Divided They Fall. By; Mike j Hughes

8108685060?profile=originalJust during my short time on this planet I have come across over 200 people who were targeted as the anti-Christ by the many denomination and sects of the church and the fundamental christian church.Each time a great humanitarian will come forth and will come up with some fantastic ways of changing our world ,and to bring a measure of peace and justice into our world ,and behold they are called the anti-Christ.every person down through our history who may not a christian,and who may not follow the dead letter of a “bible“are going to be sent off and through into what I see as a ridiculous kind of hell..To my mind the Christians and their so many divisions are simply so very confused due to the millions of doctrines and with each denomination saying that they alone have the final word on the nature of what truth is.A kingdom that is divided against itself will crumble.

So now we can see how confused the christian church really is ,and therefore are now in a position to teach from a bible that has been doctored,and thus the bible is so filled with theological abuses going back to a time when the early church used fear to keep control over the masses.The bible is no longer a accurate document of our history nor in that case of teaching from.The bible is now only an man made abomination that many should have grown out of by now.Everyone they claimed to be the anti,Christ never turned out to be so,and so they are giving out dis information.They are so very confused and are always arguing amongst themselves,and are therefore are in no condition or have the right to be passing on their confusing doctrines to the future until they have a more sound understanding about themselves and what the meaning of live is all about ,for they have not a single clue,to keep the shame untold.

To my mind the false doctrines of what we have come understand as fundamentalists
Christians and their doctrines are now in their death throes

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  • I agree mostly, but caution so as not to underestimate the blood-drinking, zombie-worshipping, mind control death-cultists.  The leaders of these have never believed their own dogma anyway.  It was always just a means to power, riches , and control.  They murdered the sects that were actually about spirituality and higher consciousness centuries ago.  For example, the Cathars of France and earlier, the Gnostics.  They certainly don't want a free-thinking and enlightened people.  Fear and ignorance ruthlessly enforced.  It continues to this day, unfortunately.  Here's hoping not for much longer.

  • I So agree, THANKS for posting...The Fundamentalist Churches and many other denominations are only worried about upholding status quo and keeping their power and control in tact. They rely on the sheeple not to question authority, so they can rule them with fearful propaganda.  Its sad how so many people are afraid to up their hearts and minds to higher knowledge, because they fear they aren't being loyal to their faith. I wonder how many will leave this Planet and be like gosh, darn, I've been had...AGAIN! arghhh..

    So hopefully yes, the fundamentalist Christians and their fearful doctrines are now in their death throes...PEACE AND LOVE!



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