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END TIMES,The old is passing away and the new is about to begin,Awaken and Chose,are you Ready?

The Point of Reference is that now is the time to make a choice.To follow the inner voice spirit guide that is aligned with the spirit Kingdom and to Ascend to the the higher 4th and 5th Dimension and the new earth or to remain in this hell h*** of 3D Exclusionary Holographic reality that the Dark cabal has created to control us.In other words we are being handed the key to freedom out of this prison hell h***. The key consists of two sides, they are called FORGIVENESS and LOVE. If you chose LOVE then Fear cannot enter and you are Free to ascend but if you chose Fear then LOVE will not enter. Its the same law that applies in the Kingdom of heaven.If you chose LOVE then you may enter and if you chose Fear you may not enter.

The Kingdom is the awakened ones and those who are to be awakened, so that they may chose. Then we can ascend into this new heavenly Kingdom in the higher Dimensions .GOD gave us free will so that we can chose, its up to us, it is the key to our Salvation and no one can do it for us, not even JC or GOD himself, we must do it. Those who are just awakening this will come as quite a shock and the sleepers will be forced to awaken when all the Earth changes come down, this is a cleansing time for mother Earth, to repair the damage we and they have done. Planet X / Nibiru timing was caused by mankind of the ancient past, not the wrath of God for he has none. But it is being used by JC and the Creator as a ''sign of the times'' ,2000 years ago by JC .As this false reality begins to fade away or is washed away people will have to wake up, so no one can say with truth ,that they were not told about this. We must help them to lose the Fear, for fear will keep them in this prison and they wont be able to break the shackles, is yours broken yet ?

THERE ARE TWO SETS OF SHACKLES, the outside one is on our material bodies the outer world and the other set is locked into our minds , we call the inner world. The Dark ones have been programing our minds with lies and deception to control us and with our modern day toys, which are really control units we are even more controlled than in the past, for they do not wont to lose the slaves. We must upon awakening, recognize this, and chose the higher or the lower. When we chose the higher we will then wont ot Delete there negative past program ,reboot and install our own positive program from the spirit realm, which is given to us when we chose Love instead of Fear.

Those who chose Fear are still being led by there Ego, JC called ''the Demon within'' and the Dark cabal in the Outer World , who has perfected the evil form of Slavery upon us. The greatest form of slavery, is when a slave does not know he is a Slave, in other words you cannot free a slave if he does not know he is a Slave. So my mission and yours is to let them know they are a slave, inside and out and they will be freed by the Creator who Created them, if they just make the effort and follow there inner guide the Holy Spirit and the outer guides of angels, ascended masters and ET Allies, for we are love and are loved!We are all 0ne!

Adonai, from my higher self.

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