Do you know I think spiritual people today are the most outspoken, much more so than in the seventies, eighties or nineties. I believe the war on terror beginning caused a major spike in peoples consciousness and people became more radical versions of whoever they were, funnily enough because of the fear of supposed radicalism. Those who were ignorant before are now more so, because that is 100% where the focus in media went, those given to normal anti social behaviors are now much more hostile, the rich are richer than ever and seeking to get more, the resource industries went into overdrive and the religious types of all faiths nearly have gone completely nuts, like the governments; the positive counterpoints are those who are waking up and those who were already awake and are in a perpetual state of motion towards an alternative reality. It was in a very real way the start of the end game for society, where all the cards are played and because of at best poorly understood variables this all happened at once, not the least of which being the plan for a New World Order and One World Government and Religion. The entire cause has most of the spiritual momentum shifting into the realm of the activist and that is why material momentum and the machinations for warfare have gone into overdrive. So what is the background and poorly understood set of variables that made all this inevitable? Climate change. Extinction of species, seismic shifting, volcanic activity, storms that have broken all records, flooding, heat waves and cold snaps. EUREKA! I HAVE IT! The world must display something very similar to the seven year cellular regeneration cycle, whereby every seven years every living cell of your body dies and is replaced by a new one that bears slight changes to the last. If the world is like that, and it makes perfect sense that it would be, seeing as the entire natural world is a fractal mirror of our own biological process, there is literally no gap, the oxygen from anywhere will fill your form and your water that is most of you would not be out of place anywhere in the living world; the cellular dying period is the falling away of everything that has become redundant. For society I liken this to thirty year periods, but you can draw your own conclusions as to the nature of mass change increments. The point is they are there, whether you are talking about the fall of civilization or it's revolutions, the renaissance or the industrial or the technological, the stunning fact is that to cling to austerity now, is the surest way to be jettisoned by the metamorphosis. ~Dei Eif~

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