by Dr.Angela Barnett.

DNA is the place where the realities, or holographic movies are stored within the body template. It is like a filing system of different realities. The present reality that is being stored in the Mass Consciousness is a reality of the physical five senses.

DNA is SUPPOSED to be made from the overtones of the spiritual parallel reality woven into the base tones of the physical reality. This is why our Consciousness becomes much more aware and in tune with a much larger amount of KNOWING, the more the DNA is activated. In reverse, we can actually promote the activation of the DNA with CORRECT KNOWING.

Scientifically speaking, in order to activate DNA, we need to spin and braid the Consciousness Fields of the Spiritual Parallel Reality into the Base Tones of the physical reality. Unfortunately, we have been living with our first through sixth base tones of our Root Race disconnected from our seventh through twelfth over tones of our Cloister Race of the Spiritual Domain. Notice that the Root Race itself was also divided into 12 sub racelines, so the activations must take place on a Mass Consciousness level before they can activate the Individual.

The Guardians gave us a temporary Quick Fix to the problem of solving the problem at the mass level of consciousness. We were given the formula to create the Maharic Shield around our body which connects our consciousness of our Christ Self to the larger D-12 Christos Blue Print of the entire species. That formula of Ma ha ra ta mu A va Kee ra shay ha sha is the back ground to every album I create.

The meaning of that God Language Code is  anything or anyone who is not Christic can not enter my field of reality. It means that I am in the fabric of my Christic Reality that has been activated by Cosmic Consciousness. In order create this field of protection that I place in the music through my Consciousness, I use this formula:

First, I  activate the Christ Star 12 dimensional Merkaba 12 inches above my head and then inhale that into my mid brain to create the Oneness Attunement of my body and my Christic Body. Next I exhale that merkaba down into the Crystal Core Domain of the 13.5 Cosmic Level of Inner Earth and collect the Cosmic Activation Frequencies and then Inhale up to 12 inches below the Earth's Crust to connect to the Christic Frequencies.

Next, I spin the Cosmic and Christ Frequencies together in the Merkaba, which creates a Plasma Sphere, and then I exhale that sphere of Consciousness up through my body and around my body.

That Maharic Shield around my body connects me to the D-12 Christic Blue Print. Next, that connects me with my 1728 Angelic human Versions of myself in Time Vectors spred across time and we all share the same 12 strand DNA template. When activated, the 12 strands of the 12 strand DNA template serve as electro magnetic windows or internal stargates that merge all 1728 selves together to create an Eternal Christos Avatar Identity that manifests simultaneously in versions of my reality accross all time.

When we spin more and more of the frequencies of the spiritual, etheric, breath like, and yet powerful Consciousness into the Merkaba activation, the DNA becomes filled with a different reality. The reality expands from only knowing the five senses as reality into knowing that there are many other realities beyond the five senses.

What is the DNA activated to do? It is being activated to see the new reality that we have been disconnected from-- the reality that EYES cannot see and EARS cannot hear. It is the spiritual reality that is invisible to us as long as our sub harmonics are unplugged between the base tones and over tones.

What are the base tones and over tones? The connection of our Consciousness into the Inner Earth and Aquafaria, into Sirius B, into Sun Alcyone, into the Aquarius Matrix, into the Cosmic Blanket of the Cosmaya, and into the Mind of God. How do we connect the base tones and over tones? We breathe together the anti particle spiritual over tones into the particle universe physical base tones and spin and braid them together. We are, in fact, connecting our Consciousness, which is the Primal Life Force Current that is in all dimensional levels or density levels of that original perfect reality.

The newest set of Frequencies of Consciousness that I have been recording over the past few weeks combine everything that I just explained. Many of those albums already had hundreds of layers of breaths lain over another hundred.

The newest CD album ADVANCED DNA ACTIVATION,  and 12DNA ACTIVATION mp3 album  both include the God Language that was given to activate the 12 sub harmonics in the 12 strand human angelic, the activation within the cellular memory of the spiritual Coushas transmuting the old AEKASHIC records, the Illumination of the AEKASHA- 12th dimensional consciousness into the pineal gland, and the names of the music of the spheres for the fifth sphere. This God Language is mostly what your ears will still hear, because it is the closest thing to your old five senses understanding of should be heard.

The mp3 is availabe now. The CD will be available next week, and then DVD will ready before Christmas.

Questions-- krystalaimagic@gmail.com

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