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Dying Horizontally not Vertically Through DNA Unravelling Channeler: Anarchistbanjo

Oct 10, 2015, a new phase has begun in the ascension process. Since the events of yesterday when the master timeline, Gaia's collective timeline was finalized, the doors of heaven closed. What this means is that all living things made their choice to move into the spirit worlds or to return to a new physical 3D. These are both currently superimposed over each other but now beginning to drift apart. This drifting apart is because the DNA is organic and awareness is driven by the organic vital life force while the physical body is kept alive through chemical reactions.

The massive interplay of energies upon our physical bodies has been unravelling our DNA and cleansing it. Now that the new base frequency has been achieved those choosing further mortal 3D embodiment (magnetic south pole orientation) will find their own DNA beginning to tighten back together for further life in the chemical driven mortal physical body. The main reason for choosing this option is the opportunity for greater and faster soul growth than existing in the spirit realms where advancement and growth is not as easy or quick.

Those ascended souls choosing to remain in the spiritual realms will continue the unravelling process of their DNA and gradually dissolve the chemical bond keeping their mortal physical bodies alive. In doing this their awareness will transfer to a pure energetic signature at each level according to individual ability. In essence this is a "horizontal" way of dying or crossing over, one that happens in increments. One where "out of body" experiences" become the norm.

It involves the creation of the "observer self" or soul which is the watcher that watches us in our dreams. As the DNA unravels parts of our awareness are transferred over to this "observer self". The longer we can remain in mortal physical bodies from this point on the greater the unraveling of the DNA and the more parts of our awareness can be transferred to our immortal "observer self". At some point the final transfer of consciousness will complete and our awareness will have shifted in a horizontal fashion into our newly created non physical body. The more parts of awareness that we are able to transfer, the more our new non physical world will seem like physical 3D.

To many it will appear as if we are still in mortal physical 3D until we notice how much more easily we can manifest things in our lives. We will now also begin to notice the healing process as non-compatible elements of our physical bodies begin to drop away or die away. This will be followed by a regenerative process that is based upon our "observer self".

bright blessings


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