Dedicating to the Positives

Julie Miller

April 14, 2015

As you continue to move along your well-trodden path of life, have you truly, honestly and sincerely taken the time to contemplate what it is you truly believe it, or where you place your faith while chasing dreams, pursuing spiritual quests or undertaking a professional goal that would incorporate happiness, joy and satisfaction?

When you are unconscious, quite simply you are ruled by life. There are no considerations of other forces possibly affecting any action, word or choice—you just go about your day, your life that is merely habitual and in a thoughtless fashion. The dear souls that are ruled by habit often repeat themselves, unaware of the cycle they are in until something drastic occurs. Being of physical consciousness, there is a lack of emotion and thought, there is merely thoughtless, automatic doing.

What about the dear souls that have a certain amount of faith for life? They focus on being hopeful, even in their darkest moments they continue reaching and striving for what inspires them or what they want to attain that is of deepest value and importance. Having faith without knowing the outcome is living with hope in your heart that everything will turn out.

There are people among you that strive each day with a positive, enthusiastic outlook. They have faith that their efforts will eventually yield advantageous results. Even if the outcomes are not what was envisioned at the beginning, this dear soul sees the experience as something helpful, something to be learned from for future encounters of similar situations. The dear souls that live like this are definitely more conscious and aware as they have the capability to understand their life purpose even though they are just on the cusp of spirit.

Those that are deeply spiritual do not just place their faith in life, but in the spirits of the Divine. They offer their actions in life as offerings to the Divine, in hopes better conditions will be revealed. By working directly with the beings of the Divine, your faith in daily life is that much more fulfilling.

Anyone who has experiences with the Divine can graduate to higher levels of faith as they can see from their inner person that the higher power of light that streams from God’s Mighty heart supports their quest to set right life’s challenges and conditions on a more regular basis. When you reach this level of faith dear ones, you don’t just have faith in God and the Divine, you also cultivate a deeper understand of what your principles are according to your own authentic nature and evoke the spirit that is alive within you. The dear souls that live deeply in faith see negatives as positives in a clever cloak of disguise. They do face hardship like anyone else, but they are able to quickly steer their direction around by dedicating themselves to think more positively and to spend more time inwardly, focusing on the gentle rhythmic beating of their hearts reminding them that they are alive in the here and now and that sound of their heartbeat, the flow of their life-force encourages them to see the positive.

One of the greatest observation of life that you can appreciate dear ones is in the revelation of Divine Will. It is a divine phenomenon of both positives and negatives collaborating together in order to enable further progress in life for your evolution and eventual transformation. When Divine Will is revealed, your perception changes and you enter the endless field of consciousness, into the realm of the Divine and the source of light and love of your spiritual heart. Being conscious and having an active part of the unfolding process of the Divine Will emphasises your faith in God and the Divine.

Speaking on Faith in regards to Divine Will and your transformation along this path, ask yourselves dear ones: Where do I fit? When is it you place your hope, trust and necessity towards faith? If your faith is weak, is then possible to increase it? If it is how would you even go about it? Do you have a plan?

Never forget dear ones that the power over your life has always been in your hands. You are the one who decides what to do and when. Others may influence you, but you can always say no instead of always agreeing and saying yes. Of course making a decision also depends on who is involved, your level of trust and what the choice is concerning, but even when you have all the facts, you still have a choice.

To develop faith in everyday life dear ones demonstrates honest sincerity to your dedication to the Source of your endless spirit. Even if you are not the most devout of any spiritual practice, your right actions demonstrate that even when life gets difficult, you are dedicated to strive forward with the positive light that streams from your loving heart.

Don’t be dismayed when suddenly nothing is happening and you are still wanting things to keep moving so you can continue with your positive, enthusiastic energy. When it is quiet, that is your time to focus on patience, to look deep within yourself in order to discover that when you have faith in life, you also have faith in your Self.

Everything has purpose, believe in your purpose. Fan your faith with hope’s flame, become the master of your life as you proceed each day with God right there beside you, encouraging you, supporting you and loving you.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller


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