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In great Love of all you Ones,  

Christ Michael.

11 September 2012 – Lord Siraya: Update on the Three Days of Darkness -Shellee-Kim

It is I, Siraya [Supreme Executive of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton, and Spokesperson for The Trinity Father], wishing for you to take a message if you are in agreement.

Time draws very, very near now to the D Day [the 3 Days of Darkness]. Please be in position, ready for the events to occur. We know you have many times previously being given warnings and asked to make necessary preparations. Perhaps some of you, as with this channel, will see this as another 'boy who cries wolf' scenario, as she fondly refers to these.

However, now it really is TIME. There are no further hindrances in our path, although conditions are not as perfect as we wish them to be. Yet we are choosing to proceed at this time, nonetheless.

We wish you all to know there are major flyovers to take place globally [following the 3 Days of Darkness period]. We will create something of a show for the people of Earth. It is important that Starfleet be perceived as playful and accessible, rather than the invasive, controlling dark forces your media and entertainment industries have painted us to be.


Also now there will be many Starfleet members ready to join with you. You have already been told somewhat about this. They will be on standby and available in an advisory capacity. Please be warned of that element in your various societies whose fear will drive them to lead an attempted revolution against us. They will not succeed in overturning our operation but they will certainly make big efforts in trying.  

You ones who are to be the way-showers now will be specially equipped with the activation of yourselves and, in addition, gifts that will be entrusted to you. These will serve to assist on your Earth in numerous ways during this teaching period and beyond. The ones in receipt of these will have been specially selected for their integrity, level of commitment and therefore ability to use these most responsibly and for the benefit of the whole.  This channel has already made mention of this gifting some time ago in a previous channeled message.

                In the ensuing chaos of the first week or two after the 3 Days of Darkness we will make food available for people. This will be distributed from various depots to supermarket outlets, which will temporarily be run by us. Thereafter and once things have settled down, a new system will be in place with coupons/vouchers being used to exchange for food. 

One of the first things to be addressed will be an alternative to the harmful fossil fuels your multinationals have so encouraged for profit. And it will no longer be necessary to use this type of fuel for the running of your vehicles, as we will be introducing one of our technologies. This will mean your cars will largely be running on a form of hydro electricity/water. Thus eliminating all the harm fossil fuels have brought to your beloved Planet. There have already been past efforts to bring forth this alternative to your people, but once again this was either met with dismissal or suppression, by all except a tiny portion of the population.

      Forewarned is forearmed, as they say on your Planet. There is more which will follow in the days ahead, if you would be so gracious as to co-operate. As you go forth with cheer in your hearts,

I AM Siraya.

12 September 2012 - Christ Michael: The Wait is Over - Rubens

This is Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon;  I have chosen to come to this Scribe to announce officially that the wait is over.  Yes, Dear Ones, as you were told by Siraya and Jesus, the Three Days of Darkness is upon you, that is to say that it can transpire within moments of your time; I am not by any means telling you the exact time that it will occur but, I want it known that I have PRESSED THE BUTTON, to use one of your phrases.

Manifestation will take shape in your realm shortly.  Watch the sky and you will know unequivocally that it is so.   I know that we have told you that on many instances and that, in a way, is a hindrance because many of you do not know whether or not this a message addressed to the Dark Ones or to you, my “Children” per say; I want this information to be known around the world and there are many around the globe who will receive this information and pass it on to the populace.  THIS IS SERIOUS folks.  Belief is a choice that you will not have in this very instance for it will impact you no matter where you are.

            Prepare yourselves as we have told you many times and remain CALM.

This is Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon and I have given my “Seal of Approval” upon this message!

The above events could possibly devolve into the following scenario:

Starting from the 14th of August 2012 through to, and reaching its peak at the Autumn/Fall Solstice, an immensely powerful range of celestial transformational energies are being beamed at Planet Earth – so much so that the Galactic Federation is having to step these energies down to prevent extensive damage to us and our electrical systems. It is therefore very likely that the “Three Days of Darkness” and Mini-Stasis could come around the 21st of September 2012.

That would then give us a three months interim "Disclosure/Learning Period" until the prophesied "Final Deadline" date of the 21st of December 2012 for the commencement of the final Ascension process to begin. That date also coincides with the ending of the Mayan Calendar and is also the official starting point of the new Aquarian Age. These intervening three months would enable the Galactic Federation's long sought after period of "Disclosure" to manifest, when they would be able to safely land amongst us and share their knowledge of many new technologies, such as Free-energy systems. They could also show us many examples of life on other worlds through their videos. They will also be able to reveal much of the hidden “behind the scenes” governmental and financial activities going on to our previous detriment. Indeed, the "Veil" surrounding quarantined Planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years since the "Lucifer Rebellion(see Book I) will now at last be finally lifted and we shall henceforth have access to all the knowledge we desire within the Universe


Since everyone emerging from the Mini-Stasis (a "lost moment in time", details of which will not be recalled by those who participated in it) will now be at the 4th dimensional vibration rate, all forms of aggression, corruption and deception will be greatly diminished in this heightened vibrational environment, and many illnesses and even bodily deformities will gradually disappear. Our full mental capacities will at last be once again completely restored from their present low level of 10-20%. From this time on we shall also be starting to look for new social and financial systems, such as ensuring reliable investment for industry to promote maximum prosperity coupled with a fair distribution of income and fair prices. We shall also be planning a new urban and rural environment as well as new forms of community transport to replace the present car-led transport chaos.

