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Massive sinkhole opens near elementary school

9:50 PM, Aug 20, 2012   |   0  comments
Photo courtesy WCYB.

A sinkhole that is more than 12 stories deep has opened up within just a few feet of a Tennessee elementary school.

The gaping h*** sits in the parking lot of Love Chapel School in Unicoi County.

Neighbors first spotted the sinkhole over the weekend. They say it keeps spreading and getting larger.

"The best we could measure was at 122 feet (deep) with the last 25 feet being water," said Unicoi County Director of Schools Denise Brown. "At that point I told them we would start filling it to try and keep it from growing. It might be a little safer if we get it filled."

This is the second sinkhole near the school recently.

The first sinkhole destroyed a pool adjacent to their property. Students weren't allowed on the playground for two and a half months while crews put up a fence and engineers did work on the property.

This time, the school has cancelled class for the week as administrators work to move students to another location indefinitely.

NOTE; So what's causing all of these sink holes. The main reason of course is the massive amounts of earth quakes happening deep underground. Even though they are happening world wide it seems most to be happening in the USA. I think that is because of all the drilling and storage of natural resources, fracking and all the tunnels and under ground structures being made by the DC. The USA is there home base where they have city's and military bases, roads and trains. But the DC under-world is world wide. We are in interesting times as mother Earth is also heating up and expanding from all the charged particles and neutrino beams hitting her, mostly from the Sun. Rev. Josh Adonai

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