Disclosure and Decloaking – No Need for High Alert

GuadalajaraJune10,2004.jpgAs I read more and more fear mongering articles in newspapers and magazine, it is clear to me that the cabal propaganda machine is making its last attempt of spreading panic and fear concerning the “Evil Alien” fear mongering policy.
I have just seen today claims that extraterrestrials have caused the Fukushima disaster, and that Aliens are planning to kill humanity in a famous newspaper today and on an extraterrestrials / UFO website. Interesting to see how much the propaganda machine is at work today.
What we are seeing now is the cabal’s desperate attempts to destabilize the entire world and our belief system. The cabal is cornered now into a place, from where it knows that there will be no way out.
The cabal is now in the underground bunker, waiting for the end of the world prophecies to be enacted by its minions.
Murdoch went down, London went down, and somehow I wonder was the entire London and UK riots not a diversion from the truth emerging from the UK.
Now, after the phone hacking scandal, involving governments’ official, we are also seeing a bigger scandal being exposed in the British society. Now Heather Brooke also exposes the Data Dealing in the UK. 
Most of the so called western world is undergoing major finance changes and also cultural changes. We are in the middle of the entire cabal complex falling down.
Pressure is more and more put on the USA to end their never ending war profiteering murdering campaigns all over the world. The colonization of petrol rich countries must stop.
It is really sad that our culture has allowed for all these extremes to take place and that it takes mass killing, mass famines, and mass financial crash for people to wake up. The planet herself can no longer bear this.
How many more Fukushima disasters, how many more tornadoes, how many more Twin Towers must the cabal throw at us before we see clear through their manipulative and lying policies?
We are moving on into our New World, a world where humans have understood the lessons from past mistakes. We are going to move away from duality, in order to enter the light.
This will happen individually and collectively, but also on a planetary scale as a result.
We know that there have been dark extraterrestrials involved in dealing with the US government over a few years. This allowed the governments to obtain technology in exchange for what ever the dark extraterrestrials demanded.
These involved negative greys and negative reptilian extraterrestrials – not all representatives of these two races are negative. These negative ETs were here because our actions had attracted them here. These actions are the first and the second world wars, and all the horrors done during the holocaust.
Earth placed a call out to the the higher spiritual hierarchy in order to receive help, as she could no bear all the suffering she witnessed on her ground. While other races were safe in Inner Earth, her surface was bleeding with pain, pollution, violence, anger, famine and deception.
The ascended people living in inner Earth along with ascended positive extraterrestrials have been doing a lot in order to protect us from ourselves. They have protected us from collision with asteroids, from nuclear disasters, and from negative extraterrestrials.fleet222a1.jpg
I believe we are rapidly reaching a stage where we can accept our ascended brothers among us. The inner Earth beings and the positive beings from outer space are here to see us through the Ascension and accompany us in the Golden Age.
Not all of them are ascended, but all of them are highly evolved beings working for or with the Galactic Federation of Light. Our closest relatives are Sirians and Pleiadians.
There are also many other Positive Galactic Beings involved in this project, such as the Arcturians, the Andromedeans, Lyrans and many other species. We have been reading their messages for a long time.
These beings work with the spiritual hierarchy, and are working actively with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Master Hilarion and many others, whose channelled messages are well known to us also.
As our friends and family are feeling lost and distressed in the middle of such disinformation about our space families, we are here to support them and explain the truth to them.
We are here going to need to peacefully guide them and reassure them, as we will see more and more attacks directed towards our space family. We are one on Mother Earth. We need to make our voices heard, even by using our calm and by remaining silent.ufoNASA3.gif
We find our strength, courage, light and love inwardly. Our brothers from space would like to come as peaceful visitors to a peaceful world. Our space brothers and sisters wish to reunite with us, but first perhaps we need to unite within and with the ones living in fear on our planet.
In the coming days there will be more destabilizing being thrown at us in the media I believe. We all know the truth. Our inner self knows the truth. I hope our working together will help our brother feel comfortable, confident and safe among us in the coming months.
Once Disclosure or Massive Decloaking happens, the entire planet will know we are not alone. Our planet will need to know there is no threat from space. There is no need for space weapons, there is no need crime, and there is no more need for wars. This age is on the finish line.
Laura Tyco
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