       Although the 21st of December 2012 will finally trigger our long awaited Ascension process, we will also then need another longer Stasis period, the predicted “Major/Long Stasis” as outlined by Christ Michael and Esu/Jesus in their previous messages. This could last anywhere between two and four years, during which most of the coming “Earth Changes” will be undertaken by the Galactic Federation along with the assistance of Earth's Lightworker volunteers. This includes a major cleaning up of Earth's polluted environment, as well as dealing with the necessary adjustments resulting from the sinking and rising of new land-masses, including the re-emergence of the Continent of Atlantis, much of which will be caused by a "Pole Reversal" and a possible small degree of Pole shift. Those within Stasis in areas of possible danger will of course be relocated to a safe area, or uplifted to the Motherships or possibly be taken down into the Crystal Cities of Inner Earth. During that period, there will be many of Earth's population who will have already decided to move on elsewhere, either back to their original Home Planets, or for those who do not yet feel ready to move up to a higher Dimension, to another Third Dimension Planet offering them the further learning and evolutionary possibilities that they need. This may well leave a population of only about one third remaining on Earth. Another important purpose of the "Long Stasis" is to be gently raising, during that period, the remaining inhabitants up to the 5th Dimension, a level at which the New Earth will henceforth be functioning on alongside its neighbouring Planets within our Solar System. 


(Much more very important information on various aspects of Christ Michael's Earth Ascension Plan and also more detailed descriptions of the "Stasis" process is available in the Christ Michael ATON Archive document - see the Christ Michael Archive Link below).

Following the "Long Stasis", Esu/Jesus/Sananda will be descending to Earth (the long-prophesied "Second Coming") for a period as Planetary Prince/Regent. The Planetary Prince will be fulfilling a Constitutional role to oversee the upholding of Earth's new Constitution, which apart from laying down the basic rules, obligations and limitations on Earth's Governments, enshrines the basic code of Human conduct "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It will be ensuring that day-today governance by Earth's Leaders is conducted with honesty, propriety and in accordance with the newly established ruling Constitutional "Principle of Liberty":"Freedom up to the point where you do not infringe the freedom of another".

And so will follow the new Aquarian “Golden Age of Peace & Prosperity” of over two thousand years on Earth.


 Christ Michael of Nebadon & Esu/Jesus: Archive of Messages 2005-2011 

For a Compendium-Archive of Messages from the Galactic Federation of Light & the Regional Council on Sirius B
for the years 1997-2012

Galactic Federation of Light - Updates Archive 1997-2012


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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 15, 2012 at 11:40am

Maybe the 3DD will be the ''Real'' Disclosure that we have been waiting for. Sence the DC refuses to give in or release Disclosure of Ets. ''Disclosure'' has become something more than just up in your face space craft but it now represents a means of which people will finally believe all that we have been teaching to those around us, even if some of us or those ''johnny come lately'' light workers. No one believes us anymore, that is the people around us and outside of the sites such as this one. Anyway I think when this happens , it will be a wake up call for all of those who were in doubt and needed proof.This shocking proof will be a kicker for them. During that time and a long time after people will be coming to us , to get answers, most will be scared and it is part of our job to calm them down. Of course we can't tell them the real ''Truth'' for they wont understand it, many light workers just understand the basics.

            Like I said I give the story that was given to us to tell them, that it is a eclipse of a planet that has been behind the sun and is now rotating in front of it, and besides this could be a good thing as the planets core needs to settle down, it may have gotten to hot from the 2nd sun, which has been seen in certain parts of the world for the last 5yrs. Main thing is to tell people to prepare. Most people live from day to day and are not prepared for anything that should happen to them. And stock up extra yourself as these folks will be coming to you for supplies. Time is very short so we need to get busy. And if it doesn't happen then, I believe it will happen in the next mo. It has to for to many things depend on this event and we have run out of time. Remember to stay calm and help others to do the same, it will be a good time to catch up on that sleep, that we all need but have been putting off. What more can I say, its now or never, lets do it.Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 14, 2012 at 8:58am

I am like the rest of you, I do have my doubt's. But like Aninia said , we don't want to be caught with our pants down when it happens. And sense this is from Creator Michael (I hope) and a new source Siraya, I am hoping that it is correct, I want it to be, maybe we are the ones that manifest it. Anyway I have begun to tell people again, even though they said that I have said that before and I have. I tell them that it is likely, it could happen on that date but if not then it should happen in the following mo. My wi-fi server are very bad at this time and I just now changed the title from-to be, to-could be. Anyway its a hard choice to make, to tell people or not. I tell everyone to put food and fuel away,candles and portable lights. Its better Safe than Sorry.I explain to them that the earth has to cool down anyway as a planet is going to come in front of the sun and we will have an eclipse of simi near darkness, like on a half Moon.They can understand that a bit.

    I know we have all been through this before and I have been waiting for 41 yrs for my visionary dreams to come true or at least part of them and this 3dd was one of the main things that I saw but didn't understand until I read about it in 87 or 88. There are many story's of how its going to take place. And for us now Time as we know it is running short. After this 3DD we only have 3 mo's left before the next big event, thats not much time to do all the things that they are talking about. I do think many of us will be in 4D for awhile as we work our way up the ladder and help those below us to climb. But whatever you believe and want to happen to you is probably what will happen to you, which is confusing for most people. But it all in there holy books if they would read them or if there spiritual leaders would speak to them of the predictions in there holy books. So stay Calm, get ready and be Safe.Adonai


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