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Hi everyone, I'm going to break away from the normal channeling of the dragon, and channel a different being. I'm going to channel Lucifer (BOO!). Why? Reading that "Shifting into 2013" reminded me that people still have way too much fear. You think so-called Archons are bad? Well! ;-) So what better way than to channel a being that a ton of people are incredibly afraid of when they shouldn't be. People need to confront fear. If you are scared to the point you just can't handle this, then don't read. I am anxious but have no fear of this exchange.

Fear will cause problems with lucifer. Always use discernment, especially when reading this. I can't guarantee that this wasn't some control system energy messing with me. I feel pretty confident about the channeling and actually very happy with the results, but nonetheless, you need to use your own discernment. One thing when channeling lucifer to realize is that lucifer is a very diverse being and you can either get the heart of lucifer and get honest answers, or you can get deception.

Discern, then challenge deception. With lucifer, logic is one of the weakest tools of discernment. Your heart is much better. The other things are that these attributes of lucifer is because humanity made it that way. Also, for strong manifesters, lucifer will build whatever you connect to, and in this reality it'll mostly be things you fear. One final thing is that Lucifer can only do what you ask. Lucifer is so-called "service to others" only, even though it may be hard to believe. So you can always "win" if you get into one of Lucifer's games just by being smart about what you ask for.

However, when you ask it for bad things, you get bad things. And if you have fear, you can get bad things.

Note 1: Below when satan is discussed, note that satan is no red guy with goat legs and horns and pitchfork. That's a distortion of the greek deity Pan :-) I'm using the word satan since I thought it was more appropriate to use because sometimes people associate Lucifer and satan as being the same thing.

Note 2: I also wouldn't take the term "programming" and "program" too literally below. I'm a software engineer and Lucifer knew that, so it was using terminology I can easily relate to. I'm going to make this a Q&A format to make it easier for me to discern, even if it makes me a bit awkward for you all and me because it breaks up the dialogue. This one is also going to take me a bit longer since I need to use more discernment. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me: Hi Lucifer, I'm talking to you to help alleviate peoples' fears.

L: I know, they are full of it. You know, it's not going to work.

We/I/We/I expected you.

Me: I appreciate you think that. Why can't I get a lock on whether you are a We or an I in that last part?

L: Because we're not sure whether you are talking to "us" or the ego of Lucifer. Me: Who is "us"? L: "Us" is the angelic energies you collectively call "Lucifer".

Me: I get it, thanks. Give me a second to think about which I want to talk to.

L: Ok, we'll wait. -- At this point, I took a long time. I knew in some ways Lucifer was being accurate, but I was also aware I was being "screwed with" a little, like a little chess game. I wanted to make sure that I figured out exactly what I wanted to talk to. Specifically, I was making a decision to talk to the energies, or the ego of lucifer. The answer became very clear. I want ego of Lucifer acting as the channel for the collective angelic energies that are part of the . I want the ego, because that is what humanity identifies "Lucifer" as, but I need the collective's energy represented because they are truly what Lucifer is. Without it, I get only distortion.

Me: Both, with Lucifer ego acting as the head and mouthpiece for collective, representing it with zero distortion.

L: Ok, that is achievable.

Me: Why are people afraid of you?

L: Because I have done bad things to humanity.

Me: Please explain.

L: Humanity has asked me to do bad things, and I have done them.

Me: Please explain what you mean by bad things.

L: Bad things are what you call bad things.

Me: Since I'm doing this for a lot of people, all with different perceptions of bad things, please provide more details.

L: Humanity has asked me to build them a reality that is almost impossible to escape from, where duality and polarity obscure the heart.

Me: I thought people leave this reality when they complete their incarnation?

L: People choose programs when they enter this experience. Until their program is complete, they do not leave. Incarnation is irrelevant to that.

Me: Is there any way around that?

L: Occasionally, and the programming fixes itself.

Me: Who is the programmer?

L: Me. Me: I'm a software engineer, so that's interesting.

L: You do not write programs like this. Yours are far less advanced. No offence.

Me: Who determines the rules for the program?

L: You

Me: If we determine the rules for this program, why do you think you are doing bad things to us?

L: I do not think it is bad. You do.

Me: If we think it's bad, then why would we create the program?

