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First, i wat to state everyone has freedom to their opinion and to state their views, debateing is healthy thats how we learn....

Lately i have been witnessing so many here emotionally bullying others, its time we put an end to this mess...

Not so long ago there was another member who resorted to name xalling and it was wrong, everyone would jump his case about his tactics, now some time down the road i read these new pists and blogs and noticed some of the ones taking jabs at the other for name calling is doing the same exact thing, this is childish behavior... two wrongs do not make a right.... you can not preach against something then turn around and do the very thing you fought against, wake up look in the mirror of the person you are becoming....

Your opinion is valid just as much as anyones but you do not need to result to emotional bullying to get your point across... just because you do not agree with what another says gives you no right to emotionally harm another.  

We all live our own truths our own ways from eachother and should respect and band together to make this place a better place leave it better then when we entered it that starts by accepting eachother for who we are and stop hurting eachother...

If you cant stand the heat of others opinions and ways without bullying tactics then get out of the kitchen,remember we are all learning including yourself we are no better than you and you are no better than us,  remember watch your mouth as not to become a prisoner of your words my dear friends, start feeling with your hearts quit being so cold towards one another let your heart shine thru the darkness i have faith in you.

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