The US Federal Reserve has been effectively subsumed by the new American Treasury Bank system and all that is now required is the series of announcements from the new American ‘caretaker’ government. A key component of this new banking setup is the worldwide hard-currency system which will convert the illegal and much-manipulated fiat system into an entity able to reflect ‘true’ values and to function as a ‘true’ medium of exchange.. - Sheldan Nidle - Sept.7, 2011







The United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom formed the Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers and central bank governors on Friday (99 days) in Marseille, France held a meeting to discuss how to take action to revitalization of the growing global economic slowdown  


A senior U.S. Treasury official on Wednesday (97) said Friday in France at the Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers meeting, one of Europe will become a major focus. The United States will fulfill the G7 meeting on aid commitments to European pressure.


U.S. Treasury official said the United States and Japan should take measures to promote economic growth, while Europe should focus on supporting the financial sector and the resolution of sovereign debt crisis.


Official said this weekend’s G7 meeting is an important issue, Europe’s most important priority is to take decisive action to address the continuing epidemic of financial and sovereign debt issues. This is the current global economic recovery, they can make the most important contributions, I think this will be the focus of attention.


Official said, taking into account the growth is very important for achieving financial targets, so we think there is an increase to the financial sustainability from an important feedback loop to support president’s employment plan.


G7 on Friday before the meeting, U.S. President Barack Obama’s nationally televised speech on Thursday disclosed a new employment plan. Obama’s job plan will be discussed at the G7 meeting, the United States at the meeting will be more concerned about the topic of employment and economic growth.


U.S. Treasury secretary in the G7 meeting, finance ministers to brief U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday announced plans to promote job growth, but the officials pointed out that the U.S. economy for maintaining the stability of Europe sound is also crucial.


U.S. Department of Labor (Department of Labor) 92 released data show that eight U.S. seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment was flat, is expected to increase 8.0 million people, the former value by increasing the downward revision to add 11.7 million 8.5 million; 8 unemployment rate held steady at 9.1%.


French Finance Minister Ba Luan said on Tuesday that the Group of Seven (G7) meeting in Marseille this weekend would examine how serious the economic situation to make concerted reaction. He said that France is consultation with all partners to discuss how to sustain economic growth, job creation and reduce debt.


G7 finance ministers on Saturday will not issue a final communique, but the French French Finance Minister Balu An will hold a press conference.


* *******Blah, blah, blah............Lies, lies, lies.....DISCLOSURE IS THE TOPIC!!*********



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  • hahaha I love how I read the whole thing and then found that at the end, made me chuckle :)
  • FYI...

    ...the photo is CGI.....no need to panic....i would NEVER post tragedy.....i leave "that" to CNN




  • Heheh.

    Here in the Netherlands spawned a new political party this week.

    The Souverein Onafhankelijke Partij Nederland (SOPN) Souvereign Independ Party Netherlands is led by a man from the Pleiades, GFOL member. They will focus on the changes at Earth because our current political parties have no clue what is going on. More to come. :)

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