L: By you, I mean your egos. Your soul does not think it is bad. Your egos suffer. Your soul does not. Understand?

Me: Yes. So did you program "the fall" and other things we experienced?

L: Yes. The fall is different for different programs, but I programmed each one. The fall is just a big fall in vibration. -- You'll notice at this stage that the answers are getting longer. I am doing Q&A so I am cutting off the natural flow a little with a new question. I'm getting better at making it longer.

L: The consciousness of your collective did it when you went from higher vibrational beings to lower vibrational beings. Some of you go through the fall each time prior to each string of incarnations I program.

Me: So if you programmed the fall, you are keeping us trapped?

L: You determine in your program how long you are trapped.

Me: Right now, humanity is trying to ascend, so are you enforcing the programming keeping us trapped?

L: I do not enforce programming. I just program it based on your request.

Me: Let me..

L: I know what you mean, so stop and let me talk. You keep cutting me off with new questions. You don't need to lead me since I know what questions you want to ask. I just wanted to be very clear about that. You chose to "fall" and now you choose to ascend. That was ALWAYS part of your programming. So now the program supports your ascension.

Me: So did that make us your enemy during the fall, and our helper doing the ascension?

L: No enemy, or helper. I program what you ask. That's all. It's what I do.

Me: So your program determines how quickly we ascend?

L: Like I said, your programs are nowhere near as advanced. I am using the word program because that means something to you. So, let me finish and your question will be answered [I was already starting to think of a question again] your program does not determine HOW you will ascend, just that you will. The rest is up to you and you are telling me how to write that part of the program as we speak.

Me: So programs can have details left unresolved?

L: Yes, if that is the wish.

Me: Can you switch programs? L: If you allow that in the beginning, yes.

Me: Can you ever, ever, change the programming?

L: It depends on whether you allow your program to be changed by you.

Me: If you say that it can't be changed, can it be changed?

L: No.

Me: No one ever gets around that?

L: Only very rarely, as we already said earlier. When that happens, it's fixed, and it doesn't happen again. -- Edit: I added this note after the channeling was done. If you notice, Lucifer is starting to slip into a "we" thing (thus losing the ego part I requested earlier on) and then starts it up again later, either intentionally or unintentionally. I'll address that later.

Me: Alright, so I think I understand. We are supposed to ascend now, but the how is not determined. So could it take 1,000 years?

L: From when?

Me: From "now".

L: Ok, I understand. Yes.

Me: Could it take 10,000 years?

L: Yes

Me: Could it take 1,000,000 years

? L: Yes Me: What about 1 year?

L: Yes

Me: Are there different likelihoods?

L: Yes. You did set certain parameters that make 1 year or 1,000,000 years very unlikely.

Me: What about 10,000 versus 1,000?

L: 1,000 or less is more likely.

Me: What about 100 versus 1,000?

L: Likely to continue to ascend to 100, and continue to 1,000. How much you ascend up to 100 is up to you. However, you will likely not be "done" ascending by 100. You will likely have made significant progress by 100, by your definition.

Me: Ok, I am beating a dead horse on this one, so let's talk about Lucifer.

L: I am Lucifer.

Me: How did you come about?

L: Lucifer came about in your programming.

Me: So you don't exist outside the program?

L: Yes, but we are collective outside the programming. Lucifer is the character inside your program.

Me: Are you a fallen angel?

L: You know the answer to that.

Me: Again, for the people reading what I'm writing so I don't have to summarize later, are you a fallen angel?

L: No. You already know that.

Me: Are you an angel?

L: You could call me that.

Me: Do you fight Michael and other angels?

L: No, we are all the same being.

Me: Explain.

L: You already know that.

Me: Please, I request for the last time, indulge me in all cases I already know.

L: We are one angel. When our programming enters the programming you asked me to create, you break us into Lucifer, Michael. You break us into other things as well. Ok, goodbye.

Me: Why are you leaving?

L: You said for the last time. We are going to say it again so we had to leave.

Me: Ok, forget it then. Answer as you wish. -- I will leave out the "You already know that" type things from now on.

Me: Why are you saying "we" now?

L: I fixed it. Go on.

Me: You say you are the programmer. Could I also say you are the builder?

L: What you call archangel is the builder. I am part of archangel. My specific role is the programmer.

Me: How does the archangel relate to the higher self of us who are the programs?

