My Dear Friends;- So many of our young people today are caught up into the dark
world of drugs and alienation followed by despair and extremely lonely
lifestyles that are very destructive to the many people who are connected with
it. There are initiates who specialize in these sort of matters, and their work
is proving to be quite successful in the bulk of addicts who are trying to kick
the habit. These initiates are scattered all over the world, and are working as
hard as they can in giving to these addicts a mantra that is so very powerful as
to give a vision of what they could be without the drug enslavement. They are
given a vision of what their lives could be as a work of service,and many have
been healed and are no more on drugs ,and the vicious cycle they have upon our
young people today.

Their are initiates and members of the ``New Group of World Servers`` who are
doing their best at helping our young people to over come their destructive
cycle which ,if not checked will leave them to a state in the Bardo for many
eons to come.
I myself was addicted for a very long time., and my life was
unmanageable in the true sense of the word. The addictions of our young people
today are are of in such a state that many have given up on all hope ,and it is
soon after this that the person becomes sucked of their life forces and are soon
facing grave illness and in time death as a result of liver or extreme brain
damage and mental illness.

Those of us who are involved with this work such as the initiates and as well
as those who are members of the ``New Group of World Servers do all that we can
at the helping those who are now in the rut of drug addiction before they lose
their minds and as well as their dignity.
I myself have friends who have
destroyed their lives to the point of no return,and some of them are now
prematurely dead because of demonic drugs now making their way into the
elementary schools all over North America
All of this tells me one thing only
,and that is the fact that our younger people to day have for many decades been
in a state of what we occultists know as ``spiritual starvation``.With
Maitreya`s energies now entering our planet many are beginning to see the very
cause of this destructive lifestyle and are doing all that they can at wrestling
their way out into a greater measure of light and that life more abundant.

It is the job of all initiates and as well as the members of the ``New Group
of World Servers`` to be on the look out for these suffering units of the human
race and to help them in what ever capacity we can in getting them help and to
see that they try using the mantras that evoke the best within themselves and to
make their way into a measure of sanity.
The sad reality is that we are still
seeing many who are dying and living miserable and stunted lives as all of their
soul creativity remains within a state of non activity and remains dormant for
many incarnations to come until ,through the forces of evolution these souls
will overcome their addiction within ,or after a series of incarnations when the
ex addict finally begins to aspire and to really be apart of something much
bigger than himself.This doe`s not mean that one could not overcome the
addiction itself ,but only if a extraordinary use of the divine will that lies
deep within us all is some how summoned to take charge of the addiction and to
free themselves from their small outlook on life so that in time they perhaps
develop a selfless desire to serve in some capacity..anything is possible.

Our job is to give addicts a vision of what their lives could be if they were
not caught up in the vicious cycle of drug abuse and to give them a mantra that
will provide them with a ray of hope as they live out their lives. It is my
information that this experiment is working out rather well in many places all
over the world, within cities such as Los Angeles.New
York.Toronto,Turkey,various places in the Orient and so on ,and as well as
myself and a small group of others who are dedicated to this rewarding kind of
work. So many of our young people today seem to be lost ,and are very frightened
as to the condition of our world today and many take up to the use of drugs to
make them feel more confident about themselves,and once that drug is not theirs
anymore they commit all kinds of crimes such as mugging people in the street
,along with other unspeakable crimes to get the money and to start the whole
cycle that gets them nowhere ,so somewhere down the line This activity must come
to an end,hence better human relationships and love filled with joy on the road
of sobriety.

As for myself I have lost alot of friends during the my 20s, and a few of
them were very good friends of mine and who were very talented musicians who had
a very good future for themselves if they would have not have gotten into the
hard drugs.
Those who died during a drug overdose ,or suicide will awaken on
the lower and dark astral planes where all they feared the most while alive on
earth will manifest within their self made hell for ages of time to come ,and
after they have purified themselves through strenuous action will ,in
time,wrestle their way into ,and be reborn into Devachan,a place of unalloyed
bliss where the woes and sufferings of life on earth are not known or remembered
during this blissful state.So when the time comes for the soul to come back into
incarnation the then, man or woman, will be given a series of incarnations to
undo the damage done to his ,or her`s life and of course other damaged units one
has hurt by the working out of the divine law of retribution life after life
until one cleansed oneself and is ready to move on to higher work leaving the
ego-soul the more wiser.

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  • Go On! after the rough comes the smooth :)
  • Thank you so much for your imput my friend.
  • So true and I too have seen good friends whom where parents, or not with what could have been amazing futures ahead torn apart by drugs with some sadly losing their lives before their time due to hard drug addiction.  Spiritually starved minds is what a lot of them are going through.  I know during my experimental stage it was something I was missing and I am just grateful everyday I awoke spiritually and that it all changed for me.  Helping others is vital that are caught up in this dark matrix, Thank you for posting :)
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