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My latest PROBABLE FUTURE of the HARVEST is 2029. I was given this date as a result of the final work that was done to bring the EARTH'S CHAKRAS, Grids and Stargates to one hundred percent.
God told me that if I could accomplish that mission we would be in Probable Future 2029 and we would be in the most perfect of all possible Probable Futures.
That was before I learned about WWIII.
About one week after I finished raising the Earth's Consciousness throughe her Chakras, Grids and Stargates, God told me that the Second Seal would be broken if WWIII starts and that will change the Probable Future that I had created.
So, I asked God how to stop the war.
I had just used my twenty six scalar wave generators to raise the frequencies of the Grids, Chakras and Stargates.
God told me to use the generators to send specific algorythms into the tenth, eleventh and nineth dimensions to stop the wars.
He told me the tenth dimension was the most important. The tenth dimensionals are the terrorists causing trouble in Israel. I was given the algorithm to give the generators. It is a very simple process. You just speak the algorithim to the generator and tell it to send that frequency to where it needs to be. Or send it to the War in Israel.
I programmed most of my generators for the tenth and the rest for the others.
A few weeks later God told me it was too late.
He said the War will begin unless we can get a lot more
generators working really fast.
I told God that I would make it happen. I immediately ordered fifty generators from Aplicum in Slovenia.
Eventhough it would take a week for the generators to get me, since I was then the owner of the generators, Adama was able to immediately clone the generators and beam them into Telos.
Adama collected thos generators and several others and took them to Telos.
He then had 250 generators working on the War.
so, it was actually Adama who stopped the war from becoming the WWIII and the opening of the Second Seal.

So, next God told me that the war would had started if we did not get those generators when we did.

Now, we have a little time. We have time to stop that war completely.
We have time to stop all of the wars.

And it could be so easy, cheap and fast IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST HELP ME.

When God told me that we only had a few hours left to stop the war, I immediately went to the ApLicum purchase page and purchased fifty generators.
I was talking to Metatron when I received this information about the war.
I was calculating with Metatron. I said, well Metatron. I could buy these generators for about one hundred dollars each. So, if I got fifty of them that would be five thousand dollars. I asked God if fifty would be enough.
He said that would work in addition with what Adama could do. Adama could clone the generators and double the amount.
I said to Metatron, so I could stop WWIII for about five thousand dollars?
In that moment, I ordered the generators.
There was no doubt in my mind that it would be worth five thousand dollars to stop the wars.

If the wars are stopped with these generators it will give the Sun time to finish doing its thing and lead us into the Sign in June.

If we can get Peace by June we will be living in Heaven on Earth.
We will be in the fourth dimensional version of the third dimension.

ADAMA plans on walking on Earth this year. The Juwags are the raceline who will be the FIRST CONTACT next year.

There will be about five Racelines who are in Inner Earth besides the Lemurians who will surface next year.

All 12 Racelines are already working on repairing their spaceships at the Stargates that I repaired.

The LANDING will be complete by 2030. That means all original racelines will be living on Earth at that time.

However, the Harvest will be in 2029 or a little earlier.
Those who have raised their frequencies to at least 89- 99 percent
will be harvested.

I help people raise frequencies. Most of my students are in the very high eighty and ninety percent range.

Adama will invite those to Telos who are at least 95 percent.

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