"...the worlds first PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) DNA profiling of a biological material imploicated in a alien abduction experience. The analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal genetic, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid - one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except African pymies and aboriginals.

There was a strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA. The study concluded, "The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much color in her hair or skin as a form of protection against the sun, perhaps because she doesn't require it."


Do these ET entities who came to Khury live underground or in the mountains? ... we can only wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • hello Anu, yes i hope u find it interesting when you watch  :)

  • wow! that's interesting chechi.. am watching it.

  •  thats soo interesting Ivy!

    (i do know they can monitor our thoughts to study/observe)

    infact its an area im v interested in telepathy.

    Drekx can tell us more as he does it everyday im sure, lol

    Maybe they are not dreams your seeing Ivy but seen from ya pineal gland?!!!

    exciting stuff!!

  • thanx Ivy, the more info the better :)

    Yes the documentary has been done a while ago although some may have not seen it :)

    ---its good to share because some require proof of ET existance!


  • yes friends  i think this poor et lady had a bite mark on her nipple when she left him lol,

    ---but i think he did it because he thought he was having a sexy dream, but realised it was real after that she tasted like acid (he said)... lol

    Thats so interesting drekx.

    My first thought was that they was taking his dna samples for that purpose of probing and getting dna.

    I did wonder  too why they chose him? he isnt brad pitt is he? lol... but yes the dark hair and olive skin does fit the bill of offering more resistance to the sun, so that makes sense!

    I can imagine others around the world are having similar dreams of these creatures lol

    Thanks you guys :)

    Much Love! <3 <3

  • Yesterday I was intrigued by this evidence and decided to ask what these ET females were doing and who they were...

    Interesting answers came back from Mikala, who is a Sirian Flight Crew Exo-paleontologist, and part of the S&E fleet, First Contact mission....

    The females were, of course, attempting to obtain male semen and had selected a male subject for his genetics, which were suitable for producing offspring, raised offworld, who would later return to earth and "FIT IN" perfectly within Earth society, possessing dark hair genetics, offering better resistance to the harsh surface sun environment...

    The females were part of a team, teacher/students, achieving similar results around the world...One of which was in Brazil...a farmer. Though not covered in your vid here...

    These ETs were from planet Kudra, Njsan star system, Lyra constellation....and were the race that settled on earth in Lemurian times, helping in the creation of the Atlantean civillisation......They possess porcelain white skin and blond hair, although there are varieties, which also include yellow skin and brown eyes...Some Njsans have blue eyes, in spite of possessing "Asiatic" features...Akin to the Sino-Japanese...

    Note that "Cacasian" earth humans also originate within the Lyra system, but from a different planet known to us as "Sater."


  • Haha there are many tall blondes whom dont belong to this sun baked Planet .

  • Good info, thanks :)

    I'm all for welcoming galactics, but I might bite too if they came jumping on my bed lol. Sorry starguys and girls, my bed's off limits, no matter how hot looking you may be haha.

  • is that a question for me Cal?


  • Why would you want to bite a hot ET's nipple?

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