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Do you know all the truth about universe and GOD ?

Unfortunately no one religion on Earth contains all the truth about .Search to find the absolute , a good teacher is Jesus but only Hes original teaches not the interpretations given by any religion translations.I recommend to read deeply and carefully Ashtar Sheran messages, here you will find all the truth and help explanations without mankind interventions.

Don't be a misleading soul ! Open your mind trust your Creator and light up your soul because you are a part of universe.

Peace .......John.

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Comment by JustaV6 on January 18, 2013 at 10:56am

All Religions are a shame IMO. People made Religions, not Buddha, Krishna, or Christ. Most people that started religions had greed and self motivation in mind. We may never know the truth in our lifetime. It would not hurt to be familiar with all religions, as together they may give a more balanced outlook on things, and in some Science and one has the makings of a truer form of Spirituality. I dislike the word Religion, as there have been far too many lives uselessly wasted because of it.

I believe that the way to God starts with meditation and to be self aware. To know that you are the center of all that is. If the Universe goes on forever in each direction, are you not the center of it? I have no "Ascended Masters", the ones like Buddha, Christ or a dozen other enlightened being would be the last to label themselves your Master.

Your life on this plain is all about self, and knowing that you are actually connected to everything else in some shape or form. I would rather to blaze my own trail to God, than to follow the blind or corrupt. Look within yourself for the answers. I have not found them all yet, but I have gained much understanding.

Comment by Nath Yogi on January 18, 2013 at 6:55am

Those who know the truth proclaim that they belong to true religion. Jesus, Buddha, Lord Krishna etc. will not now come to teach you. They are like golden ornaments worthy to be adored, but not to fight in their name. Even if truth is expressed it is difficult to comprehend. That is why the world is lack of this knowledge though there were many prophets and teachers.


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