How did it get to be Thursday already? I think I lost a couple of days somewhere. We are dangerously close to the Twelve Days of Christmas and I got error messages when I wanted to publish again today. That’s nothing—for the cabal it’s the Nightmare Before Christmas.

SGAnon has made quite a splash in the patriot community. He is now pretty much omnipresent.

The scuttlebutt is… on Truth Social


SGAnon @RealSGAnon

Brazilian EAS in effect. Broadcasts have gone out. Citizens are being instructed to stock up on food, water, medicines for 21-30 days.

When martial lockdown goes into effect (extremely soon, possibly hours), residents must stay indoors.

The Brazilian Army has made it clear: Shoot to Kill Orders are to be implemented once lockdown is in full effect.

The [DS] overplayed their hand.
One by One they will Fall.


And also…

SGAnon @RealSGAnon

The war in Europe is about to go next level.

>Russian offensives beginning.
>NATO now involved.
>Russian economic warfare measures being implemented.
>Russian military ground invasion amassing on schedule.
>Russia-Belarus and Russia-Turkey joint-operational military coordination occurring.

If you’re in Europe, keep preparing emergency supplies, including those necessary for survival.

“Drain the Swamp” also means “Destroy the Structure”.

The Rub?
It’s the same one we all live in.


And this is being reported:

JAG Arrests Ex-Twitter Lawyer and Dishonored DOJ Stooge James Baker

For those who wish to read the full Benjamin Fulford update for this week, you will find that here.

Things are livening up in Deutschland. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: The German Prince Heinrich XIII Reuss of Greiz was arrested this morning suspected of planning a coup d’état in Germany. The “Reichsbürger” group allegedly plotted to overthrow the government. The plot was to attack the German Parliament and instal him as the King/Emperor of the German Republic. Over 3000 German authorities raided 130 locations and 25 people for preparing a coup and attack on the parliament in Germany. Among the raided individuals are former members of the armed forces, a active special force member, a former right wing politician who became a judge and a Russian-German citizen.



In the past we shared several videos from whistleblower Tory Smith who had personal experience being sexually abused by the globalist pedophiles. Of course the name-calling and accusations in the comments were fierce against this brave guy from Indiana who spoke up for the children. His reports were too difficult for some to believe, but years later we have a better understanding of the satanic ritual abuse and sex trafficking. Tory says in the state of Indiana 70 per cent of residents are involved and/or assist in coverups for these sick predators and murderers.

Of course no one wanted to believe the personal accounts of this man who paid the ultimate price for his courage, but I believe many are at the point now that they can’t turn a blind eye or ignore the facts that have since come to light.

SGAnon shared the following disturbing 9 minute update from Tory made before his death; not the only one implicating former VP Mike Pence so the timing is appropriate. NATO is also in the spotlight on the world stage and we are learning that it, too, is not the organization it purports. President Vladimir Putin point-blank stated that the world is run by “satanic pedophiles”.

It’s time we grow up as a civilization and accept the sad truth and do what must be done, and for those of us in the loop, we are assured that the real Pence has already been dealt with for his horrific crimes and we are seeing a substitute playing a role as indicated by the call signs in the photo above when Pence flew out of Washington for a meeting and after a reported incident, returned with a different call sign registered to the craft.

What’s really going on in North Carolina? It was suggested that localized “martial law” might be seen in a few areas where the military had operations to execute and needed the People to shelter in place, stay off the streets, etc. so the mission would be successful and everyone safe. Perhaps this is one such scenario as well as a wake-up call for residents?

NC Residents Cry “Martial Law” over County-Imposed Curfew

The degree of scripting in the current movie is up for interpretation but many of us believe that the drama in America, Canada and elsewhere is heavily scripted. Many things point to it but you are the ultimate judge. This was a presser in which the Press Secretary at the White House seemed to err in reading her notes. Link to Telegram for video.

Did you all see this? Listen carefully. Seriously, what did she just say? It’s all scripted

If this doesn’t make you want to vomit, what will?

We have more in that “power outtage” situation in North Carolina. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: The Moore County Sheriff’s Office says they are taking out warrants and “actively searching” for suspects in connection with the attack on the county’s power grid that left 40,000 homes in the dark.

They will not say what’s in the warrants or who they’re looking for.

Michael Jaco has had fascinating discussions you might want to check out, including some info from SGAnon. The video titles alone are an indicator of the amazing things being revealed. Check out the lineup at this link and choose your weapon. Sorry, that was an incorrect link. This is Michael’s channel on Rumble. There is someone with a channel called “SGAnon” on Rumble but it does not belong to SGAnon. This is the Rumble channel for SGAnon.

SGAnon posted this one. Wow. The pedovores are holding nothing back. We thought Canada’s euthanasia plan was bad, and telling us to eat bugs. Now you can plan your exit, donate your carcass, and decide the date you want to check out while feeding multiple families.

On Monday evening Dan Scavino Jr. posted the following:

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