred places mark the exit regions where the righteous have already been removed from the earth in previous cycles.

Therefore ,these are time pieces containing star mathematics,but they cannot be completely understood by man without the scriptures which reveal specif events on earth and in space that man must key into. Until he does, he cannot understand the specifics of the timepiece calenders in stone. It is not a question of heaven "coming" to earth but Earth being transposed into the many Heavens- the Chilocosm. The keys speak of where this transplanting has happened before and the ''cross of light" ( grids& vortexes) marks the places on the earth where the Merkabah came from the heavens to the earth, and rose again from the earth to the heavens. the most sacred codes of transfiguration are at Palenque Mex. and is inscribed as;







I hope maybe this has shed some light on things, but much is still to be understood and decoded but if we put our minds together we can decode this stuff, I call it stuff because I don't like mysteries. But I can understand the need for it as the DC-Visitors and other dark forces are here to stop whatever is to take place, meaning 4&5 Dimension. All of this seems to indicate where and how we are to do this, what do you all think huh. Adonai

Comment by Light Being on June 18, 2013 at 12:34pm

Drekx...Interesting, I'm into binary codes.....









0000000000000000010000001100000000010000000000011000000000000000100000110 0000000001111110000011000000111110000000000110000000000000100000000100000 0001000001000000110000000100000001100001100000010000000000110001000011000 0000000000001100110000000000000110001000011000000000110000110000001000000

0100000010000000010000010000000110000000010001000000001100000000100010000 0000010000000100000100000001000000010000000100000000000011000000000110000






0111110000000000000000111111111000000000000111000000011100000000011000000 0000011000000011010000000001011000001100110000000110011000010001010000010






Exploration of Earth/Soil Humanity Earth Coordinate continuous?

Comment by Agarther on June 18, 2013 at 12:00pm

thank you drekx,

wow, it is good to know that we are all protected

love and light


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