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Day of Rest - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran


Day of Rest - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on December 3, 2011)

You may had heard of the flood that has come to Mother Earth; a deluge so far and wide that none will be left unaffected by its swath. And yet in its wake will be left Joy and Abundance for All. This flood is not a flood made of waters resultant from the pole shift that so many are still predicting, and which because of the timeline we now inhabit, will not happen. Instead, a shift in consciousness has happened and the resultant deluge is, in fact, a flood of Conscious Awareness; a knowingness that the illusion which the citizens of Earth have been so deeply steeped in has come to an end.

The creators of this illusion however are still caught up in their own creation, believing that their tactics are keeping the population at large in a state of fear. And while some indeed still are [in as state of fear], many more are not, and one by one are assisting those who still fear to awaken to the truth that the chains they thought controlled them were no chains at all but for what they imagined them to be as such deep within their minds. What is called for here is to allow the mind to wander out of the head and into the heart where the subsequent connection will break the illusion. Break the illusion, and break the chains. Break the chains and all control by those who hoped to hold it unjustly is also broken. The result is total freedom regained; the return of your authority over yourselves.

Even now in certain parts of the world, certain ordinances have been “said” to have been put in place; the reporting of such by main stream media and innocents who are innocently spreading this “news” in the guise of a warning as to what one might expect to have happen to them should they set up résistance, are intended to keep you in fear. In reality they are but a ruse, a façade, an illusion created by the masters of illusion, once again with the intension of keeping you in fear, keeping you controlled, keeping you in chains. Many of you already know however that the only ones the alleged “controllers” are fooling are themselves. This is how far and wide the flood of Conscious Awareness has spread; it covers the entire globe. For those who have awakened to this truth, who have broken through the illusion, broken the chains of perceived control, you now ride on the surface closest to where the veil is thinnest. More follow you as one by one they break free and float upward. Some remain still entangled in the illusion they created, chained far from the light, which although has always resided within them, is still covered over by the illusion.

When we receive fully the Light that resides within us, we receive warmth and comfort into our lives; Love and Compassion now reside within the Human Heart. In your Northern hemisphere, many are now suffering through bitter cold. Some undertake this suffering willingly in an effort to spread the Light and warmth of Love and Compassion there, dispelling the last of the perceived darkness and fear from the lives of many. These Lightworkers often go unnoticed and so seemingly does their work, because there is no physical “proof” of what they have accomplished, and yet what they have accomplished in raising vibration alone reaches out far, to vast distances around them, piercing the darkness with Bright Radiant Light that permeates all receptive hearts with warmth and comfort, Faith and trust. Each of these Lightworkers labors diligently “round the clock” and yet not a one of them is ever alone in their endeavors; each being assisted by an “army of Angels” sent here to assist as much as possible. Some are incarnate on Earth as Earth Humans where they can have the highest impact on the “physical world”, and some work within the higher dimensions affecting energetic vibrations as they come to Mother Earth in order to optimize and maximize the anticipated positive outcome. We each have our roles we play in this great production, even and especially YOU. And perhaps you are wondering “What could I, one person, possibly do that would make a difference; a positive change toward breaking the bonds of this illusion?” The answer is simple though will require due diligence in its execution:

Just Stop!!


Stop and rest for one day. It may only take one day to make a difference, if every man, woman and child just stopped for 24 hours. If upon stopping you find that you like the feeling of total repose, you may decide to “just stop” for 2 or 3 or more days. And if so, so much the better!

In fact, Thursday, December 8, 2011 sounds like a good day to begin a long, long weekend. (smile)

Better yet, take a week’s worth of days of rest and see how easy it becomes to refuse to go back to the old way of doing things. See how easy it becomes to refuse to continue in the illusion.

On you day(s) of rest do not do anything except rest and relax; sleep 12 hours if you like. Don’t go to “work”; don’t go shopping; don’t bathe; don’t get dressed; don’t even eat unless you want to. Do ONLY what YOU really want to do- any activity of leisure and relaxation that doesn’t require that you “go somewhere else” in order to carry it out. Stay at home if you have one, or simply stay in one place if you can. Those of you with homes can make this easier on those without by opening your hearts and your homes to them as you feel comfortable and learn to key into the intuitive guidance of your Higher Selves.

Imagine how the illusion will crack and break apart, disintegrating once and for all if the whole world simply stops!! Stop playing the game; stop paying into a failing system with illusory moneys that the system does not even recognize as legal tender itself anymore; stop paying attention to fear tactics which are as illusory as the moneys which were used to “build” them in the first place. Stop playing into the hands of those who would attempt to control you.

And while you are stopped, begin again to make that all-important connection to Heart and to Love, for once you are again connected to your hearts you re-member your connection to one another, and how, through Love, the interconnectedness of All That Is can again take precedence in your Unified Consciousness, and you will re-member and know how it is that what affects One, also affects All, and vice versa.

Also while you are stopped , and all the walls of illusion that have been built around you come crashing down, do not fear, do not be afraid, for this is to be expected, and I want to assure you that all your extended Galactic Family, your Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command are standing at the ready, waiting in the wings, to rush in and assist you in this grand transition from fear to Love. We have waited a long time for this, but it will take each and every one of you who can, and your realization of your own self-worth, Love of self, and Love for each other to start that final stumbling block to tumble out from under, allowing the whole infrastructure of the illusion to crumble once and for all.

I implore each and every one of you who read and/or listen to this message to spread it far and wide, even in your own words if you feel it will have bigger impact. Let it spread like a wildfire out of control so that it reaches as far as it can, and the highest number of Earth citizens as possible can take action to effect this change for the better! Do not fear retribution, for that is nothing but a lie, a figment of imagination. Remember that where many stand together the resultant masses cannot fall. All for One and One for All.

So Stop!! Take a day off; a Day of Rest. Take many days of rest! The Source of All That Is knows that you deserve it!

I Am Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran - Know that your day of deliverance to freedom is close at hand.

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Comment by AquaRain on December 4, 2011 at 7:44pm

Thanks for sharing, that's exactly what I feel like doing. lol. Peace and blessings to you.

Comment by tabitzah1 on December 4, 2011 at 6:23pm


 Many thanks and much love for your message, I have been advised to do this by my my spiritual, galactic and earth families. I started this last night and  already i feel a difference.

Many thanks once again.


In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-) 

Comment by His Twin Flame on December 4, 2011 at 5:25pm

Thank you so much for your comments JJ... if you really would like the whole world to see this, then please feel free to copy and paste this message - or simply tell it in your own words - everywhere you can possibly think of to place  it... even in places that might seem to be the more "secular" areas of our society... let's reach everyone with this message, or the gist of it at least. :-) Thanks again! Blessings of Love and Light and Peace and Joy and Happiness to you! Love forever, ~Ariel~

Comment by just jovial on December 4, 2011 at 2:11am
Thank You for this. Its a time to assimilate the Divine energies, and to take care of us so we can better serve humanity and Gaia, thank you for this message. I wish the whole world could see it, and receive the pure Love. Light and Bliss....jj

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