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It’s been many years since I have posted on Ashtar Command or anywhere really. I awoke spiritually and spontaneously in 2001. It was a fast and furious awakening that pushed all my senses to the very edge of their limit at that point. Scary without a teacher to advise or reassure me I would be okay.

I found a meditation group for spiritual development. Beginning a journey which was to be the most magical period of my life that I am eternally grateful for experiencing. We were taught grounding, opening and closing chakras safely. Connecting and working with guides ,working with the various rays of light, and guided meditations. Basically how to build strong foundations, development of intuition and inner compass. This was what I needed to get back Into the drivers seat of my soul safely after awakening so many senses at once. We need spiritual muscles, we need deep roots only the strongest trees withstand the storms.

When I joined Ashtar Command in 2010 I believe first, other main social media sites had little if anything spiritual on them. That’s changed but one thing I notice so much that has gained strength is the stirring sleepers beginning to awaken on social media. The problem I’m seeing is with zero training or very little in terms of building foundations, inner compass and intuition they just get sucked straight into an abyss of the dark agendas, false teachers catching on to the spiritual side, and then exploiting it with no real soul growth occurring for anyone sucked in unable to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

It seems these times are indeed doing this and if there is one bit of advise I can give build your foundations make them so so strong. Learn the frequencies so you can feel what is of love and what is not. Develop your intuition as this is the key to your inner compass which will guide you through these murky waters and times we are growing through. Much love and peace to all ❤️

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  • What I do to you I do to myself...Blessings Louise...It is a joy having you with us and very refreshing...The more of us the better...Thank you Dr. SohiniBen...We Are One...

  • Amparo you are spot on what we ask for we receive. Sometimes the journey getting what we asked for gets interesting lol but all part of the fun :) thank you for the kind welcome 


  • Welcome back Louise...These are the times when all our Light is needed to guide those that are not sure in which direction to go when they ask ...So true about intuition...We need to take time to develop it and to guide us...Also I feel there is a need to call upon our guides and Higher Self...for when we ask we shall receive...It is happening with me...My guides are always on a constant presence making sure I don't loose my path...That is what I wish for and what I have asked for...I feel them whenever I place my attention on myself...Blessings and much Love...Feel free to share your wisdom and Love with all...We Are One...

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"I like New King James Version. It is often easy to understand.

"That you put off concerning your former conduct the old man which grow corrupt according to the deceitful lust and be renewed in the spirit of your mind"

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"As you can see the title says'' let the power of spirit change your ways'' meaning the HOLY SPIRIT and sense this is the age of the ''Holy Spirit'' it fits in very well. I am not into the bible but no new spirituality or religion is born out of then…"
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