Dorothy & Toto...and The Dancing Sharks
For "The Wicked Witch of The East" is dead...
 (January 23, 2015, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
...Now what?
Somewhere in-between here and there...
  ​ ​
Between the never, never and ebacanzer...
WE ARE.....
Stuck for some and fluid for others, I NOW find myself....to BE...
Like YOU...
No longer wishing upon a star, but rather wishing upon a canvass...
That is to BE a master piece.
At first glance....empty of ALL.
Is it the brush against the canvass that creates a work of wonder, a work of art.....or...
Does the hand holding the brush control the very essence of each bristle?
Does it matter?
With that said, where and what is the motivation behind the hand?
And furthermore, what is behind what is behind.....and so on....and so forth.....?
Lost in translation? 
Or merely lost?
Like Dorothy & Toto...
Once swept away by a tornado of cleverly misused words in a spell of dis- ILLUSION.
Finding a LION....
a TIN MAN....
And of course... a SCARECROW.
"Some" of the necessary "elements" of WAR and FEAR.
However, a ( robotic ) Lion with no Courage ( and red eyes )?
A Tin Man with no Heart?
And a Scarecrow with no Brain?
Paper Tigers...
And behind "it" all.....
A Curtain.
Which is NOW lifting to reveal the silly little men pulling the strings...
Tisk, tisk....
What a charade.
For life WAS but a stage...
...portrayed on a mass scale like that of the Super Bowl.
And now....the "ball" is back in the East
And "WE" were merely actors playing OUR parts.
Entertained spectators at best
Like Dorothy, Toto, the Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow...
Following the "yellow brick" road which was cleverly laid beneath out feet.
Well the "road" has ended.
And where do WE NOW find ourselves to BE?
In AWE ?
Or Oz?
The choice is yours.
Or is it?
As you find yourself dancing to the rhythmic drums of a dying WAR MACHINE
With dancing sharks all around you.
TA DA!!!
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