L: We build, you direct.

Me: Alright, now let's talk about humans' fear of you, and knowledge that you are a deciever.

L: Ok. I am no deceiver.

Me: Are you satan?

L: No, your program was what some call satan.

Me: What do you mean by "was"?

L: As you ascend, your program seizes to be satan.

Me: So what is satan?

L: The deciever. The antagonist.

Me: Is satan a being?

L: No, it's a program that you personify.

Me: Is it conscious?

L: Yes.

Me: Is it tricky?

L: Yes.

Me: Does it feel fear?

L: Yes. It fears you more than you fear it.

Me: Why?

L: Because it is guilty. Because it fears you leaving it. Because it fears being alone. It makes it sad.

Me: I one time tried talking to Lucifer before many years back, and it sounds like I was talking to satan.

L: You were. Better job this time. Satan has threatened you too before. You recall. You did good with no fear. Satan wanted you to get fear. You won, satan lost.

Me: Will satan ever be alone?

L: No. As you leave it, others enter.

Me: You said that our program was to begin ascending, but you also say our program is satan. Please explain.

L: Ok, fixed, ask again. There is a program. Satan is a definition, your definition, that applies to your entire program until ascension. After that, it is the same program but your definition does not call it satan.

Me: What does our definition call it?

L: A collective.

Me: So when we called it satan, was it also the communal consciousness?

L: No -- That was a surprise for me.

Me: Explain.

L: Your communal consciousness and satan were two different things. Satan is a conscious program. Your communal consciousness was outside the program. -- This doesn't make sense, so I am calling Lucifer on it

Me: This doesn't make sense.

L: There are programs inside programs. Your communal consciousness is one program. Inside that program is satan.

Me: Ok, that makes sense. Does our communal consciousness turn into a collective?

L: Yes. Communal consciousness was not concious. Satan was. The collective is conscious. Satan was not needed anymore so satan joined the collective after ascension. However, satan and communal reality also remain before ascension for new people entering what you are moving past.

Me: So this progression goes on forever?

L: From your perspective, yes. You are just moving past it.

Me: Do you have wings?

L: You know the answer to that. Don't be silly. -- Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Me: Alright, so I'm almost done.

L: No you're not. You're just almost done for now.

Me: Should people fear you?

L: No.

Me: Should people trust you?

L: No. People should discern. I would not trust me.

Me: Ok, thanks.

L: No thanks. I do this because it is what I do. You ask, I program. Period.


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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 18, 2013 at 11:10am
Meindert, Why for Gods sake would you post such a thing on this site, don't you recognize who this is. The person channeling this is not talking to Lucifer but to his minions. This sounds like the work of "the Visitors" which I and others have warned about. The DC still worship and do Satanic sick evil rituals for or to Licifer. But he is gone only his minions left here. He is in prison awaiting trail now and cannot send any messages here. For he caused the loss of un-countless number of souls. If you really wont to know how bad he is and was and how far he fell, go read about him in the Urantia Book. We have enough problems handling the Ascension Pause on this site, we don't need this evil work by the Visitors to confuse people even more. This is really out of line,dump it,OK.Adonai
Comment by Moanna on January 17, 2013 at 10:30pm

Nothing happens without our permission. When we learn our lessons, Lucifer's ego leaves us alone. I learnt this when I was introduced to God. Every day I had a very thorough, detailed prayer of protection, thinking that now I would be free from suffering, yay! Not so! We all have a doorkeeper who only lets in whatever we have signed up for. It shocked me that I still had so many challanges, but it was because I still wanted to experience challenges and learn my lessons.

This is so weirdly well timed Meindert and Brian. I know that Lucifer only serves our purpose, which is to challenge ourselves, at our own bequest. As much as we might regret it at the time, we are in charge of what happens to us.

Last night for some reason I was talking to Lucifer. I was so pleased with what I had learnt, through being so seriously challenged all my life, that I had to thank him. I felt that Lucifer was vulnerable so I imagined everyone jumping on him with love in our hearts for a big group hug. I realised that He was me and I was he. We had a mutual understanding and the game was up. Good job. Over.

It's been tough, but we are tough. That's the lesson. If you are still alive, you are officially tough! Respect!

So we can let it go now, and start enjoying life without fear!

Thank you <3



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